Reports of Cases Principally on Practice and Pleading, Determined in the Court of King's Bench: In Hilary, Easter, Trinity, and Michaelmas Terms, A. D. 1819. With Copious Notes of Other Important Decisions, Volume 1

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Page 159 - Justices of our said Lord the King, assigned to keep the Peace of our said Lord the King...
Page 56 - IT is ordered, that from and after the last day of this term, where such parts of the affidavit, verifying the certificate of acknowledgment, taken in pursuance of the late ! act of parliament, respecting fines and recoveries, as state "the deponent's knowledge of the party making the acknowledgment, and her being of full age...
Page 2 - It was introduced to prevent disorder, from a failure of justice and defect of police. Therefore it ought to be used upon all occasions where the law has established no specific remedy, and where in justice and good government there ought to be one.
Page 3 - ... unless the application for such rule shall, if made on the part of the original defendant, be grounded on an affidavit of merits, or if made on the part of the sheriff, or bail, or any officer of the sheriff, be grounded on an affidavit...
Page 59 - Camplifll.—Barttow moved for a rule, calling upon the plaintiff to shew cause why the defendant should not be discharged out of custody, upon entering a common appearance.
Page 24 - Assigns. should have the sole Liberty of printing and reprinting such Book or Books for the full term of Twenty-eight Years. to commence from the Day of first publishing the same.

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