Practical Calculations for Engineers, for the Use of Engineering Students, Apprentices, Draughtsmen, Mechanics, Foremen, and Others Practically Engaged in Engineering Work

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C. Griffin, limited., 1909 - Engineering - 463 pages
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Page 21 - Therefore, the specific gravity of a solid or a liquid body is the ratio of its weight to the weight of an equal volume of water...
Page 73 - Root of a Number: Divide the logarithm of the number by the index of the root ; the quotient is the logarithm of the required root of the number.
Page 25 - The angles in the same segment of a circle are equal to one another.
Page 71 - If the given number is greater than 1, make the characteristic of its logarithm one less than the number of figures to the left of the decimal point in the number.
Page 24 - All the interior angles of any rectilineal figure, together with four right angles, are equal to twice as many right angles as the figure has sides.
Page 128 - K is the ratio of the specific heats of the gas at constant pressure and at constant volume respectively.
Page 25 - The angle at the centre of a circle is double the angle at the circumference on the same arc.
Page 62 - ... an arc whose length is equal to the radius of the circle. Thus in Fig.
Page ii - A Practical Text-book for the use of Engineers, Draughtsmen, and Students. BY CHARLES HURST, PRACTICAL DRAUGHTSMAN. PART I.— Steam Engine Valves. PART II.— Gas Engine Valves and Gears. PART III.— Air Compressor Valves and Gearing. PART IV.— Pump Valves.
Page ii - Handsome Cloth. With 201 Illustrations. 6s. net. AN INTRODUCTION TO THE DESIGN OF BEAMS, GIRDERS, AND COLUMNS IN MACHINES AND STRUCTURES. With Examples in Graphic Statics. BY WILLIAM H. ATHERTON, M.Sc., MIMECH.E. "A very useful source of information.

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