Winston's Cumulative Loose-leaf Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Reference Book, Volume 5

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Charles Morris
John C. Winston Company, 1921 - Encyclopedias and dictionaries

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Page 15 - The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table," " The Professor at the Breakfast Table...
Page viii - Judgment for or against a married woman, may be rendered, and enforced, in a court of record, or not of record, as if she was single.
Page 15 - It consisted of a declaration, that, in accordance with the precepts of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the principles of justice, charity and peace should be the basis of their internal administration, and of their international relations, and that the happiness and religious welfare of their subjects should be their great object.
Page 44 - That the quantity of heat produced by the friction of bodies, whether solid or liquid, is always proportional to the quantity of force expended.
Page 44 - The immediate cause of the phenomena of heat then is motion, and the laws of its communication are precisely the same, as the laws of the communication of motion.
Page 12 - That the writ shall be returned, and the prisoner brought up within a limited time according to the distance, not exceeding in any case twenty days.
Page 12 - While very young, he •was appointed to the command of the Carthaginian forces in Sicily, in 247 Bc, at which time the Romans had possession of almost all the island.

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