Engineering Drawing and Design (A Text-book Of): Including Practical Geometry, Plane and Solid, and Machine and Engine Drawing and Design ...

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C. Griffin & Company, 1900 - Machine design

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Page 36 - CONTENTS. — I. Manufacture of Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, and Steel. — Composition of Iron and Steel, Quality, Strength, Tests, &c. II. Classification of Steel Ships. III. Considerations in making choice of Type of Vessel. — Framing of Ships. IV. Strains experienced by Ships. — Methods of Computing and Comparing Strengths of Ships. V. Construction of Ships. — Alternative Modes of Construction. — Types of Vessels. — Turret, Self Trimming, and Trunk Steamers, &c. — Rivets and Rivetting,...
Page 37 - KnOW Your Own Ship : A Simple Explanation of the Stability, Construction, Tonnage, and Freeboard of Ships. By THOS. WALTON, Naval Architect.
Page 22 - All the interior angles of any rectilineal figure, together with four right angles, are equal to twice as many right angles as the figure has sides.
Page 39 - Navigation, Theoretical and Practical." With numerous Plates, Maps, Diagrams, and Illustrations, and a facsimile Reproduction of a Page from an actual Meteorological Log-Book. SUMMARY OF CONTENTS.
Page 33 - ... Those who have experience in exact SURVEY-WORK will best know how to appreciate the enormous amount of labour represented by this valuable book. The computations enable the user to ascertain the sines and cosines for a distance of twelve miles to within half an inch, and this BY REFERENCE TO BUT ONE TABLE, in place ot the usual Fifteen minute computations required.
Page 40 - CONTENTS. — Resolution and Composition of Forces — Work done by Machines and Living Agents — The Mechanical Powers: The Lever; Derricks as Bent Levers — The Wheel and Axle : Windlass ; Ship's Capstan ; Crab Winch— Tackles : the "Old Man"— The Inclined Plane; the Screw— The Centre of Gravity of a Ship and Cargo — Relative Strength of Rope : Steel Wire, Manilla, Hemp, Coir — Derricks and Shears— Calculation of the Cross-breaking Strain of Fir Spar — Centre of Effort of Sails —...
Page 33 - INTRODUCTION. — Tool Grinding. — Emery Wheels. — Mounting Emery Wheels. — Emery Rings and Cylinders. — Conditions to Ensure Efficient Working. — Leading Types of Machines. — Concave and Convex Grinding. — Cup and Cone Machines. — Multiple Grinding. — ' ' Guest " Universal and Cutter Grinding Machines.
Page 46 - Review of the Cement Industry — The Early Days of Portland Cement — Composition of Portland Cement — PROCESSES OF MANUFACTURE — The Washmill and the Backs — Flue and Chamber Drying Processes — Calcination of the Cement Mixture — Grinding of the Cement — Composition of Mortar and Concrete — CEMENT TESTING — CHEMICAL ANALYSIS of Portland Cement, Lime, and Raw Materials — Employment of Slags for Cement Making — • Scott's Cement, Selenitic Cement, and Cements produced from Sewage...
Page 50 - SECOND EDITION, Revised. In Crown 8vo. Handsome Cloth. Profusely Illustrated. 8s. 6d. net. SANITARY ENGINEERING: A Practical Manual of Town Drainage and Sewage and Refuse Disposal. For Sanitary Authorities, Engineers, Inspectors, Architects, Contractors, and Students. BY FRANCIS WOOD, AMlNsr.CE, FGS, Borough Engineer and Surveyor, Fulham ; late Borough Engineer, Bacup, Lanes.

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