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On Wednesday, the 12th March, will be published, commencing with a New Volume of

All the Year Round,



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On Saturday, 15th March, will be published, bound in cloth, 5s. 6d.



CONTAINING THE CHIEF PORTION OF "A STRANCE STORY." By the Author of "Rienzi," "My Novel," &c.


STRANGE STORY" WAS COMMENCED IN VOLUME THE FIFTH. ALL THE YEAR ROUND is published in Weekly Numbers, price 2d., in Monthly Parts, and HalfYearly Volumes, at 26 Wellington Street, Strand, W.C.; and by Messrs. CHAPMAN and HALL, 193 Piccadilly, W., London. (178)






EDWARD BEVAN desires to tender his grateful acknowledgments to all his Friends and the Trade for the liberal encouragement afforded him during nearly the last 20 years, while representing Messrs. ROBERT BESLEY & Co., and to inform them that his connexion with that firm having now ceased, he will be enabled to give his undivided attention to his own business, and earnestly solicits their support.

A discount of 15 per cent. upon all Presses above the size of Royal. Catalogues upon application.





The Rugby Gazette.

Clarendon Machine Printing Offices: 39 High Street, Rugby, May 22, 1861. Dear Sir,-I have much pleasure in informing you that the double-royal “Clarendon " Machine I had from you gives the greatest satisfaction. I have given it a trial of twelve months, and have tested it with Newspaper, Postingbills. Hand-bills, Circulars, Bill-heads, &c., all of which it executes in a very superior manner. We can print the Newspaper (double-royal) at the rate of 1000 per hour, and Posting-bills of the same size 250 per hour. Hand-bills and common jobs can easily be worked, with two lads or with one man at the wheel, at the rate of 1500 per hour. Very good "Register" can also be obtained without points, if ordinary care be used in laying on. In short, the Machine bas answered my expectations in every respect, and I feel much gratified in testifying to its merits. I remain, dear Sir, yours truly, THOMAS ROGERS. - Mr. Edward Bevan.

London, 15th January, 1862: 218 A Upper Thames Street, E.C. Sir,-We have much pleasure in expressing our entire approval of the double-demy Gripper Machine delivered to us in November, 1861. As far as the principle and workmanship is concerned, it in every way answers our purpose. We have had it at work constantly since the above date, throwing off 1200 impressious per hour, and giving us complete satisfaction in all respects. We are, Sir, your obedient servants, DUDLEY ROLLS & Co. - Mr. E. Bevan.



HE WESTMINSTER REVIEW.The Proprietor of this Work begs to announce that henceforth it will be published by Messrs. Trübner and Co., of 60 Paternoster Row, London, to whom all Orders, Advertisements, and Communications for the Editor should be addressed. February 20, 1862.

R. GEO. NEWMAN has now many


Clients, with cash capital from £300 to £1500, desirous to enter Business both in Town and Country, also on the South Coast. Parties wishing to dispose of their Businesses will find great facilities through the medium of his Agency, no expense whatever being incurred unless actual business is done through his introduction.-Offices,

W. H. COLLINGRIDGE calls, the 10 George Yard, Lombard Street, E.C.

attention facilities

of Letterpress, Copperplate, and Litho-Meft the TRADE of a Bookseller, stationer,

he possesses for execution of description R. GEO. NEWMAN is instructed to

graphic Printing, in First-class Style,
and with Promptitude and Punctuality,
The founts of Type are large and most varied, and
equally adapted for the heaviest Newspaper, as
well as for every description of First-class
Jobbing and Bookwork. Estimates Free.

City Press, 117 to 119 Aldersgate Street,
London, E.C.


and Dealer in Musical Instruments, most eligibly situate in a fashionable Watering Place in the West. The profits are liberal, and will be well worthy the attention of parties with £1000.-Apply to Mr. Geo. Newman, Valuer to the Trade and Auctioneer, 10 George Yard, Lombard Street, E.C.

To MR.

LINCOLNSHIRE. PAPER MAKERS.-To be Let, and may be entered upon immediately, all that substantial and spacious building known as the Distillery, at Louth aforesaid, comprising Two Rooms-one 79 feet long by 40 feet wide, the other 50 feet long by 15 feet wide. Also Bonding Warehouse, and Private Offices attached thereto. Land to the extent of one acre can be added if required. There is a fine stream of running water adjoining the property, and might be worked to great advantage. To any one desirous of commencing a manufacture in the above trade, such an opportunity is rarely to be met with, as the Premises are nearly in the centre of the town, and within a few minutes' walk of the Station on the Great Northern Railway.-For rent, and further particulars, apply to Mr. W. Tate, Louth.

MR. HOLMES is instructed to sell the
Printer, in a desirable Country Town. About £500
required. Profits, £250 per annum.-Address Mr.
Holmes, 48 Paternoster Row.

HOLMES is instructed

R. GEO. NEWMAN is directed to sell a most profitable Bookselling and Sta tionery BUSINESS in a leading Continental City. The trade is patronised by the English Nobility and Gentry, and will be a desirable investment to parties with £800.-Apply to Mr. Geo. Newman, 10 George Yard, Lombard Street, E.C.

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and Dealer in ne TRADE of a Fancy Repository

R. GEO. NEWMAN has been directed
to sell the

in a first-class neighbourhood West. The rent is nearly cleared by letting. About £500 required.Apply to Mr. Geo. Newman, Valuer, &c., 10 George Yard, Lombard Street, E.C.

M BUSINESS of a Bookeeller and sell the TO PRINTERS. To be Disposed of, a

established 50 years in one of our principal University Towns. A man with £300 may settle in this business comfortably for life.-Address Mr. Holmes,

48 Paternoster Row.

MR. HOLMES is instructed to sell the

BUSINESS of a Bookseller and Stationer in a first-class Watering Place. Ready-money trade. Profits, £250 per annum. Rent, £35. Can let off 2 guineas a week if required. Purchase-money, £520.-Address Mr. Holmes, 48 Paternoster Row.

TO PRINTERS. To be sold, for £90,

the entire PLANT of a Country Jobbing Office, including Super-royal Iron Printing Press, Plough and Cutting Press, and a great variety of useful Jobbing Founts, from Nonpareil to 24-line, in metal and wood; together with every requisite for carrying on the trade. The whole in first-rate working order.-Apply A. Z., Publishers' Circular Office, Ludgate Hill, London.

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PRINTING CONCERN, with a Local News paper, circulation about 3000.-Apply C. M. T., Post Office, Newington Causeway, London.


OR SALE, a PARTNERSHIP in a Wholesale Publishing and Bookselling busi ness in Paternoster Row. Amount needed, about £3000.-Apply to "Omicron," Publishers' Circular Office, 47 Ludgate Hill, London, E.C.

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A small but good COUNTRY BUSINESS to be Disposed of. For particulars apply to Williams, Coopers, and Co., 85 West Smithfield.

WANTED, by a Bookseller and Sta

tioner in Wales, a YOUNG LADY to act She must be

as ASSISTANT in the Shop.


Wanted, by a Young Lady, a RE-ENGAGEMENT in the above. Has been accustomed to a Circulating Library. Good references.-Address P. C., Post Office, Aylsham, Norfolk.


CLERK and ASSISTANT, aged 28, possessing good qualifications, desires an Enthoroughly acquainted with the Stationery business.gagement in the Book Trade. Salary moderate. She will board and reside with the family. Salary, Good references.-Address X. Y. Z., 19 Denmark £20 per annum. — Address K. T., care of Mr. Terrace, Copenhagen Street, Islington. Hennessy, Wind Street, Swansea.

TO BOOKSELLERS' ASSISTANTS. A Young Man, of good appearance and

Wanted, in a first-class business, a YOUNG MAN, of business habits and good address: one thoroughly adapted for a Country trade. Good references required.-Apply by letter to C. W., care of Mr. George Phillipson, Stamp Office, Kingston, Surrey.

WANTED, a steady, respectable Young Man, of good address, as an ASSISTANT to a Bookseller and Stationer, and who would be willing to assist in the Printing Office when required.-Address, stating age, salary in-doors and

address, is in want of a SITUATION in a Bookseller's Shop. Has had eight years' experience in a Job Office. Would be willing to assist when required. Good reference.-Address J. C. W., Post Office, Warwick.

STATIONERS.-Wanted, by a respectable
Young Man, a SITUATION in the above line.
Good references.-Address A. 41, Mr. Hardesty's,
Bookseller, 5 Davy Place, Norwich.


out-doors, with references, to Mr. Henry Pigg, SITU of intelligence and experience (30 years

Bookseller, Norwich.

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ASSISTANTS.-Wanted, in a month

tomed to a Circulating Library, used to general Stationery and Dressing a Window. A Dissenter preferred, but a consistent Churchman not objected

to. Mr. Greg, Publishers' Circular Office, 47, Lud

gate Hill, London.

WANTED, immediately, a TURNOVER,

who has served not less than four years to Printing and Binding. Reference as to ability and steadiness must be given.-Address Mr. Siddeley, Bookseller, Printer, &c., Knutsford.

WANTED for a permanent situation.-Ad-

dress, giving references, Mr. Mark, Stourbridge.


WANTED. - Wanted, a Turnover Apprentice to the Printing business: one accus. tomed to Case and Press preferred, who can be well recommended. Apply by letter to Mr. James Dickinson, Tarporley, Cheshire.

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MAN who has served part of his time to the business.-Apply by letter, stating age and salary required, to Samuel S. Hill, Printer, Ripon.


age, a Dissenter), as ASSISTANT, or to take the
Management of a Bookselling and Stationery busi-
Address Post Office, Belton, Grantham.
Has a practical knowledge of Printing.-


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O BOOKSELLERS & STATIONERS. Wanted, by a Young Man, a situation as No objection to the Country.-Address E. F. H., Earle's Library, 67 Castle Street East, Oxford

WANTED, by a Young Lady, a situa- ASSISTANT. Well acquainted with the business.

tion as SALESWOMAN in a Bookseller and Stationer's Shop. Can be highly recommended by her last employer.-Apply F. G., care of Messrs. Kent and Co., 21 Paternoster Row, London.


A Young Lady, who has been acquainted TO BOOKSELLERS' ASSISTANTS.

with the trade, and had the entire management of the Bookselling and Stationery department for four years, wishes for a RE-ENGAGEMENT as above. Salary not so much an object as a comfortable home. Address A. B., care of Messrs. Terry, Stoneman, and Co., 6 Hatton Garden, London, E.C.

Wanted, a thoroughly efficient ASSISTANT, competent to take charge of the Counter, where a generally Miscellaneous trade is carried on, and be willing to make himself generally useful. No inexperienced person need apply.-Address, with full particulars, references, &c., C. H. T., 47 Ludgate Hill, London.


A good COUNTER HAND is open to a REENGAGEMENT.- Address Beta, Post Office,


by an experienced Young Man, a permanent situation as COMPOSITOR.- Address F. B., Advertiser Office, Wisbech.


Wanted, by the Advertiser (aged 29), a permanent situation as ASSISTANT. Capable of taking the management of a business, if required; can furnish references of the highest character.— Address C. P., Publishers' Circular Office, Ludgate Hill, London.

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MASTER PRINTERS.-A Young Man, a good Compositor, would be glad of a

Man, a permanent SITUATION in a Jobbing Office. Good reference.-Address L. L., care of Messrs. Cussons and Son, Stationers, Horncastle, Lincolnshire.


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a Jobbing Office, by a good workman. Good refe rence.-Address T. P., Mr. Matthews's, Greyhound Street, Nottingham.

TO BOOKBINDERS.-A good General

and Stationery Binder is in want of a SITUA TION. Country preferred. Good references can be given.- Address, stating wages given, E. C., 4 Golden Square, Regent Street, London.

то Situation where he could obtain some Reporting Tanted, by a Young Man, aged 21, who can

practice. Understands Presswork. Salary not an object. Address R. W. S., 44 Twyford Street, Caledonian Road, Islington, N.


TION by a person who thoroughly understands Jobbing, Bookwork, and Press. Good references.-Apply A. B., Mr. Flack's, 23 Compton Street, Brunswick Square.

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O PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, &c. work at Press and Case, a situation as IMPROVER. Good references.-Apply, stating terms, to E. M. S., Lichfield Street, Stourport, Worcestershire.

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MUSIC, &c.

Any size, number of strings, and lettering, whether for tracts, letters, or loose papers, will be made to order; but the following are always kept on hand :—

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These PORTFOLIOS are recommended for the convenience with which works published periodically may be preserved and referred to, affording all the advantages of a bound volume, with the facility of adding each part or number as published.

Sampson Low, Son, and Co. 47 Ludgate Hill, London.

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Books Wanted to Purchase.

Particulars of price, &c. to be sent direct to the parties whose names and addresses are given.


Adams, E., Bookseller, Stratford-on-Avon

Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology

Blackburn, C. F., Bookseller, Leamington

Boethin's Consolations of Philosophy, in English

Blomfield, H., 177 Grange Road, S.E.

Mill's Fragment on Sir James Macintosh

Milton's Poems (Aldine edit.)

British Association Reports. 1838-40, 56-60
Robinson's Palestine and Syria, 2 vols. post 8vo.
Ziegler's Windsor Park Lodges, folio, coloured

Clifford, W., Bookseller, Exeter

Reid's Shakespeare, 21 vols. Vol. 10, or Sheets EE 2 to GG 2. 1813,

Praed's Poems

The Times newspaper. 1829-61 inclusive
Bailey's Sporting Magazine. Part 2

Dalton, W. H., 28 Cockspur Street

Smiles' Life of Stephenson, 8vo.

Hints on School Building. Home and Colonial School Society

Richson's School Builder's Guide. Darton

Cunningham's History of Taxes, &c. London, Johnson, 1788. 3 copies

Historical Notices of Darnley Jewel, by P. F. Tytler, 4to. W. Nicol, 1843

Catalogue Raisonée les plus Célèbres Tableaux qui soient en Angleterr

Dawson and Sons, Cannon Street

Boothroyd's Translation of the Bible, 4to. 3 vols.
Bailey's Sporting Magazine, No. 2

Galt and Co., Booksellers, Manchester

Illustrated London Almanac. 6 for 1861; 9 for 1858;

9 for 1857; 11 for 1854; 9 for 1849

Hannay's Almanack. 1 for 1852; 1 for 1841

Cassell's Almanack. 1 for 1856; 4 for 1855; 4 for 1854; 3 for 1853; 3 for 1852

Grant and Son, Booksellers, Edinburgh

Sir Charles Grandison, 7 vols. (or any large type edit.) Miller, 1811

Purchas's Directorium Anglicanum

Newman's Sermons.

Knox on Wild Fowl

Vols. 1 and 4

Southey's Common-Place Book, 3d and 4th series
Waterhouse's Mammalia. Vol. 2 to

Hall, B., Bookseller, 71 High Street, Birmingham

Moore's Almanack (or any other) for 1800-1-2, 5-6, 1820-3 Hindley, C., Bookseller, 41 North Street, Brighton

Andrews' Sermons (Library of Anglo.Catholic Theology),

Vol. 4

Windham's Speeches. Vol. 3

Pitt's Speeches. Vols. 1 and 4

Wilson's Wonderful Characters. Vol. 3

Manning's zernions, 4 vois.

Newman's Sermons, 6 vols.

Ingallon and Drake, Booksellers, Eton

Purchas' Directorium Anglicanum Martus Major's Speaker

Jarrold and Sons, Booksellers, Norwich

Macaulay's Miscellany, 8vo. Vol. 1

Kendrick, J., Bookseller, 2 Charlotte Row, City
Horsley's Nine Sermons and Dissertation

Kelly, W. B., 8 Grafton Street, Dublin

Whitford's Greek Concordance to New & Old Testament
Tromi Concordantia Græce, 2 vols. folio
Quarterly Review. Nos. 189, 192-4

Adams's Sermons on Virtue, 8vo. Shrewsbury

Transactions of Royal Irish Academy. Vols. 7, 14, 15, 17, 22, or Parts. Also, Index to any or all North British Review. No. 40, and all after 60 Ledger and Son, Booksellers, Limerick

Ainsworth's (Henry) Annotations on the Five Books of Moses, folio. London, 1639

D'Aubigné's History of the Reformation, translated by W. R. Kelly. Part 2

Lockwood and Co, 7 Stationers'-Hall Court

Miraculous Prophecies, Predictions, and Strange Visions of Sundry Eminent Men, 12mo. 1794

[blocks in formation]

Milne, A. and R., Booksellers, Aberdeen

Norton's (Mrs.) Poetry. Any vol.
Sigourney's (Mrs.) Poetry

Evans' (Dr. John) Practical Discourses on Christian

Francis Don Quevido's Visions, Translated
Rutherford's Trial and Triumph of Faith
M'Crie on Baptism

Dick's Mental Illumination

Mitchell, W., 39 Charing Cross

Forster's (Major) Translation of the King of Prussia's Instructions to his Generals. 1797

Smith's (Capt. C. H.) Translation of Frederick II.'s Secret Strategical Instructions for his InspectorsGeneral. 1811

Jarry's (General) Instructions concerning the Duties of Light Infantry in the Field. 1803

Adams's Translation of Jomini's Strategy

Notcutt, J. T., Bookseller, 31 The Drapery, Northampton Waverley Novels (Abbotsford edit.) Parts 64, 65 Cassell's Educational Course. Part 6

Heaven's Antidote to the Curse of Labour, by Quinton Geologist. Vols. 1 and 2

Parry and Son, Booksellers, Chester

Manton's Works, folio.

Vol. 4

Cambrian Quarterly. All after Vol. 1

Cambrian Register. Vol. 3

Pennant's Wales, 3 vols. 8vo.

Henry's Bible, 6 vols. 4to.

Hemingway's Chester.

Vol. 2

Jowett's Christian Visitor-The Epistles

Pink, J. W., Bookseller, Cheltenham

Redding's Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea, 4 vols. (Constable's Miscellany)

Waverley Novels (Abbotsford edit.) All after Part 120 Hussey's Lectures on Papal Supremacy

Roberts, W. H., Bookseller, Broad Gate, Exeter

Dante, with Lombardi's Commentary, 3 vols. 4to.
Plates. Roma, 1791

Pederoba, Quaresimale di, 2 tom. 4to. Vicenze, 1786
Salvini Discorsi Academici. Firenze, 1713

Roberts, Hugh, Bookseller, Chester

Leighton's (Abp.) Works, edited by Foster. Lond. 1777
Middleton's edit. 4 vols. London, 1818
Jerment's edit. & vols. London, 1820

Murray's Life of Leighton, 12mo. Edinburgh, 1828
Leighton on the Creed, &c. London, 1701

Leighton's Rules for a Holy Life. London, 1708

Leighton's Prælectiones, 4to. London, 1693

Smith, Elder, and Co., 65 Cornhill

Belzon's Discoveries in Egypt (Plates to)

Pindar's Works (Walker's Classics)

Twice Round the Clock, 8vo. illustrated
Motley's Dutch Republic, 3 vols. 8vo.

Taylor's Restoration of Beliet

Stock, Elliot, 62 Paternoster Row

Blunt's History of the Jews in England
Palmer's Memorials of Nonconformity

Staunton and Son, 9 Strand

The Chaplet, a Poem (in some collection of Poems published about 1803)

Walker and Co., 196 Strand Corner's Crown Pracuce

Williams and Norgate, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden
Johnson s History of British Sponges
Johnson's History of British Zoophytes

Corpus Scriptorum Historiæ Byzantiae. Complete set Wright, H., Bookseller, Temple Buildings, Birmingham Oxford Calendar. 1861

British Almanack and Companion. 1851

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