The Pilot Arithmetics, Volume 3

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Page 246 - Measures of Length. 10 millimeters (mm.) 1 centimeter (cm.) 10 centimeters 1 decimeter (dm.) 10 decimeters 1 meter (m.) 10 meters 1 dekameter (Dm.) 10 dekameters 1 hectometer (Hm.) 10 hectometers 1 kilometer (Km.) 10 kilometers 1 myriameter (Mm.) 1181.
Page 249 - Measures of Weight 10 milligrams (mg) =1 centigram eg 10 centigrams =1 decigram dg 10 decigrams =1 gram g 10 grams =1 dekagram Dg...
Page 121 - Recall that the area of a rectangle is equal to the product of the measure of its length and the measure of its width.
Page 125 - The area of a triangle is equal to one half the product of the base and the altitude: A = I bx a.
Page 182 - ... or in the case of the head of a family or a married person living with husband or wife, a personal exemption of $2,500.
Page 249 - weight is the GRAM, which is the weight of one cubic centimeter of pure water weighed in a vacuum at the temperature of 4 deg.
Page 75 - IS when the interest is added to the principal, at the end of the year', and on that amount the interest cast for another year, and added again, and so on : this is called Interest upon Interest.
Page 224 - A term may be transposed from one member of an equation to the other if its sign is changed from + to — , or from — to +. EQUATIONS AND PROBLEMS.
Page 123 - Geometry the area of a rectangle is equal to the product of the base by the altitude ; we can therefore represent the space described (s) by a rectangle ABCD, Fig.
Page 187 - The person who signs the note and is to pay the money is the maker, and the person to whom the money is to be paid is the payee. The place of payment given is usually the maker's bank. The words "Value received," although not essential, are generally included.

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