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C. Griffin & Company, Limited, 1923 - Biology - 398 pages
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Page 22 - CONTENTS. — Temperature. — Expansion of Solids. — Liquids. — Gases. — Circulation and Convection.— Quantity of Heat ; Specific Heat.— Conductivity.— Forms of Energy ; Conservation; Mechanical Equivalent of Heat.— The Kinetic Theory.— Change of State; Liquid Vapour. — Critical Points. — Solids and Liquids. —Atmospheric Conditions.— Radiation. — Theory of Exchanges. — Radiation and Temperature. — Thermodynamics. — Isothermal and Adiabatic Changes.— Thermodynamics...
Page 14 - OARL OPPENHEIMER, PH.D., MD, Of the Physiological Institute at Erlangen. TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN BY C. AINSWORTH MITCHELL, BA, FIC, FCS With Notes, and Additions by the Author, since the publication of the German Edition. "For wealth of detail, we have no small work on Toxines which equals the one under review.
Page 14 - A ZOOLOGICAL POCKET-BOOK ; Or, Synopsis of Animal Classification. Comprising Definitions of the Phyla, Classes, and Orders, with Explanatory Remarks and Tables. By Dr. Emil Selenka, Professor in the University of Erlangen. Authorised English translation from the Third German Edition. In Small Post 8vo, Interleaved for the use of Students. Limp Covers, 45.
Page 5 - MENTAL DISEASES: With Special Reference to the Pathological Aspects of Insanity. BY W. BEVAN LEWIS, LRCP, MRCS, Medical Superintendent and Director of the West Riding Asylum, Wakefield ; Examiner in Mental Diseases, Victoria University. SECOND EDITION, Revised and in part Rewritten. With Additional Illustrations, 30s. ' • Without doubt the BEST WORK in English of its kind."— Journal of Mental Science.
Page 18 - Fractures — Dislocations and Sprains — Haemorrhage — Wounds — Insensibility and Fits — Asphyxia and Drowning— Suffocation — Poisoning — Burns, Frost-bite, and Sunstroke — Removal of Foreign Bodies from (a) The Eye ; (6) The Ear; (c) The Nose; (d) The Throat; (e) The Tissues— Ambulance Transport and Stretcher Drill— The After-treatment of Ambulance Patients — Organisation and Management of Ambulance Classes — Appendix : Examination Papers on First Aid. "A CAPITAL BOOK. ....
Page 13 - ... UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, ABERYSTWYTH EXAMINER IN ZOOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN. SECOND EDITION. In Two Volumes. Sold Separately. I. VEGETABLE MORPHOLOGY AND PHYSIOLOGY. General Contents. — UNICELLULAR PLANTS (Yeast-plant, Germs and Microbes, White Mould, Green Mould, &c., &c.) — SIMPLE...
Page 16 - GENERAL CONTENTS. — The General Management of the Sick Room in Private Houses — General Plan of the Human Body — Diseases of the Nervous System — Respiratory System — Heart and Blood-Vessels — Digestive System — Skin and Kidneys — Fevers — Diseases of Children — Wounds and Fractures — Management of Child-Bed — Sick-Room Cooker}', .Vc., &c. *' In the fullest sense Dr. Humphry's book is a DISTINCT ADVANCE on all previous Manuals.
Page 22 - Changes.— Thermodynamics of Changes of State, and Solutions.— Thermodynamics of Radiation.— INDEX. "Well up-to-date, and extremely clear and exact throughout. ... As clear as it would be possible to make such a text-book
Page 178 - An open tank is to be constructed with a square base and vertical sides so as to contain a given quantity of water. Show that the expense of lining it with lead will be least if the depth is made half of the width.

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