Oxford Historical and Literary Studies, Volume 10

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Charles Harding Firth, Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh
Clarendon Press, 1920 - English literature

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Page 399 - ... perilous. In winter, during which season the employment of the working manufacturer was intermitted, the distant markets never ceased to be frequented. On horse-back before day-break, and long after night-fall, these hardy sons of trade pursued their object with the spirit and intrepidity of a fox chase, and the boldest of their country neighbours had no reason to despise their horsemanship or their courage." There is the evidence, also, of Henry Homer, author of " An Enquiry into the Means of...
Page 309 - Republic, in contempt of our said Lord the King and his laws, to the evil example of all others in the like case offending, and against the peace of our said Lord the King, his crown, and dignity.
Page 277 - Even in Leeds I had appointed to dine at a merchant's, but before I came the bailiffs were in possession of the house. Upon my saying " I thought Mr had been in good circumstances ", I was answered " He was so, but the American War has ruined him.
Page 55 - ... coverlets and coverings for beds, and thereby a great number of the inhabitants and people of the said city and suburbs thereof, and other places within the county of York, have been daily set on work in spinning, dying, carding, and weaving of the said coverlets, &c.
Page 383 - England with droves of pack horses, and to all the fairs and market towns over the whole island, I think I may say none excepted. Here they supply not the common people by retail, which would denominate them pedlars indeed, but they supply the shops by wholesale or whole pieces; and not only so, but give large credit too, so that they are really travelling merchants, and as such they sell a very great quantity of goods...
Page 342 - Is by the noisy fulling-mill received ; Where tumbling waters turn enormous wheels And hammers, rising and descending, learn To imitate the industry of man.
Page 302 - Fallding, and with him, after the Manner of an Apprentice to Dwell, Remain, and Serve from the day of the date hereof, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ten, for, during, and until the Term of Seven Years thence next Following be fully Completed and Ended.
Page 293 - Leeds directories boasted, the domestic worker, whether master or man, was ' for the most part blessed with the comforts without the superfluities of life ' 1 — a statement which was quite true, provided we place the standard of ' comforts
Page 189 - Money is very scarce ; in the clothing counties, the poor have assembled in troops of forty or fifty, and gone to the houses of the rich and demanded meat and money, which has been given through fear ; they have also taken provisions in the markets.
Page 361 - Public houses with it and there set it down. " At about Six o'clock in the Summer, and about Seven in the Winter, the Clothiers being all come by that Time, the Market Bell at the old Chapel by the Bridge rings ; upon which it would...

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