Göttingische gelehrte Anzeigen, Volume 2

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Akademie der Wissenschaften., 1868 - Books

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Page 1863 - Morte d'Arthur. — SIR THOMAS MALORY'S BOOK OF KING ARTHUR AND OF HIS NOBLE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. The original Edition of CAXTON, revised for Modern Use. With an Introduction by Sir EDWARD STRACHEY, Bart. pp. xxxvii., 509. ' 'It is with perfect confidence that we recommend this edition of the old romance to every class of readers.
Page 1946 - An Introduction to the Study of the New Testament, Critical, Exegetical, and Theological. By the Rev. S. DAVIDSON, DD LL.D. 2 vols. 8vo.
Page 1577 - Toxicologist's Guide: a New Manual on Poisons, giving the Best Methods to be pursued for the Detection of Poisons. By J.
Page 2008 - Codices Gotici Ambrosiani sive epistolarum Pauli Esrae Nehemiae versionis Goticae fragmenta quae iterum recognovit per lineas singulas descripsit adnotationibus instruxit Andreas Uppström.
Page 1999 - Reisen und Forschungen im Amur-Lande, in den Jahren 1854 — 1856 im Auftrage der kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu St Petersburg ausgeführt und in Verbindung mit mehreren Gelehrten herausgegeben.
Page 1621 - Nichts ist demnach wahrscheinlicher, als dafs wir an dieser Rede von der wirklichen Vertheidigung des Sokrates eine so treue Nachschrift aus der Erinnerung haben , als bei dem geübten Gedächtnifs des Platon und dem nothwendigen Unterschiede der geschriebenen Rede von der nachlässig gesprochenen nur möglich war.
Page 1510 - No class of cases with which we have been called upon to deal seemed to us, at one time, so sadly hopeless as injuries of nerves ; none has better rewarded enduring and steady efforts to afford relief. We look back with unfeigned pleasure upon the great number who came to us despairing cripples, and have left us eased of pain, and either entirely well or so far aided as to enable them to employ their limbs in useful occupation.
Page 1511 - III, de el estado que tenían sus reinos y señoríos y los de sus amigos y enemigos, con algunas advertencias sobre el modo de proceder y gobernarse con los unos y con los oíros. Dado por D. Baltasar Álamos de Barrientos, un grande historiador, agente de negocios que fue de dicho Antonio Pérez, hallándose en la cárcel, para servicio de SM y conocimiento suyo.
Page 1888 - Faire Emmeline sighed, fair Emmeline wept, And aye her heart was woe : At length he seized her lilly-white hand, And downe the ladder he drewe : And thrice he clasped her to his breste, And kist her tenderlie : The teares that fell from her fair eyes Ranne like the fountayne free.
Page 1792 - France ou traite de la cause de la diminution de ses biens et des moyens d'y remédier

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