Junior High School Mathematics, Book 2

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Heath, 1922 - Mathematics
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Page 165 - OF WEIGHT 10 milligrams (mg.) = 1 centigram (eg.) 10 centigrams = 1 decigram (dg.) 10 decigrams = 1 gram (g.) 10 grams = 1 dekagram (Dg...
Page 175 - The first and fourth terms of a proportion are called the extremes, and the second and third terms, the means. Thus, in the foregoing proportion, 8 and 3 are the extremes and 4 and 6 are the means.
Page 247 - The sum of two sides of a triangle is greater than the third side, and their difference is less than the third side.
Page 251 - TIME 60 seconds (sec.) = 1 minute (min.) 60 minutes = 1 hour (hr.) 24 hours = 1 day (da.) 7 days = 1 week (wk.) 365 days = 1 common year...
Page 251 - English Money 4 farthings (far.) = 1 penny (d.) 12 pence = 1 shilling (s.) 20 shillings = 1 pound or sovereign...
Page 189 - To add two positive numbers, add their absolute values ( 21), and prefix the plus sign to the result. 2. To add two negative numbers, add their absolute values and prefix the minus sign to the result.
Page 198 - RULE To subtract one number from another, change the sign of the./ subtrahend and add algebraically.
Page 170 - The Ratio of one number to another is the quotient of the first divided by the second. Thus, the ratio of a to b is -; it is also written a : b.
Page 196 - The number to be subtracted is called the Subtrahend. The number from which the subtrahend is to be subtracted is called the Minuend. The result is called the Remainder or Difference. 21. The symbol — , read "minus" or "less,
Page 86 - Duties are either specific, or ad valorem. A specific duty is a certain sum paid on a ton, hundred weight, yard, gallon, &c.

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