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Charles Frederick Partington
Wm. S. Orr and Company, 1838 - Encyclopedias and dictionaries

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Page 122 - The other shape, If shape it might be called that shape had none Distinguishable in member, joint or limb; Or substance might be called that shadow seemed; For each seemed either; black it stood as night, Fierce as ten furies, terrible as Hell, And shook a dreadful dart; what seemed his head The likeness of a kingly crown had on...
Page 123 - The poetic genius of my country found me, as the prophetic bard Elijah did Elisha, at the plough, and threw her. inspiring mantle over me.
Page 164 - He formed them; and that these primitive particles, being solids, are incomparably harder than any porous bodies compounded of them, even so very hard as never to wear or break in pieces...
Page xliv - I tread upon. The other redeems it from all its insignificance ; for it tells me that in the leaves of every forest, and in the flowers of every garden, and in the waters of every rivulet, there are worlds teeming with life, and numberless as are the glories of the firmament.
Page xliv - ... and that could we draw aside the mysterious curtain which shrouds it from our senses, we might there see a theatre of as many wonders as astronomy has unfolded, a universe within the compass of a point so small, as to elude all the powers of the microscope, but where the wonder-working God finds room for the exercise of all his attributes, where he can raise another mechanism of worlds, and fill and animate them all with the evidences of his glory.
Page 88 - Naples, at the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th centuries, the history of which, however, is obscure.
Page 224 - ... the sides smooth previous to putting in the pipe. This chisel is attached to rods and to the handle, as before described, and in its descent the workmen continually walk round, by which the hole is made smooth and cylindrical.
Page 225 - Brails is likewise a name given to all the ropes employed to haul up the bottoms, lower corners and skirts of the great sails in general. The operation of drawing them together is called brailmg them up, or hauling them up to the brails.
Page 151 - I have seen double and treble nebulae variously arranged; large ones with small, seeming attendants ; narrow, but much extended lucid nebulae or bright dashes; some of the shape of a fan, resembling an electric brush issuing from a lucid point; others of the cometic shape, with a seeming nucleus in the centre, or like cloudy stars surrounded with a nebulous atmosphere. A different sort, again...

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