Lukens Steel Company: (world's Largest Plate Mill) [handbook

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Lukens Steel Company, 1924 - Plates, Iron and steel - 381 pages


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Page 40 - ... (b) If any test specimen shows defective machining or develops flaws, it may be discarded and another specimen substituted. (c) If the percentage of elongation of any tension test specimen is less than that specified in Section 5 (a) and any part of the fracture is more than f in. from the center of the gage length of a 2-in.
Page 41 - The inspector representing the purchaser shall have free entry, at all times while work on the contract of the purchaser is being performed, to all parts of the manufacturer's works which concern the manufacture of the material ordered. The manufacturer shall afford the inspector, free of cost, all reasonable facilities to satisfy him that the material is being furnished in accordance with these specifications. All tests and inspection shall be made at the place of manufacture prior to shipment,...
Page 44 - The gage length and fillets shall be as shown, but the ends may be of any form to fit the holders of the testing machine in such a way that the load shall be axial (see Fig.
Page 39 - This analysis shall be made from a test ingot taken during the pouring of the melt. The chemical composition thus determined shall be reported to the purchaser or his representative, and shall conform to the requirements specified in section 2.
Page 78 - Multiply one-sixth (1-6) of the lowest tensile strength found stamped on any plate in the cylindrical shell by the thickness — expressed in inches or parts of an inch — of the thinnest plate in the. same cylindrical shell, and divide by the radius or half diameter — also expressed in inches — and the...
Page 53 - A boiler rated at any stated capacity should develop that capacity when using the best coal ordinarily sold in the market where the boiler is located, when fired by an ordinary fireman, without forcing the fires, while exhibiting good economy ; and further, the boiler should develop at least one-third more than the stated capacity when using the same fuel and operated by the same fireman, the full draft being employed and the fires being crowded ; the available draft at the damper, unless otherwise...
Page 39 - Jż in. or under in thickness, flat on itself, for material over % in. to and including 1J4 in. in thickness, around a pin the diameter of which is equal to the thickness of the specimen; and for material over 1^£ in.
Page 42 - The yield point shall be determined by the drop of the beam of the testing machine.
Page 78 - Inches or part of an inch — and divide by the radius or half diameter, also expressed In Inches, and the result will be the pressure allowable per square inch of surface for single riveting, to which add 20...
Page 40 - Tension and bend test specimens for plates over 1J- in. in thickness may be machined to a thickness or diameter of at least \ in. for a length of at least 9 in.

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