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Sheldon & Company's Text-Books.

Hill's Elements of Rhetoric and Composition........ By D. J. HILL, A.M., President Lewisburg University, author of the Science of Rhetoric. Beginning with the selection of a theme, this book conducts the learner through every process of composition, including the accumulation of material, its arrangement, the choice of words, the construction of sentences, formation of

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D. J. HILL 12mo, 300

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versity. 12mo, cloth, 403 pages.

Recast by AARON L. CHAPIN, D.D., President of Beloit College.

No text-book on the subject has gained such general acceptance, and been so extensively and continuously used, as Dr. Wayland's, Dr. Chapin has had chiefly in mind the wants of the class-room, as suggested by an experience of many years. His aim has been to give in full and proportioned, yet clear and compact statement, the elements of this important branch of science, in their latest aspects and applications.

Sheldon & Company's Text-Books.


Olney's Primary Arithmetic Illustrated......
Olney's Elements of Arithmetic Illustrated...
Olney's Practical Arithmetic


Olney's Science of Arithmetic.....

Olney's Introduction to Algebra
Olney's Complete Algebra...



Olney's Book of Test Examples in Algebra...
Olney's University Algebra....
Olney's Elements Geom. & Trigonom. (Sch. Ed.)
Olney's Elements of Geometry. Separate.....
Olney's Elements of Trigonometry. Separate..
Olney's Elements of Geometry and Trigonom-
etry. (Univ. Ed., with Tables of Logarithms.)......
Olney's Elements of Geometry and Trigonom-
etry. (University Edition, without Tables.)

Olney's General Geometry and Calculus....

The universal favor with which these books have been received by educators in all parts of the country, leads the publishers to think that they have supplied a felt want in our educational appliances.

There is one feature which characterizes this series, so unique, and yet so eminently practical, that we feel desirous of calling special attention to it. It is

The facility with which the books can be used for classes of all grades, and in schools of the widest

diversity of purpose.

Each volume in the series is so constructed that it may be used with equal ease by the youngest and least disciplined who should be pursuing its theme, and by those who in more mature years and with more ample preparation enter upon the study.

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