Mechanical drawing, answers to questions

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International Textbook Company, 1899 - Civil engineering
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Page 19 - When mixed numbers and whole numbers are to be added, add the fractional parts of the mixed numbers separately, and if the resulting fraction is an improper fraction, reduce it to a whole or mixed number. Next, add all the whole numbers, including the one obtained from the addition of the fractional parts, and annex to their sum the fraction of the mixed number obtained from reducing the improper fraction.
Page 16 - Operations with Fractions A) To change a mixed number to an improper fraction, simply multiply the whole number by the denominator of the fraction and add the numerator.
Page 44 - Better results will be obtained if an ounce of gum arabic is dissolved in each solution. When ready to prepare the paper, mix equal portions of the two solutions, and be particularly careful not to allow any more light to strike the mixture than is absolutely necessary to see by. For this reason it is necessary to have a dark room to work in. There must be in this room a tray or sink of some kind that will hold water; it should be larger than the blueprint and about 6 inches deep. There should...
Page 70 - AG in Fig. 2. If a second plate were cut out in the same manner and bent into a circle, the two pieces on being brought together, as shown in Fig. 2, would touch at every point. The problem is to find the shape of the curve G' A
Page 187 - ... the ratio of the ovendry weight of a sample to the weight of a volume of water equal to the volume of the sample at some specific moisture content, as green, air-dry, or ovendry.
Page 54 - O of the two center lines as a center, and with a radius equal to the radius of the hole, describe a circle. Through the points A, B, E, and F, draw indefinite straight lines parallel to m n. On both sides of the center line/ q, lay off on these lines DS and SA, equal to DA, and HR and RE, equal to HE, both DA and HE being measured on the frustum. Through the points...
Page 14 - ... the face of the stone. Repeat the process for the other blade. To be in good condition, the edges should be fairly sharp and smooth, but not sharp enough to cut the paper. All the sharpening must be done on the outside of the blades. The inside of the blades should be rubbed on the stone only enough to remove any burr that may have been formed. Anything more than this will be likely to injure the pen. The whole operation must be done very carefully, bearing lightly, as it is easy to spoil a pen...
Page 41 - AC should be, for this plate, 1^" long. Produce AC to B. From C as center, with a radius equal to CA, describe the semicircle A 1 23 456 7 ' B, and divide it into as many equal parts as there are sides in the required polygon (in this case eight).
Page 57 - GH indicates that only a part of the rivet is shown. This is done so as not to take up too much space on the drawing. Fig. 9 shows an ordinary square-headed bolt ^" in diameter, having a head If...
Page 29 - Ex. 3. — To draw a perpendicular to a straight line, from a given point in that line, Fig.

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