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McGraw-Hill book Company, 1913 - Arithmetic
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Page 74 - PERIPHERY of a circle is its entire bounding line ; or it is a curved line, all points of which are equally distant from a point within called the center.
Page ii - World v Engineering News-Record American Machinist " The Contractor Engineering 8 Mining Journal ^ Power Metallurgical 6 Chemical Engineering Electrical Merchandising...
Page 25 - Any term may be transposed from one side of an equation to the other by changing its sign.
Page 119 - The altitude of the pyramid is the perpendicular distance from the vertex to the base. A pyramid is called triangular, quadrangular, etc., according to the shape of the base.
Page 28 - Any quantity may be transposed from one side of an equation to the other, if, at the same time, its sign, be changed.
Page 182 - In any triangle, the sides are proportional to the sines of the opposite angles, ie. t abc sin A sin B sin C...
Page 189 - The characteristic of the logarithm of a number greater than 1 is a positive integer or zero, and is one less than the number of digits to the left of the decimal point.
Page 157 - It is the ratio of the side opposite the angle to the hypotenuse.
Page 203 - The square root of a number is one of the two equal factors of the number.
Page 74 - An angle less than a right angle is called an acute angle; an angle greater than a right angle and less than two right angles is called an obtuse angle.

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