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47 LUDGATE HILL: Nov. 1, 1862.

THERE appears to be little doubt that Dr. Colenso's work on the Pentateuch and Book of Joshua, which is at length before the world, will give rise to quite as much of excitement and controversy as was predicted by those who had seen the copies which have been privately circulated among the author's friends. Of the opinions expressed in the work, we cannot, of course, attempt to give an account; but an able writer in a journal which was the first to call particular attention to the famous Essays and Reviews, expresses the opinion that Dr. Williams and Dr. Temple are novices in the art of exciting popular wonder, compared with Dr. Colenso, and that their defiance of the old canons of an orthodox criticism will appear tame and scrupulous when read by the side of the Bishop of Natal's volume. The second part of the work is, we learn, already in preparation, in which the relations of modern science to Scripture will be discussed. Dr. Colenso, however, asserts, in the long and interesting preface to his work, that he is not aware of any breach of the law of the Church of England, as declared by the recent judgement in the Court of Arches, which is involved in the publication.

The delightful Memoirs of Christopher North, with their quaint and original illustrations, are already in the hands of most readers of new books. Miss Kavanagh's English Women of Letters will also, we do not doubt, find even a larger circle of readers than her previous series of French lady writers. Aphra Behn (Pope's Astrea, who "loosely trod the stage" in the days of Dryden and Wycherley), Miss Fielding, Madame D'Arblay, Miss Charlotte Smith, Mrs. Radcliffe, Mrs. Inchbald, Miss Edgeworth, Miss Austen, Mrs. Opie, and Lady Morgan, are her heroines. It is remarkable that neither Lady Mary Wortley Montagu nor Mrs. Hemans are among them; but Miss Kavanagh has confined herself entirely to novelists. Among other works in our list deserving special notice are the following:

In LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND ART we have The Literature of Society, with an Introductory Chapter on the Origin of Fiction, by Grace Wharton (one of the Authors of The Wits and Beaux of Society), 2 vols. ; a Scientific Essay, entitled Phosphorescence, or the Emission of Light by Minerals, Plants, and Animals; Pictures of English Landscape, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel, with Pictures in Words by Tom Taylor, 4to.; and a useful Synoptical Index to four divisions of Mr. Charles Knight's English Cyclopædia.

In GEOGRAPHY AND TRAVEL we find Mr. Seeman's Viti, an Account of a Government Mission to the Vitian or Fijian Islands in the years 1860-61, with illustrations and a map; Stirring Times under Canvas, a Narrative of Military Life in India during the Rebellion; a little volume entitled Three Years in Melbourne, by Clara Aspinall; an exciting Narrative, by an Impressed New Yorker, of his experiences in the Confederate States, entitled Thirteen Months in the Rebel Army; Sinai Photographed, a Contemporary Record of Israel in the Wilderness, with an Appendix, folio; The Land of Inheritance, or Bible Scenes Revisited, with illustrations, by Lady Tobin; On the Mountain, being the Welsh Experiences of Abraham Black and Jonas White, an Account of a Tour in Wales; Something of Italy, by Mr. William Chambers, reprinted from Chambers's Journal; and The Ganges and the Seine, by Sidney L. Blanchard of papers reprinted chiefly from Household Words and All the Year Round.

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IN HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY we have a 7th volume, concluding the work, of Mr. Merivale's History of the Romans, bringing the narrative down to the period at which the work of Gibbon


IN THEOLOGY we note a work entitled Cambridge Free Thought, and Letters on Bibliolatry, translated by H. H. Barnard; a Review of the Baptismal Controversy, by J. B. Mozley; Stories of the Miracles, by F. W.; Time's Treasure, or Devout Thoughts for Every Day in the Year, expressed in Verse; English Nonconformity, by Dr. Vaughan; Patriarchal Shadows of Christ and His Church, as exhibited in Passages drawn from the History of Joseph and his Brethren, by O. Winslow; Christ in the Psalms, an Exposition of the 2nd, 45th, and 110th Psalms, in a Series of Discourses by the Rev. G. Harpur; and Christian Faith and Practice, by J. W. Alexander. In FICTION we have Slaves of the Ring, or Before and After, by Mr. Robinson, Author of Grandmother's Money, 3 vols.; The Two Catherines, or Which is the Heroine? 2 vols. (a novel of the days of Johnson and Goldsmith); and My Good-for-Nothing Brother, 1 vol. In MEDICINEHealth in the Tropics, or Sanitary Art applied to Europeans in India; Lectures on the Destructive Characters, &c. of Continued Fevers, by Alexander Tweedie. In Law-A Manual of Common Law and Bankruptcy, by Josiah W. Smith. In JUVENILE LITERATURE-The Stories that Little Breeches Told, and the Pictures which Charles Bennett drew for them, 4to.; Peter Parley's Annual for 1863, edited by William Martin; and Tales of the Gods and Heroes, with six illustrations on wood from designs by the Author, by Rev. G. Cox. While among NEW EDITIONS we find a 2nd of The Leadbeater Papers, 2 vols.; Marietta, a novel, by T. Adolphus Trollope: Mrs. Oliphant's Life of Edward Irving; a 4th of Wills' Essay on the Principles of Circumstantial Evidence, edited by the Author's Son; and a 6th of Savory's Compendium of Domestic Medicine.

Mr. MURRAY will publish next week the Remains, in Verse and Prose, of the late Arthur Hallam, with Preface, Memoir, and Portrait. None of the pieces have, we believe, been published before. Mr. Hallam was the son of the historian; and our readers are, no doubt, aware that his early and unexpected death gave rise to Mr. Tennyson's beautiful volume of elegiac verse entitled In Memoriam.

Messrs. SMITH, ELDER, & Co.'s list of new works to be published during November comprises (in addition to works already announced) A Journal of a Political Mission to Afghanistan, with an Account of the Country and People, by H. W. Bellew, Surgeon to the Mission, with eight plates; Adventures of a Boy lost among the Afghans, related by Himself, with portrait; Sisterhoods in the Church of England, by Margaret Goodman, Author of Experiences of an English Sister of Mercy; A New Volume of Sermons, by the late Rev. Frederick W. Robertson, of Brighton; An Analysis of Mr. Tennyson's "In Memoriam," by the late Rev. Frederick W. Robertson, M.A.; England Under God, by the Venerable Archdeacon Evans; and Mr. Thackeray's Roundabout Papers, reprinted from the Cornhill Magazine, with illustrations; also three new juvenile works, entitled Tuflongbo's Journey in Search of Ogres, by Holme Lee, with seven illustrations; Stories of Old, or Bible Narratives suited to the Capacities of Young Children, by Caroline Hadley; and by the same Author, Children's Sayings, or Early Life at Home, with four illustrations.

Messrs. A. & C. BLACK have nearly ready A Church Student's Manual, by Rev. C. H. Bromby; a new edition of Kitto's Cyclopædia of Biblical Literature, edited by Dr. W. L. Alexander, Vol. 1; and a new edition of Mackintosh's Ethical Philosophy, edited by Dr. W. Whewell.

Messrs. T. &. T. CLARK, of Edinburgh, announce for publication early in November, Historical Theology, a Review of the Principal Doctrinal Discussions in the Christian Church since the Apostolic Age, by the late W. Cunningham, D.D., Principal and Professor of Church History, New College, Edinburgh, edited by his Literary Executors, 2 vols.; and numerous other works. Messrs. MACMILLAN & Co. have in preparation Expository Sermons on the Epistles for the Christian Year, by G. E. Lynch Cotton, D.D.; Lectures on the Epistle to the Philippians, by Dr. C. J. Vaughan, D.D.; Words and Places, Chapters on the Relations of Geography and Etymology, by the Rev. I. Taylor, M.A.; a new Critical Edition of Shakespeare, with a complete Collation of the Quartos and Folios and with the principal Emendations of subsequent Editors and Critics, by W. G. Clark, J. Glover, and H. R. Luard, to be completed in 9 vols., printed in demy 8vo. at the University Press; and other works already announced.

The Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence of Lady Morgan will be published in 2 vols. by Messrs. W. H. ALLEN & Co. on the 4th November. The same firm are also preparing to publish The Channel Islands, by Professor D. T. Ansted and Dr. R. G. Latham, with numerous illustrations; The Nationalities of Europe, by Dr. R. G. Latham; and Life and Death in Poland, by H. Sutherland Edwards, 2 vols. illustrated.

Mr. CHURCHILL's announcements of medical works in preparation include Lectures on Surgery, by William Lawrence; Lectures on Fevers, delivered at the Royal College of Physicians, with coloured plates, by Alexander Tweedie; On Sleeping and Dreaming, an Essay in Physiological Science, by Arthur E. Durham; and numerous other works.

Messrs. SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, & Co. have in the press a new work by the Author of The Study of the Bible, entitled The Destiny of the Human Race, a Scriptural Inquiry.

Messrs. BLACK WOOD & SONS have in the press an Illustrated Edition of Professor Aytoun's Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers, with seventy Illustrations designed by J. N. Paton, R.S.A., and Waller H. Paton; Studies in Roman Law, with Comparative Views of the Laws of France, England, and Scotland, by Lord Mackenzie, one of the Judges of the Court of Session in Scotland; and other works.

Messrs. SAMPSON Low, SON, & Co.'s list of illustrated and juvenile works for 1863 includes Early English Poems, from Chaucer to Milton, comprising Specimens of the best Poetry during that period, with Biographical Notices, and 100 illustrations by the first artists, in 1 vol. fcp. 4to.; Favourite English Poems, complete edition, with 300 illustrations from designs by the first artists, 4 vols. royal 8vo.; In the Woods with the Poets, beautifully illustrated (uniform with Weir's Poetry of Nature); Snow Flakes, and What they Told the Children, by the Author of Little Bird Red and Little Bird Blue, illustrated by H. K. Browne, and printed in colours; The Boyhood of Martin Luther, by Henry Mayhew, Author of The Peasant Boy Philosopher, with eight illustrations by Absolon; The Story of Peter Parley's Own Life, from the Narrative of the late Samuel Goodrich, Esq. (Peter Parley), edited by his friend and admirer, Frank Freeman, with six illustrations by W. Thomas; The Stories that Little Breeches Told, and the Pictures that Charles Bennett drew for them, with upwards of 100 etchings on copper, 4to.; Stories of the Woods; or, the Adventures of Leather-Stocking: a Book for Boys, compiled from Cooper's Series of Leather-Stocking Tales; Piccalilli, a Mixture, by Gilbert Percy, illustrated and ornamented by J. R. Macquoid and George Thomas; Mark Wilson's First Reader, by the Author of The Picture Alphabet, and The Picture Primer, with 120 pictures ; &c. Mr. Kingston's Annual for Boys will be published this year by Messrs. Low, Son, & Co. Messrs. CHAMBERS's latest announcements include the Songs of Scotland prior to Burns, with the tunes, edited by Robert Chambers: in 1 vol. The volume will comprise all the old Scottish songs of merit, and their original melodies, together with historical information on the general subject, and on each particular song and tune.

Messrs. DEAN & SON will publish in a cheap form, in one volume, The Adventures of Dick Onslow among the Red Skins: a Book for Boys, by W. H. G. Kingston, with seventeen illustrations by W. Harvey, J. Portch, &c.

The volume entitled London People, sketched by C. Bennett, and announced by Messrs. SMITH, ELDER, & Co., will, we believe, include the Sketches in the Cornhill Magazine with the titles of The Excursion Train, At the Play, and Covent Garden Market, &c., the letterpress by Mr. John Hollingshead.

Messrs. DARTON & HODGE announce Peter Parley's Annual for 1863, with eight full-page illustrations in colours, and illustrated by Gilbert, Birket Foster, Thomas, Harrison Weir, Melville, and others.

A volume entitled London Scenes and London People is announced for early publication by Mr. Collingridge. It will consist of a series of papers on the Antiquities of London, and also modern sketches, which have been contributed to the City Press.

Messrs. ARTHUR HALL & Co. announce The Nest Hunters, or Adventures in the Indian Archipelago, by William Dalton, Esq., with illustrations; and at Christmas, The Duchess of Trajetto, by the Author of Mary Powell, in post 8vo.

Messrs. NISBET & Co. have just published a volume entitled Thoughts of Sunshine in Sorrow, and Pilgrim Thoughts. The works consists of reflections on Scripture texts, and short pieces of religious poetry.

Messrs. HURST & BLACKETT have added to their list of announcements a new novel, entitled Marion Leslie, by the Rev. P. Beaton, in 3 vols.

Mr. NIMMO, of Edinburgh, will publish shortly a new work by the Author of Heaven our Home, and Meet for Heaven, entitled Life in Heaven. The two previous works are said to have already attained a sale of 73,000 copies.

The report circulated by a contemporary, of the intention of the Rev. F. D. Maurice to resign his preferment in the Church of England, was, we believe, perfectly correct. The resignation, however, not having been accepted, Mr. Maurice has, we learn, yielded to the wishes of his friends, and consented to withdraw it. Although some religious scruples are understood to have been the sole cause of the step, Mr. Maurice had not, we believe, at any time an intention of seceding from the Church of England, but merely of retiring from his position of incumbent of St. Peter's, Vere Street.

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The article entitled North and South, or who is the Traitor? by a White Republican, in the current number of Fraser, is, like other articles on the American Civil War by the same contributor, worthy of attentive reading by all who are interested in this subject. It is singular, however, that a writer so well informed, and who is evidently an American, should fall into the error of the Times and other English journals, of describing the Democratic party in the North as entirely opposed to the present war." The American papers do indeed speak of " Peace Democrats;" but no one in the habit of reading their organs can doubt that the Democratic party, though cautious on the subject of slavery, are unfortunately, with few exceptions, scarcely less war like than their republican opponents. The White Republican is strongly Southern in his views. Messrs. STEVENS, SON, & HAYNES, of Bell Yard, have just issued their various editions of The Lawyer's Companion and General Day Book for 1863. The volume contains a Law Calendar for the Year, Summary of Practical Statutes, Index to Statutes of last Session, copious Tables relating to Taxes, and a variety of matters of utility to solicitors, merchants, auctioneers, and others. Eight sizes are issued, ranging in price from five shillings to half-a-guinea.

The Dublin University Magazine for next month will contain the first portion of a new serial tale, entitled Little Flaggs, the Almshouse Foundling; and in the following number for January will commence another tale by a popular author, to be published concurrently, and entitled Bella Donna.

Mr. HARRISON AINSWORTH's new serial story entitled Cardinal Pole; or, the Days of Philip and Mary, will be commenced in Bentley's Miscellany for December.

Messrs. W. & R. CHAMBERS have published, in a neat pamphlet, the Introductory Address lately delivered by Dr. W. O. Priestley at the opening of the classes of the Middlesex Hospital Medical College.

Dr. NEWMAN HALL'S Lecture to Working Men, on the American War, recently delivered, is just published in a pamphlet by Messrs. Nisbet & Co., and Mr. John Snow.

Messrs. DORRELL & SON, of Charing Cross, have published a little book for young people, entitled Outlines of the Life of Mahomet.

Blackwood's Shilling Scribbling Diary for 1863, interleaved with blotting, is now ready. Mr. WILLIAM TEGG is now republishing Perrin's Popular School Books, revised and re-edited. Mr. Walter Thornbury has just completed a novel, which will be published in 3 vols., with the title of True as Steel. The scene is laid in Germany, in the Middle Ages, Martin Luther being among the characters: the story is, we believe, founded on the life of Goetz von Berschlingen, the hero of Goethe's work.

Messrs. HOGG & Co.'s new Illustrated Shilling Monthly, to be entitled the Churchman's Family Magazine, will make its first appearance with the new year. The prospectus announces that it will be conducted on sound Church principles, free from any tinge of narrow party spirit; will present healthy, cheerful, varied reading for the family circle, and will include stories and other entertaining and instructive papers.

It is said that Miss Braddon, the author of Lady Audley's Secret, is about to write a serial story for the London Journal, for which a large sum is agreed to be paid.

AUCTIONS DURING THE ENSUING FORTNIGHT.-Messrs. Puttick & Simpson, Nov. 7 to 12, Miscellaneous books, including the stock of Mr. Benjamin Kimpton, of High Holborn. Messrs. Southgate & Barrett, Nov. 3, and nine following evenings (Saturday and Sunday excepted), the stock of engravings, illustrated books, and engraved copperplates of Messrs Fuller, of Rathbone Place. Mr. Hodgson, Nov. 5-7, First portion of the stock of Messrs. A. Hall, Virtue, & Co.; Nov. 11, Collection of valuable law books. Mr. L. A. Lewis, Nov. 3 and 4, Miscellaneous books.

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ACTS. Public General Acts, 25th and 26th Victoria, 1862: intended as a Supplement to the Commercial and General Lawyer. 8vo. pp. 196, sewed, 4s. 6d. (Macdonald)...

[3119 ADAMS (H. G.)-Our Feathered Families, the Birds of Prey: being an Anecdotal and Descriptive Account of the Rapacious Birds of Britain, with a chapter on Ancient and Modern Hawking. 12mo. pp. 320, cloth, 3s. 6d. (Hogg).......... ..[3120

The work, though complete in itself, forms the second volume of the descriptive sketches of the feathered families of Britain.

ADAMS (Rev. W.)-The Shadow of the Cross. New edit. illustrated. Post 8vo. pp. 76, cl. 3s. 6d. (Rivingtons) [vide Adv. 719]


AIKIN (Berkeley)-The Old Old Story, Love. Post 8vo. [3122 pp. 360, cloth, 10s. 6d. (Saunders & (.) ALDRICH.-Artis Logica Rudimenta. By H. L. Mansel. 4th edit. 8vo. cloth, 10s. 6d. (Whittaker) ..[3123 ALEXANDER (James W.)-Christian Faith and Practice. Post 8vo. (Edinburgh, Elliot) pp. 316, cloth, 3s. 6d. (Hamilton) .{3124 ARNOLD (Thomas)-A Manual of English Literature, Historical and Critical; with an Appendix of English Metres. Post 8vo. pp. 430, cloth, 10s. 6d. (Longman) .[3125 [vide Adv. 698} ASPINALL (Clara)- Three Years in Melbourne. 12mo. pp. 300, cloth, 5s. (Booth) [vide Adv. 738].......................... [3126 The authoress left England in 1858. The work describes chiefly her observations of social and political life in the colony.

AUDLAU (Baron Von) - Universal German Reading Book containing Sentences, Descriptions, Tales, Dialogues, Letters, and Poetry, and the necessary explanations in English. Second Course. 12mo. pp. 310. cloth, 48. 6d. (Stanford)


BAIRD (Rev. Hugh)-Beaten Oil for the Light of Life: being Daily Thoughts on Bible Texts, for use in the Closet and Family. Post 8vo. (Edinburgh, Oliphant) pp. 630, cloth, 7s. 6d. (Hamilton).. .[3128


BALFOUR (John Hutton)-Outlines of Botany: designed for Schools and Colleges. 2d edit. post 8vo. (Edinburgh. Black) pp. 730, cloth, 8s. 6d. (Longman) .......(3129 BALLANTYNE (R. M.)-The Wild Man of the West: a Tale of the Rocky Mountains. 12mo. pp. 410, cloth. . [3130 3s. 6d. (Routledge) The adventures of a youth in the far West of Ame


BARKER (Mrs.) Child's Pathway through Bible and Gospel History. 18mo. sewed, 6d. (Jarrold) ...... [3131 BARKER (Rev. W.)- Modern Atheism and the Bible: Report of the Discussion between Rev. W. Barker and "Iconoclast," held at Cowper Street School Room, City Road. September 1862. 12mo. pp. 208, sewed, 1s. 3d. (Ward)


BARR (Rev. J. T.)-Story of the Two Apprentices. Post 8vo. pp. 30, cl. 6d. (S. W. Partridge) [vide Adv. 743] [3133 BAYLY (Mrs.)-Ragged Homes, and How to Mend them. New edit. 12mo. cloth, 3s. 6d. (Nisbet) ..[3134 BEECHER (Henry Ward-Eyes and Ears. Post 8vo. pp. 400, cloth, 3s. 6d. (Low) (vide Adv. 696] ..[3135 BEEDELL (E.)-The British Tariff for 1862-63. New edit. brought up to October 1862. Post 8vo. cloth, 6s. (A. H. [3136 Baily) BEETON'S Book of Garden Management: comprising information in Laying-out and Planting Fruit, Flower, and Kitchen Garden; Decorative Spade Husbandry, and Allotment Cultivation. 12mo. half-bound, 7s. 6d. (Beeton) [3137

BEETON'S Book of Home Pets: showing how to Rear and Manage, in Sickness and in Health, Birds, Poultry, Cats, Dogs, Bees, Donkeys, Goats, &c. &c. Illustrated by upwards of 200 Woodcuts, and 11 Coloured Illustrations; with a chapter on Ferns. 12mo. pp. 832, half.[3138 bound, 7s. 6d. (Beeton)..... BEETON'S Book of Poultry and Domestic Animals: showing how to Rear and Manage them in Sickness and in Health. 12mo. pp. 832, cloth, 4s. 6d. (Beeton).. [3139 BEETON'S Dictionary of Universal Information: comprising a Complete Summary of the Moral, Mathea Plain matical, Physical, and Natural Sciences; Description of the Arts; an Interesting Synopsis of Literary Knowledge, with the Pronunciation and Etymology of every Leading Term. Vol. 1, 8vo. pp. 512, cloth, 6s. (Beeton)...


BENNETT (C.)-The Stories that Little Breeches told;
and the Pictures which Charles Bennett drew for them.
4to. pp. 56, cloth, plain, 58.; coloured, 7s. 6d. (Low)
[vide Adv. 696]
BENNETT (J. Henry) -Mentone, the Riviera, Corsica, and
Biarritz, as Winter Climates. 2d edit. post 8vo. pp. 290,
cloth, 5s. (Churchill)

BIRKS (Rev. T. R.)-The Bible and Modern Thought.
New edit. with an Appendix, 8vo. pp. 528, cloth, 7s.
(Rel. Tr. Soc.) [vide Adv. 708*]
BISHOP (Sir H. R.)-Thirty Selected Glees, Trios, Quar-
tetts, &c. with Pianoforte Accompaniments. 4to. cloth,
4s. (Sheard)...
LANCHARD (Sidney Laman) The Ganges and the
Seine Scenes on the Banks of both. 2 vols, post 8vo.
pp. 600, cloth, 188. (Chapman & Hall) [vide Adv.


Portions of the work have appeared in "Household Words" and "All the Year Round." The subjects are-The City of Akhbar Khah, Provincial Life in India, The Santals, Indian Cotton, British Settlement in India, Student Life in Paris, French Horse-Racing. Generally the chapters are distinct essays, descriptive of life in India and in France.

BLOW HOT, BLOW COLD: a Love Story. Edited by Augustus Mayhew. 12mo. pp. 233, sewed, 1s. (Ward & L.) .[3146

BOND (R.)—The Handbook of the Telegraph: being a Manual of Telegraphy, Telegraph Clerk's Remembrancer, and Guide to Candidates for Employment in the Telegraph Service. 12mo. pp. 70, cloth, 1s. (Weale's Series) (Virtue) ...[3147

BONNET (L.) Family of Bethany. 14th edit. 12mo. cloth, 3s. 6d. (Nisbet) .13148

BRADDON (M. E.) Lady Audley's Secret. revised, 3 vols. post 8vo. pp. 890, cloth, 31s. 6d. (Tinsley).

3d edit.




18mo. pp.

.[3153 18mo. pp. .[3154


BREES (J. J.)-A Practical Digest of the Merchant Shinping Act, 1862. 12mo. sewed, 6d. (Philip) BREES (J. J.)-How to Ship and Discharge a Crew at the Port of Liverpool. 12mo. cloth, 1s. 6d. (Philip).... [3151 BROMBY (Rev. C. H.)- Church Student's Manual. 12mo. (Edinb. Black) pp. 210, cloth, 3s. (Simpkin) [3152 Founded on the author's work, entitled "Liturgy and Church History," published some years ago for the use of pupil-teachers and students in Normal Schools. Considerable alterations have been made, rendering the work less controversial and argumentative. Its chief object is to exhibit to young students the apostolic character of the Church of England. BUCK (Ruth)-Jem Morrison the Fisher Boy. 142, cloth, 1s. (Morgan) [vide Adv. 744].......... BUCK (Ruth)-The Trials of a Village Artist. 140, cloth, 1s. (Morgan) [vide Adv. 744]... BURN (Robert Scott)-An Agricultural Tour in Belgium, Holland, and the Rhine: with Practical Notes on the Peculiarities of Flemish Husbandry; the Saving, Treatment, and Use of Liquid Manure; the Cultivation of Special Crops, as Flax, Colza, Beet Root, &c. 8vo. pp. 242, cloth, 7s. (Longman) [vide Adv. 698]..[3155 CAMPBELL (Thomas)-Poetical Works. New edit. 12mo. ..[3156 cloth, 3s. 6d. (Routledge) CANARY, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Nightingale, Lark, Titmouse, Redbreast, Linnet, Yellowhammer, Wren: How to Rear and Manage them in Sickness and in Health. [3157 12mo. sewed, 1s. (Bickers & B.).. CANDY (Mrs. Herbert) - Anne Davis. 18mo. pp. 63, cloth, 6d. (Mozley) [3158 CARLETON (William)-The Black Prophet. 12mo. pp. 320, sewed, 1s. (Shilling Readable Novels) (C. H. Clarke) .[3139 CARPENTER (William B.) The Microscope and its Revelations. 3d edit. illustrated by 10 plates and nearly 400 wood engravings, 12mo. pp. 820, cloth, 12s. 6d. (Churchill) ..[3160 CHAMBERLAIN (Walter)-The Christian Verity Stated; being a Summary of Trinitarian Doctrine, especially adapted for Present Times; written in reply to a work 2d edit. called "Reasons for Being a Unitarian." revised and enlarged, post 8vo. pp. 480, cloth, 5s. ...[3161 (Wertheim).. CHAMBERS'S Encyclopædia: a Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People. Vol. 4, royal 8vo. cloth. 9s. [3162 (Chambers)...



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... [3167 Vol. 2, 4to. [3168


CHINA and its PEOPLE: a Book for Young Readers. By a Missionary's Wife. 18mo. pp. 142, cloth, 2s. 6d. (Nisbet).... CHRISTY'S MINSTREL SONG BOOK. cloth, 48. (Boosey)... CHURCH MISSIONARY ATLAS: Maps of the various Missions of the Church Missionary Society; with illustrative Letterpress, and a Register of the Society's Agents. 3d edit. royal 8vo. cloth, 5s. (Seeley)...... [3169 CLAYTON (Ellen C.)-Miss Milly Moss; or, Sunlight and Shade. 12mo. pp. 266, cloth, 3s. 6d. (Dean) [vide Adv. 662]...... ....[3170

COLENSO (Bishop)-The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua Critically Examined. By John William Colenso, Bishop of Natal. Part 1, 8vo. pp. 198, cloth, 68. (Longman) [vide Adv. 728].... [3171 COOPER (J. F.)-The Two Admirals. New edit. 12mo. pp. 326, sewed, 1s. (Routledge).................. ..[3172 CONDY (Henry Bollmann)-Air and Water; their Impurities and Purification. Svo. pp. 80, cloth, 3s. 6d. (J. W. Davies).. .[3173

The object of the work is chiefly to explain the value of the Alkaline Permanganates, or Condy's Fluid, for the purification of air and water, and sanitary objects in general.

CORDIER (A.)— Alphabet Recreations des Petits Garçons. Square 16mo. boards, 1s. 6d. (Dean) ...[3174

CORNER (Miss)-The History of Italy. New edit. enlarged, 12mo. cloth, 3s. 6d. (Dean) [3175

COX (Edward H.)-Law and Practice of Joint Stock Companies and other Associations, as regulated by the Companies Act, 1862. 5th edit. 12mo. pp. 470, cloth, 12s. 6d. (Crockford)


COX (Rev. George)-Tales of the Gods and Heroes; with Six Illustrations on Wood, from Designs by the Author. 12mo. pp. 328, cloth, 5s. (Longman) (vide Adv. 698] [3177 DAILY LIGHT for the CHRISTIAN'S PATH. Sheets, on roller, 2s. (F. A. Ford) ..[3178

DANIELS (R. M.)-The Scottish Heiress. 12mo. pp. 290, sewed, 1s. (Shilling Readable Novels) (C. H. Clarke)[3179 DE FOE (D.)-Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Illustrated by F. A. Lydon. Square 16mo. pp. 230, cloth, 3s. 6d. (Groombridge) [3180 DE FOE (D.)-Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. 12mo. with 110 wood engravings, pp. 320, cloth, 3s. 6d. (Ward & L.)........... ..[3181 DE FONBLANQUE (Edward Barrington)-Niphon and Pe-che-li; or, Two Years in Japan and Northern China. 8vo. pp. 280, cloth, 21s. (Saunders & (.) .......[3182 DE GRANADA (Luis)-Considerations on Mysteries of the Faith. Newly translated and abridged from the original Spanish. Edited by Rev. Orby Shipley. 12mo. pp. 194, cloth, 3s. (Masters) ...[3183

DE QUINCEY (T.)-Works.

Vol. 10. New edit. post 8vo. (Edinburgh, Black) pp. 316, cloth, 4s. 6d. (Longman) ..[3184 DEMAUS (Rev. Robert) - Elementary Reading-Book. 18mo. (Edinburgh, Black) pp. 280, cloth, Is. (Longman) . [3185 DICK (William)-Manual of Veterinary Science. 2d edit revised and enlarged, 12mo. (Edinburgh, Black) pp. 200, cloth, 5s. (Longman)... .[3186

Originally published in 1841; the work was prepared in its present enlarged and improved form for the recently published edition of the "Encyclopædia Britannica."

DICKENS (Charles)—Christmas Books. Post 8vo. with illustrations, pp. 420, cloth, 78. 6d. (Chapman & H.)[3187 DIRECTORY (Post Office) of Essex, Herts, Middlesex, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex. With Maps. New edit. royal 8vo. cloth, 36s. (Kelly).......... ...[3188 DISSOLVING VIEWS. Coloured, imperial 8vo. cloth, 5s. (Dean).. .[3189

DOGS: How to Rear and Manage them in Sickness and in Health; also a Chapter on the Varieties and Treatment of Cats. 12mo. sewed, 1s. (Bickers & B.)..........[3190 DISRAELI (B.)-Contarini Fleming. New edit. 12mo. pp. 312, sewed, 1s. (Routledge).... ..[3191 DONALDSON (John William)-A Complete Greek Grammar, for the use of Students. 3d elit. considerably enlarged, 8vo. pp. 666, cloth, 16s. (Bell)..........................[3192 DORIA (A. A.) and MACRAE (C.)-The Law and Practice in Bankruptcy, including the General Orders and Forms of Procedure. Vol. 2, part 1, 12mo. pp. 460, boards, 7s. 6d. (Crockford)... ....[3193 DOWNING (Mrs. H.) Remembrances of a Monthly Nurse. 12mo. pp. 266, sewed, 1s. (Shilling Readable Novels) C. H. Clarke)..... ..[3194 EDWARDS (Amelia B.)-The Story of Cervantes, who was a Scholar, a Poet, a Soldier, a Slave among the Moors, and the Author of "Don Quixote." 12mo. pp. 232, cloth, 2s. 6d. (Routledge) ....(3195 ELISABETH; ou, Les Exiles de Siberie. Par Madame De Cottin. New edit. with an English Vocabulary, for the use of Schools, by M. Bertrand. 18mo. pp. 140, cloth, 2s. (Williams & N.) .[3196

ELLIOT (Rev. E. B.)-Apocalypsis Alfordiana; or, Five Letters to the Very Rev. H. Alford, in Refutation of his Apocalyptic Exposition, and Vindication from his Criti cisms of that given in the "Horæ Apocalypticæ;" together with a brief Critical Inquiry into the Literary Character and Trustworthiness of his General Greek New Testament Commentary. 8vo. pp. 200, cloth, 5s. (Seeley) ..[3197 [vide Adv. 702*]... ENGLISH (The) CYCLOPÆDIA.-Synoptical Index to the Four Divisions of Geography, Biography, Natural History, Arts and Sciences. 4to. cloth, 6s. (Bradbury & E.) [vide Adv. 687]



Vol. 5,


ENGLISH WOMAN'S DOMESTIC MAGAZINE. New Series, 8vo. cloth, 5s. (Beeton) ESCHYLUS-Prometheus Vinctus, from the Text of Dindorf's Third Edition. Edited, with English Notes, Critical and Explanatory, by Rev. James Davies. 12mo. pp. 102, bds. Is. (Weale's Classical Series) (Virtue).. [3200 EVANGELICAL PREACHER: Studies for the Pulpit. 6th edit. post svo. cloth, 4s. (J. F. Shaw) ..........(3201 FORD (Harriet Annie)-The Childhood of Ada Grey: a Book for Little Girls. 18mo. pp. 142, cloth, Is. (Morgan) [vide Adv. 744]


[blocks in formation]

FRADERSDORFF (J. W.)-Copious Phraseological Eng lish-Greek Lexicon. New edit. Revised by the Rev. T. K. Arnold and H. Browne. 3d edit. Svo. cloth, 21s. (3206 (Rivingtons) [vide Adv. 750} FRAME (James)-The Truth in Love. 12mo. pp. 272, cloth, 3s. 6d. (Ward)...................... .... [3207 FROST (Rev. Percival)-Materials for Greek Prose Composition. 12mo. cloth, 3s. 6d. (Bell) .....

[3208 3209

Key to Ditto. 12mo. cloth, 5s. (Bell).. GAMES of SKILL and CONJURING. New edit. 12mo. pp. 136, cloth, 2s. (Routledge) ...(3210 GAMGEE (John) and LAW (James)-General and Descriptive Anatomy of the Domestic Animals. Vol. I, Part 2, Articulations and Muscular System. Royal 8vo. (Edinburgh, Jack) pp. 112, cl. 10s. 6d. (Simpkin)[3211 GASKIN (Jas. J.)- Geography made Interesting to Children. New edit. with Additional Chapters on British India. 18mo. cloth, 1s. 6d. with Maps, 28. [$212 (Allan) GELDART (Mrs.)-The Second Mother; her Trials and Joys. Completed and edited by her Sister. 12mo. pp. .[3213 240, cloth, 3s. 6d. (Seeley) (vide Adv. 702*] GENERAL RULES and ORDERS of the Office of Land Registry, 1st October, 1862. 12mo. sewed, 1s. (Solicitors?! Journal Office)... . [3214 GILL (Rev. Henry)-—The True and Beautiful in Man's Spiritual Experience. 12mo. pp. 110, cloth, 2s. 6d.



..(3215 By E. Coxe. [3216

GOLDSMITH (0.)-History of Greece.
New edit. 12mo. bound, 3s. 6d. (Mozley)
GOLDSMITH (0.)- History of Rome. By E. Coxe.
New edit. 12mo. bound, 3s 6d. (Mozely)

.... [3217

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