Elementary Algebra

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American Book Company, 1904 - Algebra - 364 pages
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Page 66 - Divide the first term of the dividend by the first term of the divisor, and write the result as the first term of the quotient. Multiply the whole divisor by the first term of the quotient, and subtract the product from the dividend.
Page 328 - The number of times a pendulum oscillates in a given time varies inversely as the square root of its length. If a pendulum 39.1 inches long oscillates once a second, what is the length of a pendulum that oscillates twice a second ? 20.
Page 151 - At what time between 2 and 3 o'clock are the hands of a clock together ? 30.
Page 81 - The product of two or more fractions produces a fraction whose numerator is the product of the numerators of the given fractions and whose denominator is the product of the denominators of the given fractions.
Page 328 - ... that the volume of a sphere varies as the cube of its radius. 20. Find the radius of a sphere whose volume is equal to the sum of the volumes of three spheres whose radii are r, /, and r".
Page 209 - Divide the first term of the remainder by twice the first term of the root, and add the quotient to the part of the root already found, and also to the trial-divisor.
Page 237 - Multiply each term of the multiplicand by each term of the multiplier, and add the products together. 2. 3. 0+6 c?b+cd 0+6 ab+cd* a?+ab aW+abcd ab+b2 +a1bcd?+c*ds a2+2a6+6

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