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AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE on ALGEBRA, with Improvements in the Solution of the Higher Equations; a new and general Demonstration of the Binomial Theorem; a new Method of summing Infinite Series, &c. 12s. boards.

"A new and ingenious method of solving equations has been recently discovered by Messrs. H. Atkinson, Holdred, and Horner, independently of each other. For the best practical view of this new method and its applications, consult the Elementary Treatise on Algebra, by Mr. J. R. Young, a work which deserves our cordial recommendation.'

Dr. Gregory's edition of Hutton's Mathematics, vol. I. p. 260. "The investigation of the binomial theorem is a subject that has occasionally occupied the attention of many of the ablest mathematicians since the days of Newton, its immortal inventor. Yet among all the general investigations that have been given, one purely algebraical, and adapted to elementary instruction, has not till now been met with, by us at least, if we except that given by Mr. Woodhouse, in his excellent Treatise on the Principles of Analytical Calculation, than which, however, (although, like every thing we have seen entered into by that gentleman, it is very clear and logical), we have no hesitation in saying that Mr. Young's is more simple in principle, and quite as satisfactory."

Newcastle Magazine for Nov. 1825.

"For the summation of infinite series the author gives a new and ingenious method, which is very easy and extensive in its application.

"Chapter 9 contains another of the author's improvements in the science; viz. a new, direct, and concise rule for the solution of indeterminate equations involving two unknown quantities." New Mag.


A CONCISE EXPOSITION of the METHOD of INSTRUCTING the DEAF and DUMB in the Knowledge of a written Language, upon simple and rational Principles. 3s. 6d. boards. "Mr. Young of Peckham has just published a small volume very clearly and simply explaining the present state of the art of instruction. We shall conclude with a single specimen of the mode adopted by this gentleman."

Encyclopædia Metropolitana-Art. Dumbness.

"This volume is a valuable present to the cause of humanity, not more from the science displayed in it than from the acute knowledge it discovers of the human mind and heart."

Newcastle Magazine, January, 1827.


A VOCABULARY of SUBSTANTIVES, ADJECTIVES, and VERBS, for the use of DEAF and DUMB CHILDREN; with an Analysis of the Pronunciation of each Word. 2s. bound.

Preparing for Publication,

A TREATISE on the GENERAL THEORY and SOLUTION of ALGEBRAICAL EQUATIONS, intended as a Supplementary Volume to the Treatise on Algebra.

In this volume it is expected that the recently discovered method of solving Numerical Equations by Continuous Approximation will be reduced to the utmost simplicity of form of which that method appears susceptible.

I am happy to have here an opportunity to remark, that this method of solving equations, the discovery of which I have, in my Algebra, attributed to Mr. Holdred, appears, upon further examination, to be, in reality, due to Mr. Horner. This latter gentleman's important paper in the Philosophical Transactions did not fall in my way till long after I had thoroughly examined Mr. Holdred's Tract, and had myself supplied, by the aid of simple elementary means, the demonstration of the truth of the process recommended in that Tract, as it was there given without any satisfactory investigation. Upon subsequently looking over Mr. Horner's method, and perceiving that his train of reasoning was very different from my own, and that the practical rule derived from it was not exactly the same, I hastily, and, as it seems, very improperly, concluded that the two methods were essentially different, and quite independent of each other. I have since more attentively examined Mr. Horner's paper, and I find that the method given in Mr. Holdred's Tract, without demonstration, is identical to one satisfactorily established in the paper of Mr. Horner, but which, it appears, that gentleman passed by without particular notice, deeming his final result higher up in the scale of improvement.






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