The Progressive Intellectual Arithmetic, on the Inductive Plan: Being a Sequel to the Progressive Primary Arithmetic, Containing Many Original Forms of Analysis Applicable to a Great Variety of Practical Questions, and Designed for the More Advanced Classes in Common Schools and Academies

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Ivison, Phinney, Blakeman & Company, 1865 - Mental arithmetic - 176 pages
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Page 55 - The following lines will help to remember the number of days in each month : — Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November; All the rest have thirty-one, Save February, which alone Hath twenty-eight; and one day more' We add to "it, one year in four.
Page 38 - 8. At 5 dollars a week, how long will it take a man to earn 45 dollars ? 50 dollars ? 9. At 8 cents a pound, how many pounds of sugar can be bought for 96 cents ? 10. If a man spend 6 cents a day for cigars, how many days will 60 cents last him
Page 51 - 29. TABLE OF LONG MEASURE. 12 inches (in.) make 1 foot, ft. 3 feet . "1 yard, yd. 40 rods " 1 furlong, fur. 5J yards, or 16 feet, " 1 rod, rd. 8 furlongs, or 320 rods, " 1 mile, mi. 3 miles " 1 league, lea. 360 degrees " 1 circle of the earth. 69 miles
Page 67 - four and 1 seventh. 1. The number below the short horizontal line is called the denominator. 2. The number above the line is called the numerator. 4. The numerator shows how many of these parts are taken or used. . 5. A proper fraction is one whose numerator is less than the denominator ; its value is less than a unit.
Page 54 - gallon cost? 13. If one gallon of oil cost 90 cents, what will 3 gallons and 2 quarts cost ? 14. If you should draw 10 gallons and 3 quarts from a hogshead of molasses, how much would remain? 34. TABLE OF DRY MEASURE. 2 pints (pt.) make 1 quart, qt. 8 quarts " 1 peck, pk. 4 pecks
Page 92 - 4. If a horse eat f of a bushel of oats in a day, in how many days will he eat ^ of a bushel ? 6. If a piece of ribbon f of a yard long be cut into pieces of a yard in length, how many pieces will there be
Page 72 - terms. 47. Fractions are said to have a common denominator when their denominators are alike. Any number that can be divided by each of the denominators of the given fractions may be taken for the common denominator. 1. Reduce \ and f to fractions having a common denominator. ANALYSIS. 12
Page 42 - 60 cents, at the rate of 4 pounds for 20 cents ? 27. If 3 men can do a piece of work in 12 days, how many days will it take 9 men to do the same ? ANALYSIS. If 3 men can do the work in 12 days, 9 men can do it in ^ of 3 times 12 days • 3 times 12
Page 87 - yards of cloth cost at $2Ja yard? NOTE. Reduce the mixed numbers to improper fractions, and then proceed as in multiplying one fraction by another. 22. If you earn 8J shillings in 1 day, how much can you earn in Щ days ? 23. What cost 2jj- dozen of eggs at 10J cents a dozen
Page 94 - a yard can be bought for 6 turkeys worth Щ apiece ? 9. If a man chop 1^ cords of wood in a day, how long will it take him to chop 10| cords ? NOTE. Reduce the mixed numbers to improper fractions, and then divide the same as you divide one traction by another. 10. If

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