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Page 228 - In all cases the number of the question must be placed before the answer on the worked paper.
Page iii - Orders of The House, examined the matters to them referred; and have agreed to the following REPORT...
Page 242 - Put the number of the question before your answer. You are to confine your answers strictly to the questions proposed. Your name is not given to the Examiner, and you are forbidden to write to him about your answers. The value attached to each question is shown in brackets after the question.
Page 223 - The value attached to each question is shown in brackets after the question. But a full and correct answer to an easy question will in all cases secure a larger number of marks than an incomplete or inexact answer to a more difficult one.
Page 233 - GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS. If the rules are not attended to, the paper will be cancelled. You may take the Elementary or the Advanced or the Honours paper, but you must confine yourself to one of them.
Page vii - Question, put, and agreed to. Til DRAFT REPORT proposed by the Chairman read a second time, paragraph by paragraph. Paragraphs 1 — 3, amended, and agreed to. Paragraphs 4 — 5, agreed to. Question, .That this Report, as amended, be the Report of the Committee to the House, — put, and agreed to.
Page xl - Whereas the common sale of intoxicating liquors is a fruitful source of crime, immorality, pauperism, disease, insanity and premature death, whereby not only the individuals who give way to drinking habits are plunged into misery, but grievous wrong is done to the persons and property of Her Majesty's subjects at large...
Page xciii - ... has been some improvement in public order, while it has been powerless to produce any perceptible decrease of intemperance, — it would seem somewhat hard, when such communities are willing, at their own cost and hazard, to grapple with the difficulty and undertake their own purification, that the Legislature should refuse to create for them the necessary machinery, or to intrust them with the requisite powers.
Page 219 - Second Stage or Advanced Examination. INSTRUCTIONS. Read the General Instructions at the head of the Elementary paper. You are only permitted to attempt six questions.
Page v - WHEREAS conflicting decisions have been given in England and in Scotland in regard to the meaning and effect of section six of the Sale of Food and Drugs Act, 1875, in this Act referred to as the principal Act, and it is expedient, in this respect and otherwise, to amend the said Act...

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