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Page 242 - The first word of every sentence and the first word of every line of poetry should begin with a capital letter.
Page 263 - The rule for casting interest, when partial payments have been made, is to apply the payment, in the first place, to the discharge of the interest then due. If the payment exceeds the interest, the surplus goes toward discharging the principal, and the subsequent interest is to be computed on the balance of principal remaining due. If the payment be less than the interest, the surplus...
Page 263 - If the payment be less than the interest, the surplus of interest must not be taken to augment the principal; but interest continues on the former principal until the period when the payments, taken together, exceed the interest due, and then the surplus is to be applied towards discharging the principal; and interest is to be Computed on the balance, as aforesaid.
Page 276 - Greek, and deoi, centi, mili, from the Latin, are used in preference to our plain English, 10, 100, etc., it is best to employ capital letters for the multiples and small letters for the subdivisions, to avoid ambiguities in abbreviations: 1 dekametre or 10 metres = 1 Dm.; 1 decimetre or 1-10 of a metre = 1 dm.
Page 276 - That the tables in the schedule hereto annexed shall be recognized in the construction of contracts and in all legal proceedings as establishing in- terms of the weights and measures now in use in the United States: the equivalents of the weights and measures expressed therein in terms of the metric system...
Page 239 - The second-(central) section includes all the territory between the last named line and an irregular line from Bismarck, ND, to the mouth of the Rio Grande. The third (mountain) section includes all territory between the last-named line and nearly the western borders of Idaho, Utah, and Arizona.
Page 276 - METRE, unit of length, is nearly the ten-millionth part of a quadrant of a meridian, of the distance between Equator and Pole. The International Standard Metre is, practically, nothing else but a length defined by the distance between two lines on a platinum-fridium bar at CK> Centigrade, deposited at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, Paris, France.
Page 270 - DISCOUNT. DISCOUNT is an allowance made for the payment of money before it is due. The present worth of a debt payable at some future time, without interest, is such a sum of money as will, if put at interest for the given time, amount to the debt.
Page 243 - II at the close, as mill, sell. All words of one syllable ending in I, with a double vowel before it, have only one I at the close, as mail, sail.
Page 243 - Words of one syllable ending in a consonant, with a single vowel before it, double that consonant in derivatives; as ship, shipping, etc.

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