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black, is a perfect piece of workmanship; it is delightful to notice the accuracy of the lines and the finish of every part. There is an old book, La Légende Dorée, imprinted by one Jehan du Pre in the year 1493, bound in a quaint old style to match the printing, with a purple morocco inlaid with brown, which much took our fancy; and a little Book of Hours, on which was stamped VNG DIEV PAR TOUT AYMERAY ET LOYALLE LVY SERAY, which, with its dark morocco cover well ornamented, and its silver clasps decorated in niello, seems to be fit for a princess. It is on these Books of Hours that every conceivable kind of ornamentation in the way of bookbinding is expended. One has an elaborately-carved side of cherry wood, with raised niches and figures of saints; this is valued at £60. Another, with a border of carved pear-wood, has a carved ivory centre, and silver clasps of delicate workmanship. A third is of white velvet, with silver ornaments and enamel work of great beauty;-but we might catalogue these by the dozen. One old manuscript with wonderful illuminations has been rebound in peau de truie in a most creditable manner; part of the ancient binding has been preserved, and with the old clasps give the volume quite a middle-age character. In fact, turn where we willwhether to the large volume ornamented with the good design in carved box-wood, or to the great folio with its steel hinges and bosses, or to the Bible in its beautiful cover of ebony and bright iron in one and all we see evidences of a ruling taste which cannot tolerate a bad production, and which, without going to extreme lengths, seeks in every way to add the charin of variety. To Messrs. Mame & Co., of Tours, we can conscientiously give almost equal praise. Their case (in the French gallery facing the nave) is filled from one end to the other with very fine examples of the best kind of bookbinding; they also seem to rejoice exceedingly in Grolier patterns, and among theirs we find the most harmonious and well-formed patterns in the Exhibition. They do not inlay scarlet morocco in green, or emerald green on white with a red edge ; but when they use two colours, as in the example in the middle case, La Tourraine, they place an ornament of purple on a quiet-looking orange-coloured cover, or a brown pattern upon sage green. A large Missale Romanum is an excellent example of our meaning. Messrs. Mame also have numerous Books of Hours: one in ivory with silver ornaments, and another in pure white ivory with carved bands across it, are delicious pieces of work. M. Cornillac, of Chantillon, exhibits a case of books of devotion very fairly bound; they do not, however, suggest any particular remarks.

In the Austrian department, Mr. Habernicht, of Vienna, sends a collection of large folio and quarto volumes, which are bound in thorough German fashion. The Kaiser Album-with its pressed leather ornaments, and gilt bosses, and coloured shields, and queer devices of all kinds— is certainly a book to look at ; and so is the Frühling's Album, which lies near it; and the huge Heilege Schrift, with its decorations of cast steel. With workmanship not over neat, and with too much elaboration of detail, and too much gilt metal work and colour, these books have nevertheless an original and bold look, and are really fine specimens of binding. They must not be judged by the same rules as Mr. Bedford's or Messrs. Gruel's books, but must be taken by themselves. Mr. Charles Girardet, of Vienna, exhibits a collection of Albums which are beautiful specimens of ornamental work; they are mostly designed by Professor Van de Nüll, who shows great aptitude for book decoration. One Album, bound in deep red velvet with a border of gilt metal and bosses of malachite, claims our best praise; and a book of Austrian National Songs, with its raised leather work and beautiful metal castings, struck us as original and very excellent in its work. Messrs. Breul & Rosenberg and Mr. Klein-all of Vienna-also send wonderful examples of bindings as applied to Albums, in which expense seems the last thing thought of. Precious stones and gilt metal work, carved box-wood and ivory, oxidised silver and aluminium-all are brought into play, and certainly with good effect.

We walked leisurely through the Prussian and other German book Courts, but in them could find nothing worthy of mention.

We have before us a reprint, from the Official Book, of the whole of the awards in the Printing, Binding, and Stationery Classes, given in the current number of our contemporary, the Stationer. This places within the reach of all in the trade a very useful record for reference.

Some of our contemporaries have fallen into error upon the subject of the recent changes in the tariff in the United States, as affects importations of printed books. An addition of 25 per cent. was never contemplated. Ten per cent. additional was proposed, but this proposition was not adopted. It would seem by the Tariff Bill, dated August 1, received by last mail, that the duty stands at 20 per cent. ad valorem, instead of 15 per cent. as before. The 15 per cent. duty had, of course, a very depressing effect upon our exportations; but as yet it is impossible to say how much of the falling off was due to the general decline of trade consequent on the war. Even civil wars, however, must at last come to an end; and we shall then, no doubt have some important revisions of the whole tariff. The object of the Legislature has undoubtedly been to obtain revenue; duties, therefore, which are purely protective, and which, like the book duty, bring in but an insignificant amount to the treasury, may be expected to be the first to undergo modification.

The death of Mr. Charles Griffin, the principal of the publishing house of Griffin, Bohn, & Co., at the early age of 42, will be a matter of great regret, not only to a large circle of friends, but to the trade generally. The late lamented gentleman was, we believe, the second son of Mr. Richard Griffin, the founder of the house of Richard Griffin & Co., of Glasgow. Until the last two years he successfully conducted that business, securing for it a leading and well-recognised position as a publisher of scientific and literary works. Upon his quitting Glasgow for the


purpose of devoting his energies to the business from London as head-quarters, a farewell banquet was given in honour to him by the Glasgow fraternity, by whom he was greatly respected. As a man of enterprise, kindly feeling, and literary judgement, his loss will be deeply felt- almost as much by his new friends as by those from whom he had so lately parted.

The Life of the present Bishop of Oxford, for some time announced as in preparation by Messrs. Saunders & Otley, has become, we understand, the subject of a Chancery suit between the Bishop and his biographer. We learn that Mr. Shutte, the Author of the forthcoming work, applied to the Bishop to furnish him with some letters, on matters political and ecclesiastical, written by the latter. The Bishop declined to furnish them, and, an angry correspondence having ensued, filed a Bill in Chancery against author and publishers, praying that the defendants may be restrained by injunction from printing or publishing any letters written or sent by the plaintiff to any correspondents or correspondent, or other persons or person, and that they may be ordered to deliver up to the plaintiff all such letters. It appears that some of the letters were written as early as the year 1813. Our readers are, no doubt, aware that, as to literary works in manuscript, there is no limit to the term of copyright. Private letters cannot, we believe, be published without the writer's consent; but whether, in the case of letters on public affairs which the writer has permitted to appear in the journals, permission to reprint can be withheld, is a point on which we will not venture to anticipate the Vice-Chancellor's decision.

Mr. Collins's extraordinarily exciting novel, No Name, is shortly to appear in 3 or 4 volumes. If our information is correct, the Author obtains a sum for the copyright that has not been equalled for a single work of fiction since Scott's best prices.

Mrs. Gaskell's new and long-promiscd novel, we observe by the announcement of its simultaneous publication in America, is to be entitled Sylvia's Lovers.

It appears from the returns lately issued, that the declared value of the stationery, paper, and pasteboard exported during the first six months of the present year was £326,506, against £298,615 in the corresponding period of last year. This is a considerable increase, considering the depression in all branches of our export trade; but the amount in the corresponding period of 1860 was higher than in either of these years, viz. £373,461. Of course the paper duty repeal has had no effect on this part of the paper trade, as in the case of paper exported the duty was returned in the shape of drawback. It is, however, interesting to observe that, in spite of the cheapness of the raw material abroad, English manufacturers, thanks to English machinery, skill, and enterprise, can compete with the foreign paper maker in the market of the world. By far the greater portion of these exports go to British India and Australia; but our readers, no doubt, know that in neither of these places is any special favour shown by the Government to English productions. The book export returns we have already alluded to.

AUCTIONS DURING THE ENSUING FORTNIGHT.-Mr. Hodgson, Aug. 20, Miscellaneous books, modern novels, and other recent publications. Messrs. Leigh, Sotheby, & Co., Aug. 18, The miscellaneous library of the late Walter Hawkins, Esq.; Aug. 21, Valuable library of the late Hon. Colonel Mainwaring Onslow; Aug. 28-30, Fine and valuable books. Messrs. Puttick & Simpson, Aug. 16, Cencluding sale of miscellaneous library, rare historical tracts, &c.; Aug. 20, Autograph letters of royal, noble, literary, and other eminent persons; Aug. 21-22, Large collection of ergravings, drawings, &c.; Aug. 21, Collection of miscellaneous music, including portion of library of late Vincent Novello: Aug. 25, and following days, Selections from libraries of late Rev. Aaron Reed, and Sharon Turner the eminent historian.

New Works


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ARBUTHNOT (Lient. G.)—Herzegovina; or, Omer Pacha
and the Christian Rebels: with a Brief Account of
Servia, its Social, Political, and Financial Condition.
Post 8vo. pp. 288, cloth, 10s. 6d. (Longman) {vide Adv.

A narrative of travels in Dalmatia, Bosnia, and
Servia, in the autumn of last year. Herzegovina
means the Dukedom, and is a name applied to Lower
Bosnia. The author spent some time with the army
under Omer Pacha, and was present at some of the
engagements with the Montenegrins.

Post 8vo. pp. 261, cloth, 7s. 6d. (Bell & D) ..[2516
ANTONINUS (Aurelius)-The Thoughts of the Emperor
M. Aurelius Antoninus. Translated by George Long.
12mo. pp. 224, cloth, 6s. (Bell & D.)... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... ..[2517
BALFOUR (Mrs. C. L.)- Morning Dewdrops; or. the
Juvenile Abstainer. 5th edit. post 8vo. pp. 326, cloth,
38. 6d. (Partridge) [vide Adv. 568]
BAPTISM: its Design, Subjects, Mode, and Importance.
Compiled from the Writings of Eminent Divines. 12mo.
pp. 172, cloth limp, 1s. 6d. (Simpkin)...... .[2319

Composed entirely of brief extracts indicating the
opinions on the nature and design of baptism of theo-
logical writers, ancient and modern, foreign and

BENTHAM (G.) et HOOKER (J. D.)-Genera Plantarum
ad Exemplaria imprimis in Herbariis
servata definita. Vol. 1, Pars 1, Sistens Dicotyledonum
Polypetalarum Ordines LVI. (Ranunculaceas-Conna-
raceas). Royal Svo. pp. 466, cloth, 21s. (Williams &
(Leeds, Hamer) pp. 250, cloth, 2s. 6d. (Houlston) .. [2521

BLONDIN: his Life and Performances. With Illustrations. Edited by G. Linnæus Banks. Published by Authority. Crown 8vo. pp. 128, sd. 1s. (Routledge)[2522 BOGATZKY.-Golden Treasury for the Children of God. 12mo. (Edinburgh, Paton & Ritchie) pp. 368, cloth, 2s. (Hamilton) [2523 BOUVERIE (F. W. B.)-The Story of Herbert Lovell; or, Handsome Is who Handsome Does: a Book for the Young. With Illustrations by C. A. Doyle. 12mo. pp. 288, cloth, 3s. 6d. (Hogg) ..[2524



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With eight full-page illustrations. BRADSHAW'S Shilling Handbook of Great Britain and Ireland. New edit. Sections 1 to 4, square 16mo. sewed, 1s, each (W. J. Adams) [2525 BROWN (William)-The Natural History of the Salmon, as ascertained by the Recent Experiments in the Artificial Spawning and Hatching at Stormontfield, on the Tay. 12mo. (Glasgow, Murray) pp. 136, cloth, 2s. 6d. (Hall).... . [2526 BRAMELD (G. William)-A Few Words on Lord Berners' Bill, and the Game Laws; with an Attempt to Point out "A More Excellent Way." 12mo. pp. 15, sewed, 2d. (Simpkin) [2527

The writer strongly condemns the Bill. BUNYAN (John)-The Pilgrim's Progress. 32mo. (Edinburgh, Paton & R.) pp. 407, cloth, 1s. (Hamilton).. [2528

CÆSAR'S Gallic War.-The First Six Books of Cæsar's Commentary on the Gallic War. With a Synopsis of each Book, and Notes in English, by Rev. W. G. Cookesley. 12mo. pp. 260, cl. 3s. 6d. (E. William s)[2529 CALTHROP (Rev. Gordon, M.A.)-The Warnings and Encouragements of Passion Week and Easter Day: being Sermons preached in Trinity Church, Cheltenham, in 1862. 2d. (Cheltenham, Eaton) (Wertheim & M.) [vide Adv. 589]. [2530 CAMLER (M.)-Autobiography of a French Detective, from 1818 to 1858. 12mo. pp. 315, boards, 2s. (Ward & L.) . [2531 CARTWRIGHT (Peter)- Autobiography of the Backwoods Preacher. Edited by W. P. Strickland. New edit. post 8vo. pp. 246, cloth, 2s. (Hall)..... [2532

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CAVOUR (Count)-Reminiscences of the Life and Character of. By William De La Rive. Translated from the French by Edward Romilly. 8vo. pp. 303, cloth, 8s. 6d. (Longman) [vide Adv. 577] ....[2533 The author is a relative, and was an intimate friend, of Count Cavour. The work has appeared in the Bibliothèque Universelle of Geneva, and is now in course of publication at Paris, in a separate volume. CHILD'S (The) PICTURE STORY BOOK. With 400 IIlustrations, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. New edit. square, pp. 320, cloth, 5s. (Routledge).......... . [2534 CONFESSIONS of a CONVERT, from Baptism In Water to Baptism With Water. 3d edit. 18mo. pp. 134, cloth, ...[2535 2s. (Snow)..


DAVIS (W.)—A Key to Arithmetic, for Home and School Use. Part 2, 18mo. cloth, is. (Longman) ........[2536 DAWSON (J. W.)-Archaia; or, Studies of the Cosmegony and Natural History of the Hebrew Scriptures. Cheaper edit. post 8vo. pp. 400, cloth, 6s. (Low) [vide Adv. 578]....... [2537 DE GASPARIN (Count)-America before Europe; Principles and Interests. Translated from Advance Sheets by Mary L. Booth. Post 8vo. pp. 430, 9s. (Low) [vide Adv. 578]. .[2538

The author defends the Federal Government, and is a warm advocate of negro emancipation. DE WITT (Cornelis)-Jefferson and the American Democracy: an Historical Study. Translated, with the Author's permission, by R. S. H. Church. 8vo. pp. 468, cloth, 148. (Longman) [vide Adv. 577] .[2539

The work, which originally appeared in the Revue des Deur Mondes, was written immediately before the outbreak of the civil war. The author has been assisted by French archives hitherto unpublished. The tendency of the work is unfavourable to the democratic institutions of the United States.

DUNDEE (Viscount)-Memorials and Letters illustrative of the Life and Times of John Graham of Claverhouse, Viscount Dundee. Vol. 3, 8vo. (Edinburgh, Stevenson) pp. 390, cloth, 188. (Hamilton) į vide Adv. 532] ....{2540 Concludes the work.

EDMONDS (Richard)-The Land's End District; its Antiquities, Natural History, Phenomena, and Scenery. Also a Brief Memoir of Richard Trevithick, C.F. With a Map. Six Plates, and several Woodcuts. 8vo. (Penzance, Vibert) pp. 269, cloth, 78. 6d. (J. R. Smith) [2541

EUCLID.-Enunciations and Corollaries belonging to the Propositions in the First Six Books of Euclid's Elements, together with the Eleventh and Twelfth. New edit. 18mo. pp. 45, sewed, 6d. (Bell & D.) ......[2542

FOSTER (A. F.)-Elements of Geography, for Schools and Families; with Illustrations of National Costumes. 12mo. pp. 282, cloth, 5s. (Chapman & H.).......... [ 2513 FRANCATELLI (Charles E.)-The Royal English and Foreign Confectioner: a Practical Treatise on the Art of Confectionery in all its Branches; comprising Orna mental Confectionery Artistically Developed; Different Methods of Preserving Fruits; also the Art of IceMaking, and the Arrangement of Desserts. With Illustrations in Chromo-Lithography. Post 8vo. pp. 422, cloth, 12s. (Chapman & H.) .[2514

FRITHIOF SAGA (The): a Poem. Translated from the Norwegian by Rev. R. Muckleston, M.A. Post 8vo. pp. 207, cloth, 7s. 6d. (Bell & D.)............. [2345

The poem is a story exhibiting a romantic picture of domestic, social, and political life in Norway. The events are supposed to have taken place about the beginning of the eighth century.


GASC (F. E. A.)-Le Petit Compagnon: a French Talk Book for Little Children. 16mo. pp. 122, cloth, 2s. 6d. (Bell & D.) . [2546 GORDON (J. H.)-Public Statement with Reference to his Repudiation of Secular Principles, and his Adoption of the Christian Faith. 12mo. (Leeds, Hamer) pp. 38. sewed, 3d. (Houlston & W.) [2517 GOSCH (Charles A.)-Denmark and Germany since 1815. With 4 Maps. 8vo. pp. 459, cl. 10s. 6d. (Murray).. [2548 The object of the work is to give English readers a clear view of the history of the Schleswig-Holstein question, and the relations of Denmark with Russia and the German Powers, The author is a Dane. The volume contains a copious Appendix of documents relating to the subject.

GRADY (S. Grove)- Handy Book on the Diminution of the Poor Rates. 12mo. sewed, 1s. 6d. (Wildy) ....[2549 GUTCH (T. G.) Improved Housekeeping Book and Domestic Register, commencing at any period of the Year. Folio, sewed, 2s. 6d. ; interleaved with blotting paper, 3s. 6d. (Simpkin) . HOLMES (T.)-A System of Surgery, Theoretical and Practical, in Treatises by Various Authors. Edited by T. Holmes, M.A. Vol. 3, 8vo. pp. 916, cloth, 218. (Parker, Son, & B.) [vide Adv. 572]....


. [2551

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Religious reflections appropriate to the various stages of human life.

JOHN ARNOLD. By the Author of "Matthew Paxton." 3 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 31s. 6d. (Hurst & B.) .... .(2554 A story of life in the mining and manufacturing dis tricts of the North of Englund.

JUVENALIS SATIRÆ (16). With English Notes by Herman Prior, M.A. Expurgated Edition. 12mo. pp. 220, cl. 4s. 6d. (Grammar School Classics) (Whittaker)[2555 LEIFCHILD (John, D.D.)-Sketch of His Character and Ministry. With Brief Notes on His Last Days. By J. Baldwin Brown, B.A. Crown 8vo. pp. 57, cloth limp, 1s. (Ward & Co.) .[2556 LEVER (Charles)-One of Them. New edit. 8vo. cloth, 7s. (Chapman & H.).. .[2557 LIFE LINES; or, God's Work in a Human Being. By F. J. P. Post 8vo. pp. 216, cl. 4s. 6d. (Wertheim).. [2558 A religious autobiography, with a preface by ViceAdmiral Pakenham, the husband of the writer. The title is a metaphorical one, suggested by the "life lines" placed on the yards of vessels for the protection of seamen.

LLOYD (W. W.)-Pindar and Themistocles; Ægina and Athens. 8vo. sewed, 28. (Williams & N.)....... ..[2559 MACAULAY (Lord)—The Public Life of. By F. Arnold. 8vo. pp. 364, cloth, 14s. (Tinsley) [vide Adv. 567]..[2560 The work is strictly a biography, though dealing chiefly with Lord Macaulay's public life. The author has, however, rejected mere anecdotes or gossip; the quotations in the work are, he explains, taken, with very few exceptions, from writings unknown or practically inaccessible to the general reader.

MALAN (Rev. S. C.)-Magdala: a Day by the Sea of Galilee. 2nd edit. 18mo, cloth, 1s. 6d. (Masters)..[2561

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MARTINEAU (Harriet)- A Complete Guide to the English Lakes. 3d edit. 12mo. (Windermere) pp. 281, cloth, 5s. (Whittaker) ..[2562 MARTINEAU (H.)-Guide to the English Lakes. New edit. 12mo. cloth, 5s. (Whittaker)... [2563 MILITARY BLACKSMITH and HIGHLAND CHAIRMAN. New edit. 18mo. (Edinburgh, Oliphant) pp. 46, cloth, 1s. (Hamilton)...... . [2564 MILTON (J.)- Paradise Lost. To which is prefixed a Life of the Author, and Dr. Channing's Essay on the Poetical Genius of Milton. 18mo. pp. 325, cloth, 2s. (Tegg) . [2565 MONRO (Rev. Edward)-Claudian: a Tale of the Second Century. Part 1, 12mo. pp. 88, cloth, 2s. (Masters) [2566 A story of the religious life of the early Christians under the Romans in Gaul.

MY COUNTRY: The History of the British Isles. By E. S. A. Edited by Rev. John Broome. 2 vols. 18mo. pp. 360, cloth, 6s. 6d. (Wertheim) ..[2367 NETHERCLIFT (Frederick G.)-The Handbook to Autographs: being a Ready Guide to the Handwriting of Distinguished Men and Women of every Nation. With a Biographical Index by Richard Sims. Small 4to. cloth, 15s. (J. R. Smith).



The volume contains nearly 700 autographs, each comprising a few lines of writing, with a signature. The autographs are both ancient and modern, extending from Edward the Sixth and Albert Durer to Queen Victoria and Thomas Moore. The Biographical Index furnishes a brief account of each person whose autograph is given.

NIXON (F. H.) - Population; or, a Plea for Victoria: being a Few Remarks on the Subject of Immigration with reference to the Condition and Progress of the Colony; suggested by a consideration of Clause No. XXXI. (W) of the New Land Bill. Reported to the House of Assembly April 5, 1862. Addressed to the Hon. R. S. Anderson, M.L.A., Chief Commissioner of Trade and Customs. 8vo. (Melbourne, Stephens) pp. 52, sewed, 1s. (Low)[2569 OLNEY HYMNS, in Three Books. 32mo. (Edinburgh, Paton & Ritchie) pp. 383, cloth, plain, 1s. ; gilt, 1s. 6d. (Hamilton)

. [2570

O'SULLIVAN (John L.)-Union, Disunion, and Reunion : a Letter to General Franklin Pierce, ex-President of the United States. 8vo. pp. 122, cloth limp, 3s. 6d. (Bentley) [vide Adv. 473] ...[2571

The writer, who is known for his Southern tendencies, advocates a fusion of the Democratic and a portion of the Republican party in the North, with the object of promoting a conciliation by convoking a National Convention for the reform of the Constitution. OXENDEN (Rev. Ashton)-The Home Beyond; or, a Happy Old Age. New edit. 12mo. pp. 133, cloth, Is. 6d. (Hamilton) . [2572 Religious reflections, and prayers especially designed for old age. PEARSON (Charles Buchanan)-Latin Translations of English Hymns. 12mo. pp. 164, cl. 5s. (Bell & D.) [2573 The hymns translated are from the writings of Bishop Ken, Milman, Watts, Heber, Jeremy Taylor, Herrick, J. Williams, Cowper, and others.

PINNOCK (Rev. W. H.)-Clerical Papers on Church and Parish Matters. No. 34, 12mo. (Cambridge) sewed, 1s. (Whittaker). 12574 PITCAIRN (Rev. David)-Pentecostal Blessings: What were They? and May we still Pray for Them? Notes of Lectures, with an Introduction. 12mo. pp. 157, cloth, 2s. 6d. (Wertheim).... [2575

The Lectures are chiefly composed of short exposi tions of Scripture, and were delivered at a weekly prayer meeting in the town of Torquay.


POPULAR NURSERY TALES and RHYMES. With 170 Illustrations. Engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. New edit. square, pp. 312, cloth, 5s. (Routledge) ..[2576 PRACTICAL SWISS GUIDE. By an Englishman Abroad. 7th edit. 12mo. sewed, 2s. 6d. (Simpkin) {2577 RECOLLECTIONS of a COUNTRY CLERGYMAN. Post 8vo. pp. 210, cloth, 5s. (Saunders & O.)............ [2378 The experiences of a Lutheran pastor in a village in Germany. The "Recollections" appear to be genuine, and are largely composed of anecdotes of the writer's troubles with the Separatists and other schismatics among his neighbours.

REVIVAL (The): an Advocate of Evangelical Truth. Vol. 6, 4to. pp. 262, cloth limp, 28. (Morgan & C.).. [2579 RIDLEY (Rev. W. H.)-A Second Plain Tract on Confirmation. 12mo. pp. 12. sewed, Id. (Mozley) [2580

SANDBY (William)-The History of the Royal Academy of Arts, from its Foundation in 1768 to the Present Time. With Biographical Notices of all the Members. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 870, cloth, 30s. (Longman) [vide Adv. 557] .[2581 SCOTT (Benjamin)-Incense for Family Altar: being Morning and Evening Psalms and Hymns for Two Weeks, &c. 4to. cloth, 2s. and 3s. (Longinan) ..[2562 SCRIPTURAL READING-LESSONS. Vol. 1, Old Testament. 18mo. pp. 200, 4d. (S. P. C. K.) ...... [2583 SCRIPTURAL READING-LESSONS. Vol. 2, New

Testament. 18mo. pp. 150, bds. 4d. (S. P. C. K.).. [2584 SHOT GUN and SPORTING RIFLE. by Stonehenge. 2d edit. post 8vo. half bound, 10s. 6d. (Routledge).. [2585 SINNER'S FRIEND (The). New edit. 32mo. sewed. 2d. (Warren Hall)..


SMITH (William, LL.D.)-A Smaller History of England, from the Earliest Times to the Year 1862. Illustrated by Engravings on Wood. 12mo. pp. 356, cloth, 3s. 6d. (Walton) [vide Adv. 576]....... ...[2587 SOUTHEY (Robert)-The Doctor, &c. Edited by John Wood Warter. New edit. 8vo. pp. 730, cloth, 12s. 6d. (Longman) ...[2588 SOYER (A.)-Shilling Cookery for the People. New edit. 12mo. boards, 1s. (Routledge)..... ...[2589 SPENCE (James)-On the Recognition of the Southern Confederation. 8vo. sewed, 18. (Bentley) ........ ...[2590 The author strongly urges the recognition by all the European Powers conjointly.

STEPPING STONES: a Book for the Young. By the Author of "Village Missionaries." 12mo. pp. 193, cloth. 2s. 6d. (Nelson).

STEWART (William J.)-Footsteps Behind Novel. 3 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 31s. 6d. (Low) 578].....

.... [2591 Him. A [vide Adv.


Edited by cloth, 2s. (2593

STORY (The) of PAPAL ROME. By E. S. A. Rev. John H. Broome. 18mo. pp. 180, (Wertheim).. STRAY THOUGHTS on GEOLOGY and ASTRONOMY in Relation to the Bible, as Mutual Expositions of each other. Those Sciences, as at present taught, considered and endeavoured to be shown contradictory to themselves, to each other, and to the Word of God. 12mo. (Dublin) pp. 92, sewed, 18. (Simpkin)...... .. [259+ TANNER (Thomas Hawkes)-Memoranda on Poisons. 2d edit. enlarged and improved. 32mo. pp. 102, cloth, 2s. (Renshaw)...... (2595

THE BUMBLEBY and BUZZINGTON HERDS of PURE SHORTHORNS. By Misletoe. 12mo. (Settle) pp. 15. sewed, 1s. (Whittaker)...

..[2596 TOURRIER (J.)-Ten Thousand Useful French Words, classed in Sixty-one Chapters. 12mo. pp. 224, cloth, 3s.; sewed, 2s. 6d. (Nutt) [2597 TRUE INSTITUTION of SISTERHOOD; or. a Message and its Messengers. 8vo. pp. 32, sewed, 6d. (Nisbet)[2598 The object of the pamphlet is to give information as to the history, management, and present condition of the London Bible and Domestic Female Missions. TWO GREAT STATESMEN. A Plutarchian Parallel between Earl Russell and Viscount Palmerston, M.P. 8vo. pp. 46, sewed 18. (Ridgway) . [2599 VIRGIL: with Vocabulary, Notes, and Memoir. By William M'Dowall. For the use of Schools. 12mo. pp. 215, cloth, 3s. (Simpkin) ..[2600 WADDINGTON (John)-Bicentenary Prize Essay: Congregational Church History, from the Reformation to 1662. Post 8vo. pp. 146, sewed, 18. (Ward)...... .[2601 WATTERS (Roger)-A Practical Treatise on the Statutes for the Amendment of the Law of Property. 12mo. cloth, 148. (Davis & S.) ...[2602 WAY (The) of the WILDERNESS, and other Poems. By E. C. C. B. 12mo. pp. 100, cl. 2s. 6d. (Wertheim) [2603 Short pieces, chiefly religious.



WEARMOUTH (The) ABBOTS: a Tale illustrative of Saxon Christianity. 2d edit. 12mo. pp. 192, cloth, 3s fd. (Freeman) ..[2604 WIGAN (Arthur C.)—The World's Wonders, Drawn from Various Authorities, with Illustrative Descriptions. New Edition. Royal 16mo. pp. 136, cloth, 2s. Cd. (Dean & S.)......

[2605 WIGHT (Robert)--Notes on Cotton Farming, Explanatory of the American and East Indian Methods; with Suggestions for their Improvement. 8vo. (Reading) pp. 44. sewed, 1s. (Whittaker).... .(2606

WRIGLEY (Alfred)-Arithmetic for the use of Schools and Colleges. 12mo. pp. 218, cloth, 3s. 6d. Bell & D.) (Cambridge School and College Text Books) . [2607

Advertisements of New Books.


Now ready, at every Library, in 1 vol. 8vo. price 14s.

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This day, No. V.


No. 192, for July, 1862.

1. International Law.

2. Ornament in Nature and Art.


3. The Better American Opinion: Dr. Holland. 4. Moral Types of Mankind.

5. Natural History of Ceylon.

6. Alexis De Tocqueville.

7. Leading Theories on the Philosophy of History.

8. Mormons and Mormonism.

9. Mill on Representative Government. 10. Critical Notices, &c.

Sampson Low, Son, & Co., English and American Booksellers, 47 Ludgate Hill.


(568) THE QUEEN: a Splendid Medallion Portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, 84 inches in diameter, with a facsimile of her Autograph. Reprinted from the "BRITISH WORKMAN," on plate paper, size 13 inches by 17. Toned paper, 6.; India proofs, 2s. 6d.

"A perfect marvel of engraving."-ELGIN COURANT.

DRINCE ALBERT: a Finely-executed

Medallion Portrait of the late Prince Consort, 8 inches in diameter, by L. C. WYON, Esq. (copied by special permission), with Autograph. This pleasing Work of Art has been carefully


[blocks in formation]

This day, in 1 vol. 7s. 6d.

plate paper, size 13 inches by 174. Toned paper, 6d.; India proofs, 2s. 6d.

"The most beautiful memento of the kind which has been presented to the public."-LINCOLN HERALD. "A perfect gem.... a triumph of the art."


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Illustrated, 1s.-In a few days.

HOBBS: a Tale of British
With a Preface by ARCHDEACON

PRECIS OF THE WARS IN JEFFREYS. Ilustrated, 1s.—In a few days.


From 1775 to the Treaty of Ghent in 1815; with Military and Political Reflections. By the late Major-General Sir JAMES CARMICHAEL SMYTH, Bart. With a brief Notice of his Services. Edited by his Son, Sir JAMES CARMICHAEL, Bart.

This day, price 5s.


Reminiscences of his Life and Character. By the Rev. J. H. WILSON. New Edition. Illustrated, 1s. In a few days.


BY GEORGE AUGUSTUS SALA, Author of The "Seven Sons
of Mammon," "Twice Round the Clock," &c.
"The episode of Moumou, the Poor Porter's Dog, is among
the most pathetic things we ever read, and we commend it to
any of our fair friends who may desire that young ladies' luxury,
'a good cry.' Once more we counsel our readers to peruse
Mr. Sala's last production, which, for its size and its cleverness,
may take much the same rank among his works as the 'Christ-
mas Carol' does among those of Dickens."-LITERARY GAZETTE.

SECOND EDITION, this day, at every Library in the
Kingdom, 3 vols.

[blocks in formation]

from Griesbach's Text, by SAMUEL SHARPE, Author of the " History of Egypt," &c. Fifth Edition, 12mo. pp. 412, well printed, cloth, red

The SEVEN SONS of MAMMON. edges, 1s. 6d.

By GEORGE AUGUSTUS SALA, "Author of "William
Hogarth," "A Journey Due North," &c.

Now ready, price 5s.


"There is a genuine air of homespun earnestness about such
a picture as the following, which, though it might have been
written by Dickens, has more in it of Mr. Sala's personal bias."
Tinsley Brothers, 18 Catherine Street, Strand.

The aim of the translator has been to give the meaning and idiom of the Greek as far as possible in English words. The book is printed in paragraphs (the verses of the authorised version are numbered in the margin), the speeches by inverted commas, and the quotations from the "Old Testament" in italics, those passages which seem to be poetry in a smaller type. It is entirely free from any motive to enforce doctrinal points. Five large impressions of the volume sufficiently test its value. The price now places it within the reach of all classes.

** Well worth the notice of the Country Trade and Canvassers.

J. R. Smith, 36 Soho Square.


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