A College Algebra

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Allyn & Bacon, 1889 - Algebra - 317 pages
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Page 108 - In a series of equal ratios, the sum of the antecedents is to the sum of the consequents as any antecedent is to its consequent.
Page 191 - The logarithm of any power of a number is equal to the logarithm of the number multiplied by the exponent of the power.
Page 215 - To find the amount of an annuity left unpaid for a given number of years, allowing compound interest. Let A be the annuity, R the amount of $1 for one year, n the number of years, M the amount.
Page 226 - From 12 books in how many ways can a selection of 5 be made, (1) when one specified book is always included, (2) when one specified book is always excluded ? (1) Since the specified book is to be included in every selection, we have only to choose 4 out of the remaining 11. Hence the number of ways...
Page 233 - In general, if an event may happen in a ways, and fail in b ways, and each of these ways is equally likely to occur, the probability of its happening is -, and the probability of its failing is...
Page 107 - If the product of two quantities is equal to the product of two other quantities, two of them may be made the extremes, and the other two the means of a proportion.
Page 114 - The pressure of wind on a plane surface varies jointly as the area of the surface, and the square of the wind's velocity. The pressure on a square foot is 1 Ib.
Page 105 - A ratio of greater inequality is diminished, and a ratio of less inequality is increased, by adding the same quantity to both its terms.
Page 19 - To divide a polynomial by a monomial, divide each term of the polynomial by the monomial: (Sab — 12ac) -i- 4a = 36 — 3c.
Page 1 - To measure a quantity is to find how many times it contains another quantity of the same kind, called a unit of measurement.

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