A Rudimentary Treatise on the Integral Calculus

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John Weale, 1852 - Calculus, Integral - 120 pages

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Page 120 - College, Cambridge. To which are added, Directions for Great Circle Sailing; an Essay on the Law of Storms and Variable Winds ; and Explanations of Terms used in Ship-building. Ninth Edition, with several Engravings and Coloured Illustrations of the Flags of Maritime Nations.
Page 5 - DICTIONARIES has long been felt by the younger students in schools, and by the classical scholar who requires a book that may be carried in the pocket ; and it is believed that the present is the first attempt which has been made to offer a complete Lexicon of the Greek Language in so small a compass. In the volumes on ENGLAND, GREECE and ROME, it is intended to treat of History as a Science, and to present in a connected view an analysis of the large and expensive works of the most highly valued...
Page 6 - WILLIAM DOUGLAS HAMILTON, FSA, of Her Majesty's Public Record> Office, 4th Edition, revised. 5s. ; cloth boards, 6s. 5. Greece, Outlines of the History of; in connection with the Rise of the Arts and Civilization in Europe. By W. DOUGLAS HAMILTON, of University College, London, and EDWARD LEVIEN, MA, of Balliol College, Oxford.
Page 8 - EMBANKING LANDS FROM THE SEA, the Practice of. Treated as a Means of Profitable Employment for Capital. With Examples and Particulars of actual Embankments, and also Practical Remarks on the Repair of old Sea Walls.
Page 120 - Field. 2s. 40. GLASS STAINING, by Dr. MA Gessert, with an Appendix on the Art of Enamelling. Is. 41. PAINTING ON GLASS, from the German of Fromberg. 1.
Page 120 - CONSTRUCTING CRANES for the Erection of Buildings and for Hoisting Goods, by JOSEPH GLYNN, FRS, CE — x. Is. TREATISE ON THE STEAM ENGINE, by DR. LARDNKR, LL.D., Editor of the " Cabinet Cyclopaedia
Page 4 - The square described on the hypothenuse of a rightangled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares described on the other two sides.
Page 5 - English constitution, and of those events which have more especially tended to promote our commercial prosperity and political freedom, it is impossible that a correct judgment can be formed by the mass of the people of the measures best calculated to increase the...
Page 5 - Works on scientific subjects have been received induces the Publisher to commence a New Series, somewhat different in character, but which, it is hoped, may be found equally serviceable. The DICTIONARIES of the MODERN LANGUAGES are arranged for facility of reference, so that the English traveller on the Continent and the Foreigner in England may find in them an easy means of communication, although possessing but a slight acquaintance with the respective languages. They will also be found of essential...
Page 2 - Is. 88. Principles of Geometry; the application of Logic to Geometrical Reasoning, based on the text of Euclid, Books 1, 2, 3. By Henry Law, CE, vol. i Is. 89. vol. ii., by the same ; 4th, 5th, 6th, llth and 12th Books of Euclid, with illustrative Notes, and a practical application of the various Theorems . Is.

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