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NOTICE OF REMOVAL.-JARROLD & SONS beg to announce that on the 1st of May next they will remove to more commodious premises-No. 12 Paternoster Row.

47 St. Paul's Churchyard, London, April 24, 1862.

DAY & SON, Lithographers to the Queen, execute in the best style, on the most reasonable terms, and with despatch, every description of Lithography, Chromo-lithography, and Steel and Copperplate Printing, Artistic or Commercial.

Applications for Estimates will meet with prompt attention. Gate Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London.

W. H. COLLINGRIDGE calls the attention of the Trade to the facilities he possesses for the execution of every description of Letterpress, Copperplate, and Lithographic Printing, in First-class Style, and with Promptitude and Punctuality. The founts of Type are large and most varied, and equally adapted for the heaviest Newspaper, as well as for every description of First-class Jobbing and Bookwork. Estimates free.

City Press, 117 to 119 Aldersgate Street, London, E.C.

MR. HOLMES, Agent for the Disposal MR. HOLMES is instructed to sell a

of Businesses, Valuer, and Accountant to the Trade, 48 Paternoster Row. Terms on application. Valuations made in any part of the Country.

Ꮇ JR. HOLMES is instructed to sell the

BUSINESS, 14 miles from London. Clear profits, after paying Rent, Taxes, Assistant, &c., £140 per annum. Amount to purchase, £350.Address Mr. Holmes, 48 Paternoster Row.

MR. HOLMES is instructed to find a MARTNER in a lucrative Business. £750 required for half share. Income to be expected, £350 per annum.-Address Mr. Holmes, 48 Pater

BUSINESS of a Country Bookseller and Stationer. Returns nearly £20 a week. All at a Valuation. No Goodwill.-Address Mr. Holmes,

48 Paternoster Row.

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noster Row.

TO be Disposed of, the Printing Press,

Type, &c., of Mr. H. C. Long, late of Boston, deceased. The whole is in good order. The Press is a Demy Albion, by Hopkinson - the Type modern and well selected, and much of it nearly new. Boston has a population of 18,000is a Seaport Town-the centre of an extensive district, with a market twice a week, and four lines of Railway. This presents an excellent opportunity to a Young Man of energy wishing to begin business. Part of the money can remain on security. The Stationery Business might be added with advantage.—Apply to Mr. W. Long, Spalding.

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and Stationery TRADE, together with a Dealer in The Town is important; the neighbourhood delightful. About £500 required.-Apply to Mr. Geo. Newman, 10 George Yard, Lombard Street, E.C.

MR. GEO. NEWMAN has been in

structed to Sell a compact, old-established Printing, Bookselling, and Stationery TRADE. The Concern can be confidently recommended to parties seeking a certain income, with £500, and time will be given if required.-Apply to Mr. Geo. Newman, Valuer, &c., 10 George Yard, Lombard Street, E.C.


To be Disposed of, a first-class BUSINESS, in a large Seaport Town. From £1,000 to £1,200 required. Apply by letter, to N. O. B., Publishers' Circular Office, 47 Ludgate Hill, London.

то O BOOKSELLERS, PRINTERS, and STATIONERS.-An excellent opportunity. For disposal, an old-established BUSINESS of a Bookseller, Printer and Stationer, in a large town in the Midland Counties. Also for Sale the Copyright of a cheap Weekly Newspaper published on the premises, and which has a good circulation. Satisfactory reasons for declining the business.Address P. P. P., Publishers' Circular Office.


&c.-JOHN GRAY, Valuer and Accountant to the Trade, Croydon, S., is instructed to offer for immediate Disposal the Goodwill, Copyrights, Stock, and Fixtures of an established BUSINESS of a Bookseller, Stationer, and Publisher of Educational Works, in the Vicinity of Charing Cross and the Strand. The Trade is sound and profitable, and may be very considerably extended by an energetic man of business. The Returns (half in ready-money, and the remainder chiefly at short credit) have during the past four years ranged from £2,100 to £2,400 per annum; and the net profits (after payment of Rent, Rates, Salaries, and other Trade expenses) have closely approached £500 per annum. The Goodwill required for succession to the tenancy of the house and this highly profitable Business is £300; and the Copyrights, Plates, &c., of various Educational Works of established repute, together with the general Fixtures, are to be taken by Valuation, and may be roughly estimated at about £1,300. For further particulars, apply to Mr. Gray, Valuer and Accountant to the Trade, Wellesley Road, Croydon, S.

JOHN GRAY, Valuer to the Trade,

Croydon, S., is instructed to offer for Disposal an established BUSINESS, of Bookseller, Stationer, &c., in a populous City in one of the Midland Counties. Also a sound Publishing and Bookselling TRADE, in the neighbourhood of Charing Cross.-Also one or two BUSINESSES on the South Coast.-For particulars, address Mr. Gray, Valuer to the Trade, Wellesley Road, Croydon, S.

TO BE SOLD, in consequence of the

ill health of the Proprietor, the GOODWILL and STOCK in Trade of a large Circulating Library and Bookselling and Stationery BUSINESS (established over 30 years), known as the Minerva Library, situate in Patrick Street, in the City of Cork (the best business street). The Library comprises about 7000 volumes in the various departments of Literature. Purchase money £300. -Apply to J. Hayes, 106 Patrick Street, Cork, or to Mr. Geo. Newman, 10 George Yard, Lombard Street, E.C.

TRADE VALUER.- Mr. Cussons, of

the firm of Cussons and Sons, Booksellers, Printers, and Stationers, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, having had twenty-five years' experience VALUER, offers his services to those about to


TO PRINTERS.-For Sale, a Caxton enter upon, or dispose of, a Business. Numerous
Printing Machine, nearly new. The New and highly respectable references.
Size. Apply to H. J., Staplehurst, Kent.


PRINTING MACHINE. A Demy posed of, an old-established (BUSINESS,

Ulverstonian," in good condition.-James Salmon, 14 Royal Exchange, Manchester.


Bookselling and Manufacturing BUSINESS, in which Machine Ruling, Fancy and Vellum Binding has been executed on the premises, and to which a Printing Business might be added with great

PRINTING MACHINE-A TWO- advantage. The premises are extensive, and can

feeder, by Middleton, size of the "Times," in excellent condition.-James Salmon, 14 Royal Exchange, Manchester.


and Secondhand, Presses of all kinds, PaperCutting Machines, and Printing Materials in great variety, to be had of Henry Watts, Printers' Broker, 76 Little Britain.

be had on lease, belonging to the Proprietor, and situated in the very best part of the Western Road, Brighton.-Address Mr. E. Taylor, 63 Western Road, Brighton.

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STATION BUSINESS for Disposal, in con

sequence of ill health. Good Shop and House; locality healthy, new, and genteel. Other branches could be added advantageously. Coming-in easy. Personal applications only attended to, at No. 6 Shakspeare Terrace, Upper Holloway.

PARTNER WANTED in an old-established London Printing Business, in place of

person retiring. From £500 to £700 required. First-class references given.-Address X. Y., care of Messrs. Hamilton, Adams, & Co., Paternoster

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TO BOOKBINDERS. Wanted, an experienced FINISHER, who can use both Type and Hand Letters.- Address, stating age, terms, &c., to Swane, Jun., 51 Market Street, Brighton.

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A Young Lady, well acquainted with the Trade in all its branches, desires a RE-ENGAGEMENT.—Address T. S., Post Office, Teignmouth,



VANTED, by a Young Lady, a Reengagement in the Stationery, Bookselling, or Fancy Business, or as Librarian.-Address A. B., care of Mr. Robins, Library, Buxton, Derbyshire. то TO BOOKSELLERS & STATIONERS. Wanted, by a respectable Young Man, a Situation as ASSISTANT. Well acquainted with

the Book Trade, and possesses a thorough practical

knowledge of the Printing. Good references.Address A. B., 4 Upper Parade, Leamington, Warwickshire.

WANTED, by a Young Man, well W acquainted with the general Bookselling and

Stationery Trade, a situation as ASSISTANT. He has also some slight knowledge of practical Printing. First-class references.-Apply to W. B., 169 Bristol Street, Bifmingham.

то BOOKSELLERS & STATIONERS. Wanted, by a quiet and respectable Young Man, a situation as ASSISTANT. Age 23. Good references.-Address Z. Y., Post Office, Neath. TO PRINTERS, &c.-Wanted, by a steady Young Man, a situation as PRINTER and BINDER, or as either. Good references.Addres H. G., Printing Office, Clare, Suffolk.


The Advertiser,

above Business, is desirous of a re-engagement as ASSISTANT. Country preferred. First-class references.-Address Librarius, Post Office, Charles Street, Whitehall, S.W.

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May 1, 1862

COMMISSION WANTED.-A Gentle- TO PRINTERS.-Wanted, by a respect

man, having good connection amongst the best Printsellers, Architects, Booksellers, and Stationers in the Northern and Midland Counties, is open to a good COMMISSION. He would take up a Saleable Article on his own account. Highest references.-Address R. O. D., Post Office, 55 Cambridge Street, Pimlico, London, S.W.


able Young Man, a SITUATION in a Book or Jobbing Office. Has had the management of a Jobbing Office for more than two years. Unexceptionable references can be had in respect to his character and working abilities.-Address W. Choat, Baddow Road, Chelmsford, Essex.



Traveller, with a good connection, required ME Man of experience wishes to re-engage as

for the permanent Agency of some well-established
Publications.-Apply by letter to T. P., care of
Messrs. Lepard & Smiths, King Street, Covent
Garden, W.C.

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TO BOOKSELLERS & STATIONERS. Wanted, by a Young Man of respectable connection, a Situation in the above line of Business, to reside in the house, as such only will be accepted. The most satisfactory of all reasons can be given for leaving present situation.-Address S. S., Royal Library, Weymouth, Dorset.



by a steady respectable Young Man, a situation as COMPOSITOR in a News or Jobbing

Office. Could undertake the entire Management.

Good references as to ability, &c. - Address
Typo," Mr. Webber's, Boot and Shoemaker,
Hermitage Street, Crewkerne, Somerset.

Fant, Esq., London Road, Derby.

TBINDERS. A steady Young Man (30 years


Is acquainted with Jobbing and Bookwork; can
of age) is in want of a permanent SITUATION.

Management of a small Country Office. References
also Forward and Finish. Can undertake the
as to character, ability, &c., can be given. Please
state terms.-Address R. G., 9 Spain Place, Boston,


tiser is desirous of obtaining a permanent

SITUerstands branches, and Jobbing Office.
Understands both branches. Good references.-
Address H. J. H., 6 Wellington Terrace, Padding-
ton Green, London, W.


MASTER PRINTERS.-Wanted, by a steady and industrious Young Man, accustomed to the routine of a Jobbing Office, a

permanency in News of Jobbin E. Refer Re Address S. C., Crescent House, Lockwood Road, Huddersfield.


ANTED, by a steady, respectable Young Man, a situation as COMPOSITOR. A permanency preferred. Unexceptionable references given.-Address M. N., Mr. G. Hann, Grocer, South Street, Yeovil, Somerset.


by a Young Man, a SITUATION in either News or Jobbing Office, or where both are carried on. Good reference. -Address W. B., Messrs. Kemp & Son, Booksellers, Beverley.

'O MASTER PRINTERS.-A Young Man, having a thorough practical knowledge TO PRINTERS.-A Young Man, a good

of Machine and Press, wishes a permanent Situation.-Address J. M. H., Post Office, Bristol.

TO PRINTERS. A steady industrious Young Man would be glad to hear of a permanent situation as COMPOSITOR, either News or Jobbing.Address T. J. H., 19 Irving Street, Birmingham.

WANTED, by a competent workman, a SITUATION in a Jobbing Office. Can superintend an Office if required. Address Mr. J. Bickley, at Mr. Philp's, Printer, Liskeard.

hand at Case and Press, is in want of a Situation in a Book, Jobbing, or News Office.Address X. Y. Z., Peel Street, Tamworth.

Printer and Stationer in the Country

is desirous of obtaining a situation in London
for a respectable Young Man, who thoroughly
understands his business-Wholesale STATION-
ERY; Warehouse preferred.-Apply to T. Brightly,
Stationer, Saxmundham.

10 BOOKBINDERS.-Wanted, a

T General Work, a

finishing. None but good steady workmen need

TO PRINTERS.-Wanted, by a steady apply to R. Brassington, York.

respectable Young Man, who has been used to Book-work, News, and General Jobbing, a situation

as COMPOSITOR, in either Town or Country. TO MASTER PRINTERS.-Wanted,

Could assist at Press if required. Can be strongly by a Young (Married) Man, a permanency in recommended by his present employer.—Address if required.—Apply to X. Y. Z., Post Office, Marsh a News or Jobbing Office. Four years' reference L. E., Mr. Blake's, Printer, Salisbury. Lane, Leeds.

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