The operative mechanic, and British machinist

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Knight and Lacey, 1825
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Page 680 - BXD' 125. A PROPORTION is an equality of ratios. Four magnitudes are in proportion, when the ratio of the first to the second is the same as that of the third to the fourth.
Page 182 - I condense the steam, by causing it to pass in contact with metallic substances, while water is applied to the opposite side. Fourthly, to discharge the engine of the water employed to condense the steam, I suspend a column of water in a tube or vessel constructed for that purpose, on the principles of the barometer, the upper end having open communication with the steam vessels, and the lower end being immersed in a vessel of water. Fifthly, to discharge the air which enters the steam vessels with...
Page 595 - ... any error, however small, when multiplied, becomes of considerable magnitude, and even the difference of an inch in the last riser, will not only have a bad effect to the eye, but will be apt to confuse persons not thinking of any such irregularity. In order to try the steps properly by the story rod, if you have not a level surface to work from, the better way will be, to lay two rods on boards, and level their top surface to that of the floor ; place one of these rods a little within the string,...
Page 699 - Pyramid. RULE. — Multiply the sum of the perimeters of the two ends by the slant height or side of the frustum, and half the product will be the surface required.
Page 230 - The buckets have a lateral orifice, to receive and to discharge the water. The axis of this wheel is embraced by four small beams, crossing each other at right angles, tapering at the extremities, and forming eight little arms. This wheel is near the centre of the horse-walk, contiguous to the vertical axis, into the top of which the...
Page 713 - BRAZING, the soldering or joining two pieces of iron together, by means of thin plates of brass melted between the pieces that are to be joined. If the work be very fine, as when two leaves of a broken saw are to be brazed together...
Page 234 - Q be opened, the water and air rush out together with prodigious violence, and the drops of water are changed into hail or lumps of ice. It is a sight usually shown to strangers, who are desired to hold their hats to receive the blasts of air : the ice comes out with such violence as frequently to pierce the hat like a pistol bullet.
Page 491 - The wheel E performs one revolution in an hour ; the wheel NN, which is turned by the axis of the wheel E, must likewise make only one revolution in the same time; and the minute-hand is fixed to the socket of this w heel.
Page 117 - ... to a fourth number, which will be the velocity of the water. Therefore the velocity of the water may be always found by multiplying 32.174, by the square root of the height of the fall, and dividing that product by the square root...
Page 226 - it is a curious fact in the rupture of amorphous stones, that pyramids are formed, having for their base the upper side of the cube next the lever, the action of which displaces the sides of the cubes, precisely as if a wedge had operated between them.

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