Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, Volume 22

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Royal Institution of Naval Architects., 1881 - Naval architecture
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Page xv - It shall be the duty of the Secretary, under the direction of the Council, to conduct the correspondence of the Institution ; to attend all meetings of the Institution, and of the Council, and of Committees ; to take minutes of the proceedings of such meetings ; to read the minutes of the preceding...
Page 151 - GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS. — If the rules are not attended to the paper will be cancelled. — You may take the Elementary, or the Advanced, or the Honours paper, but you must confine yourself to one of them.
Page 14 - Cammell's subcarburised steel, made by the Siemens process, each plate to have a tensile strength of not less than 26 and not more than 30 tons per square inch, with an ultimate elongation of 15 per cent, in a length of 6 inches.
Page xvii - Appendix to the person proposed to be expelled, advising him to withdraw from the Institution. If that advice be followed, no entry on the minutes, nor any public discussion on the subject, shall be permitted ; but if that advice be not followed, nor a - satisfactory explanation given, the Council shall call a Special General Meeting of Members...
Page xiv - But in case of the absence of the President and of all the VicePresidents, the Meeting may elect any member of Council, or, in case of their absence, any Corporate Member present, to take the chair at the Meeting.
Page xiv - Members and Associates of the Institution shall be eligible for election as VicePresidents. In the absence of the President, one of the Vice- Presidents shall preside at the General Meetings of the Institution, and shall regulate and keep order in the proceedings.
Page 151 - But a full and correct answer to any easy question will in all cases secure a larger number of marks than an incomplete or inexact answer to a more difficult one.
Page xiv - The Council shall draw up an Annual Report on the state of the Institution, which shall be read at the Annual General Meeting. 24. It shall be the duty of the Council to adopt every possible means of advancing the Institution, to provide for properly conducting its business in all cases of emergency, such as the death or resignation of Officers, and to arrange for the Publication of the Papers read at the Meetings, or of such documents as may be calculated to advance the objects of the Institution....
Page xiv - Institution, and of the receipts and payments of the past year, shall be made under the direction of the Council, and after having been verified and signed by the Auditors, shall be laid before the Annual General Meeting.
Page xviii - Members and Associates for the purpose of deciding on the question of expulsion ; and if a majority of the persons present at such Special General Meeting, provided the number so present be not less than...

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