The scholar's guide to arithmetic; or, A complete exercise-book

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Page 25 - SQUARE MEASURE 144 square inches (sq. in.) = 1 square foot (sq. ft.) 9 square feet = 1 square yard (sq. yd.) 30| square yards = 1 square rod (sq. rd.) 160 square rods = 1 acre (A.) 640 acres = 1 square mile (sq.
Page 53 - Then multiply the second and third terms together, and divide the product by the first term: the quotient will be the fourth term, or answer.
Page 152 - Is when the several shares of stock are continued in trade an equal term of time. RULE. As the whole stock is to the whole gain or loss : so is each man's particular stock, to his particular share of the gain or loss.
Page 147 - RULE.* — Multiply each payment by the time at which it is due; then divide the sum of the products by the sum of the payments, and the quotient will be the true time required.
Page 159 - RULE. Find an answer, as before, by linking ; then say, As the sum of the quantities, or differences, thus determined, is to the given quantity, so is each ingredient found by linking, to the required quantity of each.
Page 58 - A wall that is to be built to the height of 27 feet, was raised 9 feet by 12 men in 6 days ; how many men must be employed to finish the wall in 4 days at the same rate of working ? If 402.
Page 82 - To reduce an improper fraction to its equivalent whole or mixed number. RULE. — Divide the numerator by the denominator, and the quotient will be the whole or mixed number sought.
Page 84 - To reduce fractions to a common denominator. RULE. Multiply each numerator into all the denominators except its own for a new numerator, and all the denominators together for a common denominator.
Page 100 - Divide as in whole numbers, and from the right hand in the quotient point off as many figures for decimals, as the decimal places in the dividend exceed those in the divisor.

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