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Author of "Theodolite Surveying, Levelling," &c., in the Ninth Edition of Nesbit's
Surveying; "Railway Engineering;""Land and Engineering Surveying ;"
"Statics and Dynamics, Elements of Mechanism;" "Integration
of Differentials;" &c. &c.






183. G. 14.

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It will at once be seen that condensation of the materials produced by previous authors, and the introduction of a judicious selection of matter, adapted to the expanded intellect of the present age, are the proper requisites for a work on Mensuration. To this plan, the author trusts, from his long experience in engineering pursuits, that he has strictly adhered. In the first part, on PRACTICAL GEOMETRY, numerous examples are introduced, wherein the dimensions of certain parts are given to find the dimension of their corresponding parts, which has been rarely or never done by previous authors. This part is succeeded by a second part, on the MENSURATION OF LINES; which is not added for the sake of novelty only, but because it seemed to be the natural order of a work of this kind. The third and fourth parts treat of the MENSURATION OF SUPERFICES AND OF SOLIDS; while in all the three last-named parts the rules are not only given in words at length, in the usual way, but the same rules are expressed by FORMULA, together with other formula depending thereon, by which the rules receive considerable extension. Some of the rules and examples are taken verbatim from Dr. Hutton's Mensuration; for the author conceives that it would be disreputable to attempt, by verbal alterations in such rules, to give an air of originality to his work, as all other authors have done since Dr. H.'s time: the originality of this work consists in the new matter, everywhere added, to adapt it to the wants of modern times. Timber measure and Artificer's work, the latter with considerable modern improvements, are next introduced, with concise and practical methods of finding the surfaces and solidities of vaulted roofs, arches, domes, &c. Concise, and the author trusts, clear systems of Mensuration applied to land, i.e. surveying, levelling, laying out railway curves and finding the contents of railway cuttings, complete the work, and may serve as an introduction to other more extended treatises on Land and Engineering Surveying, adapted to modern practice.

The demonstrations of all the rules and formula, in the four leading parts of the work, will be found in Dr. Hutton's

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