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followed in the HELP. It also enables the absent pupil to review work done while he was away.


The talks are a unique feature of the work and both teachers and parents will find them very valuable. They contain the essence of the best thought on the subject by many teachers preeminent in the teaching of arithmetic.


Not long ago a lady in one of our large cities said to the


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"My little girl has more trouble with arithmetic than with any other branch. Just now she is learning how to carpet a room, and it nearly distracts her the way she has to puzzle over it. And besides, she is not taught in the way the thing is actually done at all. In reality if I want a room carpeted, I send to the store for a man who does all the measuring and computing. Now why a girl who will never have any use for such a thing, should learn this, and learn it wrong, is more than I can understand. I am sure her reasoning faculty could be developed as well by some practical arithmetic."

This is merely a type of the work done in many schools.

The author has made every effort to keep the manner of presentation simple and practical. The work is based on the methods that have been found most satisfactory in actual school work. The problems include only those apt to be met with in actual life. The work and illustrations in the part relating to business is based upon the actual experiences in those fields. Experts in their several lines have aided greatly here.


Rules and definitions have been included only where they will aid the student in the explanation or retention of the matter to which they relate. No rule is given to be memorized

until it has been built from the pupil's own experience, and then only those are given that seem absolutely necessary.


The author acknowledges his obligations to many eminent superintendents and teachers in various sections of the country. At the solicitation of some of these the work was begun, and from them have come many of the best suggestions to be found in its pages. They felt the need of such a work, consequently their aid has been most valuable.



Simple Number Work

Dealing with the Relations of Quantity and the Use of Numbers from One to Ten.

"As the twig is bent,
So the tree's inclined."


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