Mechanics' Magazine, and Journal of the Mechanics' Institute, Volume 4

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D. K. Minor, 1835 - Industrial arts

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Page 119 - If a man was to compare the effect of a single stroke of the pickaxe, or of one impression of the spade, with the general design and last result, he would be overwhelmed by the sense of their disproportion ; yet those petty operations, incessantly continued, in time surmount the greatest difficulties, and mouiu tains are levelled, and oceans bounded, by the slender force of human beings.
Page 160 - ... accelerated by the approach of other Clouds. This Modification forms a very beautiful sky, sometimes exhibiting numerous distinct beds of these small connected clouds, floating at different altitudes. The Cirrocumulus is frequent in summer, and is attendant on warm and dry weather. It is also occasionally and more sparingly seen in the intervals of showers, and in winter. It may either evaporate, or pass to the Cirrus or Cirro-stratus. OF THE CIRRO-STRATUS.
Page 364 - It was the first command and counsel of my youth, always to do what my conscience told me to be my duty, and to leave the consequences to God. I shall carry with me the memory, and, I...
Page 342 - The Committee on Science and the Arts constituted by the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania, for the promotion of the Mechanic Arts, to whom was referred for examination — "An improved Axle box," invented by Robert McWilliams and assigned to Samuel W.
Page 314 - ... provided that no treaty of commerce shall be made whereby the legislative power of the respective states shall be restrained from imposing such imposts and duties on foreigners, as their own people are subjected to, or from prohibiting the exportation or importation of any species of goods or commodities whatsoever...
Page 178 - ... hath made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on all the face of the earth...
Page 198 - Similar solid figures are such as have all their solid angles equal, each to each, and are contained by the same number of similar planes.
Page 369 - It will give a cheap and quick conveyance to the merchandise on the Mississippi, Missouri, and other great rivers, which are now laying open their treasures to the enterprise of our countrymen ; and although the prospect of personal emolument has been some inducement to me, yet I feel infinitely more pleasure in reflecting on the immense advantage that my country will derive from the invention,
Page 369 - The power of propelling boats by steam is now fully proved. The morning I left New York, there were not perhaps thirty persons in the city, who believed that the boat would ever move one mile an hour, or be of the least utility ; and while we were putting off from the wharf, which was crowded with spectators, I heard a number of sarcastic remarks.
Page 197 - Four quantities are said to be Proportional, when the ratio of the first to the second, is the same as the ratio of the third to the fourth.

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