Elements of Geometry

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Ginn, Heath, & Company, 1882 - Geometry, Modern - 250 pages
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Page 40 - If two triangles have two angles of the one equal to two angles of the other, each to each, and one side equal to one side, viz.
Page 124 - To describe an isosceles triangle having each of the angles at the base double of the third angle.
Page 201 - In any proportion, the product of the means is equal to the product of the extremes.
Page 173 - Any two rectangles are to each other as the products of their bases by their altitudes.
Page 185 - In any obtuse triangle, the square of the side opposite the obtuse angle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other...
Page 73 - A CIRCLE is a plane figure bounded by a curved line, all the points of which are equally distant from a point within called the centre; as the figure ADB E.
Page 41 - The exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of the two opposite interior angles.
Page 140 - If a line divides two sides of a triangle proportionally, it is parallel to the third side.
Page 113 - From A as a centre, with a radius equal to o, describe an arc ; and from B as a centre, with a radius equal to m, describe an arc intersecting the former arc at С.
Page 155 - In a series of equal ratios, the sum of the antecedents is to the sum of the consequents as any antecedent is to its consequent.

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