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If there are no dollars to write, cents may be written without the dollar sign and the point. "Sixty-five cents" may be written $.65 or 65¢. "Four cents" may be written $.04 or 4¢.

88. Writing Dollars and Cents. (WRITTEN WORK.) See if you can change the words below into figures and signs. Don't forget the cents' point.

Write in figures:

1. Seven dollars and thirty-five cents.

2. Four dollars.

3. Twelve dollars and fifteen cents.

4. Twenty-three dollars and twenty-three cents.

5. Write forty-seven cents in two ways.

6. Two dollars and five cents.

7. Twenty-one dollars and six cents.

8. Write sixty cents in two ways.





89. How to Add Dollars and Cents. (CLASS WORK.) You must be sure that you can make straight columns and watch the dollar sign and cents' point if you want to do good work with dollars and cents.

1. What would it cost to buy a scooter at $4.39 and a windmill at $1.48? The work below shows you how

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cents' points in a straight line?

Find the cost of these toys. Get the prices from page 111.

2. A toy stove and a doll.

3. A windmill and a drum.

4. A scooter, a toy stove, and a doll.
5. A drum, a windmill, and a scooter.
6. What would all of these toys cost?

90. Practice in Adding Dollars and Cents. (WRITTEN WORK.) In these examples, check your work if you are not quite sure it is correct. In writing columns of dollars and cents, put the dollar sign before the first number only.

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91. Rapid Drill. (CLASS WORK.) (CLASS WORK.) Every time you come to one of these big boxes with examples in it, be sure to work hard so that you can give the answers quickly and without a mistake. If you can do this, the work ahead will be easier for you. Study for ten minutes and then be ready to give the answers.

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92. General Review. (WRITTEN WORK.) The examples and questions below will give you a chance to show that you have been working on your arithmetic. Be sure to do neat work.

Write in figures:

1. three hundred twenty-eight.

2. five hundred ninety.

3. seven hundred seven.

4. twenty-four dollars and forty-two cents.

5. Is four hundred five less than four hundred twenty-two?

6. Add 23 and 46 and subtract 26 from the sum. 7. Find the sum of 7, 62, 9, and 43 and check the


8. Find the difference of ninety-six cents and seven cents.

9. 226 and how many more are 769? Check your


10. What does Article 66 tell you about?

11. Find the sum of one hundred forty-six, seventyfive, and three hundred nine.

Copy the examples and answers on page 117. If the answer is correct, put a "C" beside it. If it is not correct, draw a line through the number that is wrong. Then write the correct number. Samples (a) and (b) on page 117 show you how to do this.

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