The Concise Standard Dictionary of the English Language: Designed to Give the Orthography, Pronunciation, and Meaning of about 38,000 Words and Phrases in the Speech and Literature of the English-speaking Peoples; 780 Pictorial Illustrations

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Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1924 - 583 pages

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Page 79 - CALORIE (kal'6 ri): the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water one degree centigrade...
Page 98 - ... divide into two equal parts. CENTER. — The middle point of a closed curve or surface; properly a point such that any straight line drawn through it will meet the curve or surface at equal distances on each side of the point. CHORD. — A straight line connecting the extremities of an arc. CIRCLE. — A plane figure bounded by a curved line called the circumference, everywhere equally distant from a point within called the center. CIRCUMFERENCE.— The boundary line of a circle, also of any...
Page 469 - An optical instrument for blending into one image two pictures of an object from slightly different points of view, so as to produce upon the eye the impression of relief.
Page 133 - Its outer surface is covered with a layer of low CUBOIDAL mesothelium." Cuboidal means formed like a cube, which is a solid bounded by SIX equal squares and having all its angles right angles.
Page 169 - DROp'praG.l 1 . To fall, or let fall, in drops. 2. To fall, or let fall, in any way: give up; dismiss; subside; sink. II. n. 1 . A globule of liquid ; anything hanging down; a pendant. 2. A fall; descent.
Page 366 - I. a. Pertaining to or drawn in perspective. II. n. 1 . The art of delineating solid objects on a flat surface, so that they shall appear in relief like the real objects.
Page 580 - ... demonstrandum, which was to be demonstrated QEF, quod erat faciendum, which was to be done QEI, quod erat inveniendum, which was to be found out ql, quantum libet, as much as you please qm quo modo, by what means...
Page 573 - ... law. mens sana in corpore sano [L], a sound mind in a sound body: Juvenal. mens sibi conscia recti [L], a mind conscious to itself of rectitude; a good conscience: Virgil. Mensur [Ger], students
Page 38 - II. n. [-PHIESZ, pi.] A wasting or withering of the body or any of its parts; a stoppage of growth.

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