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11. Bought 3 casks of raisins, each weighing 2cwt. 2qrs. 25lb. what will they come to at 2l. 1s. 8d. per cwt. ? Ans. 171. 4 d. 32

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12. What is the value of 2qrs. inl. of velvet at 19s. 8d. per English ell?

Ans. Ss. 10d.

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13. Bought 12 pockets of hops, each weighing Icwt. 2qrs. 17lb.; what do they come to at 4l. 1s. 4d. per cwt. ? Ans. 8ol. 12s. 1d. 96 14. What is the tax upon 7451. 14s. 8d. at 3s. 6d. in the pound? Ans. 130l. 10s. o3d. 240° 15. If of a yard of velvet cost 7s. 3d. how many yards, can I buy for 131. 158. 6d. ? Ans. 28 yards.


16. If an ingot of gold weighing 9lb. 9oz. 12dwt. be worth 4111. 12s. what is that per grain ?

Ans. 1 d. 17. How many quarters of corn can I buy for 140 dol lars at 4s. per bushel ? Ans. 26qrs. 2bu. 18. Bought 4 bales of cloth, each containing 6 pieces, and each piece 27 yards, at 16l. 4s. per piece; what is the value of the whole, and the rate per yard?

Ans. 3881. 16s. at 128. per yard. 19. If an ounce of silver be worth 5s. 6d. what is the price of a tankard, that weighs 1lb. 10 oz. 1odwt. 4gr. ? Ans. 61. 3s. 9d. 436. 20. What is the half year's rent of 547 acres of land at 15s. 6d. per acre?


Ans. 2111. 19s. 3d. 21. At 1*75D. per week, how many months board can I have for 100l. ?

22. Bought 1000 Flemish ells of must I sell it per ell in Boston to gain


Ans. 47m. 2w 126 cloth for gol. how 10l. by the whole? Ans. 35. 4d.

23. Suppose a gentleman's income is 1750 dollars a year, and he spends 195. 7d. per day, one day with another, how much will he have saved at the year's end?

Ans. 1671. 125. Id.

24. What

24. What is the value of 172 pigs of lead, each weigh ing 3cwt. 2qrs. 17 lb. at 81. 17s. 6d. per fother of 19 cwt. ? Ans. 2861. 45. 4 d. 25. The rents of a whole parish amount to 1750l. and a rate is granted of 321. 16s. 6d. what is that in the pound? Ans. 4d. 40000

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11d. per day, what

26. If keeping for my horse be will be the charge of 11 horses for the year ?

Ans. 1921. 75. 8d.

5 76 70


27. A person breaking owes in all 1490l. 5s. rod. and has in money, goods and recoverable debts, 7841. 178. 4d. if these things be delivered to his creditors, what will they get in the pound ? Ans. 10s. 6d. 20993 28. What must 40s. pay toward a tax, when 6521. 138. 4d. is assessed at 831. 12s. 4d. ? Ans. 5s. 1d. I 5 376 29. Bought 3 tuns of oil for 1511. 14s. 85 gallons of which being damaged, I desire to know how I may sell the remainder per gallon so as neither to gain nor lose by the bargain? Ans. 4s. 6d. 30. What quantity of water must I add to a pipe of mountain wine, value 331. to reduce the first cost to 4s. 6d. per gallon? Ans. 20 gallons. 31. If 15 ells of stuff yard wide cost 37s. 6d. what will 40 ells of the same stuff cost, being yard wide? Ans. 61. 13s. 4d.


32. Shipped for Barbadoes 500 pairs of stockings at 3s. 6d. per pair, and 1650 yards of baize at 1s. 3d. per yard, and have received in return 348 gallons of rum at 6s. 8d. per gallon, and 750lb. of indigo at Is. 4d. per lb. what remains due upon my adventure? Ans. 241 12s. 6d. 33. If 100 workmen can finish a piece of work in 12 days, how many are sufficient to do the same in 3 days? Ans. 400 men. 34. How many yards of matting 2ft. 6in. broad will cover a floor, that is 27ft. long and 20ft. broad?

Ans. 72 yards.

35. How

35. How many yards of cloth 3qrs. wide are equal in measure to 30 yards 5qrs. wide ? Ans. 50 yards.

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· 36. A borrowed of his friend B 250l. for 7 months, promising to do him the like kindness: sometime after B had occasion for 300l. how long may he keep it to receive full amends for the favour?

Ans. 5 months and 25 days.

37. If, when the price of a bushel of wheat is 6s3d. the penny loaf weigh 9oz. what ought it to weigh when wheat is at 8s. 2 d. per bushel ? Ans. 6oz. 13d:. 38. If 4 cwt. may be carried miles for 35s. how many pounds can I have carried 20 miles for the same money? Ans. 907lb.

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39. How many yards of canvas, that is ell wide, will line 20 yards of say, that is 3qrs. wide? Ans. 12yds. 40. If 30 men can perform a piece of work in 11 days, how many men will accomplish another piece of work, 4 times as big, in a fifth part of the time?

Ans. 600.

41. A wall, that is to be built to the height of 27 feet, was raised 9 feet by 12 men in 6 days: how many men must be employed to finish the wall in 4 days at the same rate of working?

42. If oz. cost 11. what will roz. cost?

Ans. 36.

Ans. 11. 5s. 8d. of her

Ans. 2271. 12s. Id.

43. If of a ship cost 2731. 2s. 6d. what is


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44. At 1. per cwt. what does 3lb. come to?

Ans. 10de

45. If of a gallon cost 1. what will of a tun cost?


Ans. 1401. of his


46. A person, having of a coal mine, share for 1711. what is the whole mine worth?

Ans. 3801.

47. If, when the days are 13 hours long, a traveller performs his journey in 35 days; in how many days will he perform the same journey, when the days are 11 hours long ?

Ans. 40

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days. 48. A

48 A regiment of soldiers, consisting of 976 men, are to be new clothed, each coat to contain 2 yards of cloth that is 1yd. wide, and to be lined with shalloon yd. wide; how many yards of shalloon will line them?

Ans. 4531yds. 1qr. 2


PRACTICE is a contraction of the rule of three, when the first term happens to be an unit, or one; and has its name from its daily use among merchants and tradesmen, being an easy and concise method of working most questions, that occur in trade and business.

The method of proof is by the rule of three.

An aliquot part of any number is such a part of it, as, being taken a certain number of times, exactly makes that number.

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1. Suppose the price of the given quantity to be 11. Is. or id. as is most convenient; then will the quantity itself be the answer, at the supposed price..

2. Divide

* The rule, and its application to the following particular ¿Cases, will be rendered very evident by an explanation of the example In this example it is plain, that the quantity 526 is the answer at 11. consequently, as 38. 4d. is the of 11. of that

In like manner,

quantity, or 871. 13s. 4d. is the price at 3s. 4d. as 4d. is of 3s. 4d. so 5 of 871. 13s. 4d. or 81. 15s. 4d. is the answer at 4d. And by reasoning in this way 41. 7s. 8d. will be shewn to be the price at 2d. and 10s. 111⁄2d. the price at 4.Now as the sum of all these parts is equal to the whole price (3s. 10d.) so the sum of the answers, belonging to each price, will be the answer at the full price required. And the same will be true in any example whatever.

2. Divide the given price into aliquot parts, either of the supposed price, or of one another, and the sum of the quotients, belonging to each, will be the true answer required.

NOTE. When there is any fractional part, or inferior denomination of the quantity, take the same part of the price, that the given fraction, or inferior denomination, is of the unit, of which the price is given, and add it to the price of the whole number.


. What is the value of 526 yards of cloth at 3s. 10d. per yard?

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A few of the many cases, that may occur, will, with their particular rules, be sufficient to illustrate the general



When the price is less than a penny.


Divide by the aliquot parts of a penny, and then by 12 and 20; and it will give the answer required.

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