The science and art of arithmetic, by A. Sonnenschein and H.A. Nesbitt. Exercise book, Volume 2

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Page 67 - What can he pay in the , and what will a creditor lose on a debt of 57 ? (108) An estate with a rental of 8790 is sold for 351,600 In order that it may yield the purchaser 3f % for his money, how much % must he raise the rent ? (109) A square court-yard costs 38. 10s. 5d. to pave, at 3s.
Page 44 - If 15 pumps, working 8 hours a day, can raise 1260 tons of water in 7 days, how many pumps, working 12 hours a day, will be required to raise 7560 tons of water in 14 days ? (6) If 24,000 yds.
Page 73 - Find the smallest exact number of ounces that can bo coined into an exact number of sovereigns. , (221) Find the weight of a cubical mass of iron whose edge is 2 ft., 5 in., 3 pts., if the iron is 7'157 times as heavy as water, and a cubic foot of water weighs 1000 oz. av. (222) How high is a hill whoso ascent is 1 miles in length, if the road rises -Ц- inches in 55-25 feet?
Page 65 - ... {80) A ship's company take a prize of 1000, which is to be divided amongst them in proportion to their pay and to their time of service ; the officers, 4 in number, have 40s. each a mouth, and the midshipmen, 12 in number, have 30s.
Page 55 - ... side. By means of these properties, it follows that two sides of a right.angled triangle being given, the third side can be found. EXAMPLES. 1. How long must a ladder be, to reach to the top of a house 40 feet high, when the foot of it is 30 feet from the house ? In this example, it is obvious that the ladder forms the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle, whose sides are 30 and 40 feet respectively.
Page 69 - Find the ratioof a sidereal to a solar day, to 5 places. (166) Two shepherds, A and B, owning a flock of sheep, agree to divide it ; A takes 144 and B 184 sheep, paying 70 to A. Find the value of 1 sheep. (167) Among how many persons must 158.
Page 52 - A man agreed to work a days on these conditions : for each day he worked he was to receive с cents, and for each day he was idle he was to forfeit d cents. At. the end of a days he received m cents. How many days was he idle ? 21. A sum of money is divided among three persons ; the first receives a dollars more than a third of the whole sum ; the second receives...
Page 30 - ... per cent stock at 94. Find the alteration in his income. 5. If 56 cubic feet 1044 cubic inches of timber are required to floor a room 29} feet by 25J feet, what is the thickness of the boards ? 108.
Page 69 - ... of his original garrison left, surrendered. How many men were there at first ? (163) A merchant sells tea to a tradesman at a profit of 60 %, but the tradesman becomes bankrupt and only pays 13s.
Page 55 - Results to be found to 4 places : (1) A rectangular room is 24 ft. long and 18 ft. broad. Find the diagonal of the floor. (2) A tower is 180 ft. high ; I stand 19 ft. away from the base. How far am I in a straight line from the top of the tower ? (3) The disc of a pendulum 85 inches long touches in its sweep two points, A and B, which are in the same horizontal line, and are 1 inch above the lowest position of the disc. How far...

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