A Treatise on the Differential Calculus: With Numerous Examples

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Macmillan, 1860 - Calculus, Differential - 398 pages

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Page 10 - PLANE CO-ORDINATE GEOMETRY, as applied to the Straight Line and the Conic Sections. With numerous Examples.
Page 5 - SNOWBALL — THE ELEMENTS OF PLANE AND SPHERICAL TRIGONOMETRY; with the Construction and Use of Tables of Logarithms. By JC SNOWBALL, MA New Edition.
Page 17 - For really ripe scholarship. extensive acquaintance with Latin literature, and familiar knowledge of continental criticism, ancient and modern, it is unsurpassed among English editions.
Page 23 - Our Year. A Child's Book, in Prose and Verse. By the Author of
Page 14 - ... which can be altered only by the changes of entire units or integral multiples of units in the fundamental conditions of the problem ; the other concerning those chances which have respect to insensible gradations in the value of the element measured), the present tract has been drawn up.
Page 1 - Mr Smith's Work is a most useful publication. The Rules are stated with great clearness. The Examples are well selected and worked cut with just sufficient detail without being encumbered by too minute explanations; and there prevails throughout it that just proportion of theory and practice, which is the crowning excellence of an elementary work.
Page 14 - It is of importance that those who wish to cultivate any subject may be able to ascertain what results have already been obtained, and thus reserve their strength for difficulties which have not yet been conquered. The Author has endeavoured in this work to ascertain distinctly what has been effected in the Progress of the Calculus, and to form some estimate of the manner in which it has been effected.
Page 4 - Mathematics. Each chapter is followed by a set of Examples: those which are entitled Miscellaneous Examples, together with a few in some of the other sets, may be advantageously...
Page 17 - This School edition of Sallust is precisely what the School edition of a Latin author ought to be. No useless words are spent in it, and no words that could be of use are spared. The text has been carefully collated with the best editions. It is printed in a large bold type, which manifests a just regard for the young eyes that are to work upon it : under the text there flows through every page a full current of extremely well-selected annotations.
Page 22 - The author has endeavoured to connect the history of the New Testament Canon with the growth and consolidation of the Church, and to point out the relation existing between the amount of evidence for the authenticity of its component parts, and the whole mass of Christian literature. Such a method of inquiry will convey both the truest notion of the connection of the written Word with the living Body of Christ, and the surest conviction of its divine authority.

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