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Specially adapted for Christmas and New Year's Gifts, also for Wedding and Birthday Presents. THE late DR. A. FLETCHER'S GUIDE to FAMILY DEVOTION. A sale of 60,000 copies induced the venerable author to revise, improve, and enlarge the Work. It now comprises 730 complete Services, each including a Hymn, a Prayer, and a portion of Scripture with appropriate Reflections, being one for the Morning and Evening of every day in the year. Also an Appendix, containing a variety of Prayers for particular occasions. 1 vol. royal 4to. with 26 Engravings, 28s. cloth gilt.

This Work may be had in CALF and MOROCCO bindings.

James S. Virtue, City Road, and Ivy Lane. (140)














Winsor and Newton, Manufacturing Artists' Colourmen, and Drawing-Paper Stationers, 38 Rathbone Place, London, W. (141)

PARTNERSHIP.-The Senior Proprietor of a good Concern, established nearly 40 years, wishes to relinquish his share in favour of a Young Man of experience and respectability. He must be competent to take his share in the management of a General Business. To a Young Man possessing capital, and conversant with Bookselling, Stationery, and Fancy Trades, the present offers a rare opportunity.-For further particulars apply to H., Hamilton, Adams, and Co., 33 Paternoster Row, London, E.C.

The Remainders of several important Publications, and many thousand volumes of Popular Books of all classes, bound and in quires.

MRAUUTION, Roms, the corner of


Fleet Street and Chancery Lane, on Monday, March 3, and following days, at half-past 12, the remainders of several important PUBLICATIONS and popular BOOKS of all classes, bound and in quires: comprising 2,000 Moore's Irish Melodies, with all the Harmonised Airs, by Prof. Glover, 4to. cloth, gilt; 2,000 Webster's English Dictionary, by Goodrich, square fep. cloth; 500 Keating's William Russell's Life, by Lord J. Russell, crown History of Ireland, crown 8vo. cloth; 700 Lord 8vo.; 440 Lady Russell's Letters, 2 8vo. ; 450 Cardinal Mai's Greek Testament, crown 8vo. cloth; 50 Pugin's Ecclesiastical Architecture, 8vo. cloth; 110 Pugin on Chancel Screens, 4to. cloth; 300 Sheil's Speeches, crown 8vo. cloth; O'Connell's Speeches, 2 vols. crown 8vo. cloth; 150 Burke's Speeches, crown 8vo. cloth; 150 Curran's Speeches, crown 8vo. cloth; 150 Grattan's Speeches, crown 8vo. cloth; 400 The Evil Eye, or the Black Spectre, by Carleton, crown 8vo. cloth, gilt; 500 Abercrombie's Practical Gardener, fcp. ; 3,000 of Knight's Shilling Volumes, in quires; and a variety of other Popular Books, Stereotype and Copperplates, &c.—Catalogues are preparing,



[R. GEO. NEWMAN has now many Clients, with cash capital from £300 to £1,500, desirous to enter Business both in Town and Country, also on the South Coast. Parties wishing to dispose of their Businesses will find great facilities through the medium of his Agency, no expense whatever being incurred unless actual business is done through his introduction.-Offices, 10 George Yard, Lombard Street, E.C.

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'YPE.—Wanted, about 200 lbs. of BRE-WANTED, a PRINTING MACHINE

VIER or MINION; also an Albion PRESS, either Demy or Post Folio.-Address J. Wrigley, Printer, Scarborough.

for Hand Power, not less than DoubleRoyal. A Double-Demy to be parted with in exchange. -Address A. T., at Messrs. Batty and Co.'s, 175 Aldersgate Street, London.

HOLMES is instructed to Sell the


manufactured of pure linen rags, free from all chemical bleach, of moderate and uniform grain (that will permit of the paper being cut up for comparatively small drawings), carefully sized, and admirably adapted for taking colour. Firm, strong, and tough. În every respect the finest Drawing

paper yet made. Manufactured specially for Winsor

and Newton, by Messrs. Balston, the makers of the celebrated J. Whatman's Drawing Paper. Retail price per large Sheet of 52 inches by 30 inches, 78. Solid Sketch Books made of this Paper always kept in stock. Winsor and Newton, Manufacturing

Printer, situated in a desirable part of Town. About £400 required. Profits £200 a-year.-For particulars address Mr. Holmes, 48 Paternoster Row.

MR. HOLMES is instructed to Sell a

very excellent BUSINESS in the Country, established over 40 years. There is a small Printing Office attached. Profits nearly £300 per annum. £500 required.-Address Mr. Holmes, 48 Paternoster Row.

Artists' Coloumen, and Drawing-Paper Stationers, MR. HOLMES is instructed to Sell the

38 Rathbone Place, London,


PARTNER WANTED in a first-class Bookselling, Stationery, and Printing Business in a flourishing Town in the Midland Counties. Returns over £3,000. Capital required, from £500

to £1,000. The incoming Partner will be required to take an active part in the general management, the present proprietor being much engaged in a separate undertaking. To an energetic young man (and none other will be treated with) the present offers a favourable opportunity of entering into a well-established business on easy terms.-Address K. K., Publishers' Circular Office, 47 Ludgate Hill, London, E.C.

TO BOOKSELLERS & STATIONERS. STOCK-IN-TRADE and GOODWILL of BUSINESS in ARBROATH, for Sale, by Private Bargain.-Shop and Dwelling-house to Let.-The stock-in-trade of the late Mr. Stewart Gellatly, Bookseller, Bookbinder, and Stationer, High-street, Arbroath, and the goodwill of the business carried on by him for the last forty-one years, are now for Sale by private contract. The business was very successfully conducted by the deceased, and is to be disposed of solely in consequence of his death. The stock is of excellent quality, in good condition, and well adapted for the trade; and there is also a complete assortment of bookbinders' tools.

This affords a most desirable opening to a person possessed of moderate capital; and, as the business will be carried on by Mr. Gellatly's trustees in the meantime, a purchaser will have every opportunity of securing a continuance of the patronage so long enjoyed by the deceased.

If desired, the purchaser may obtain a lease of the shop for such a term of years as may be agreed

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of a Stationer and Account-Book Manufacturer, established 100 years in one of the leading West-End thoroughfares. £1,300 required. Profits £400 to £500 a-year.-Address Mr. Holmes, 48 Paternoster Row.


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for the TRADE, in a superior style, at most mode. STEEL, and COPPERPLATE PRINTING rate charges. List of Prices, with Specimens, sent free on receipt of Trade Card.

F. Whiteman and Co., 19 Little Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, W.C.

A Printing BUSINESS to be Disposed

of, a short distance from London, with which

is connected a Weekly Local Newspaper. No other such Business within seven miles. Rent (including good dwelling-house) £25. Coming in Address F. A., (by valuation) under £400.Chronicle Office, Edgware, London, N.W.

PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, PRIETORS.-To be Disposed of, in consequence of the death of the Proprietor, an old and wellestablished Printing, Bookselling, and Stationery BUSINESS; together with the Copyright of a Newspaper established 25 years, having a circulation at present of about 600 per week, situate in a County Town in the West of England, in the immediate vicinity of an extensive and thickly populated mining district. The returns are moderate. The connection is excellent, and the business is capable of great extension. A better opportunity for a person desiring a good business could not present itself. For further particulars address Messrs. Williams, Coopers and Co., 85 West Smithfield, London; or Messrs. C. J. and A. Penny, 37 Bow Lane, Cheapside, London.

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DAY & SON, Lithographers to the Queen, execute in the best style, on the most reasonable terms, and with despatch, every description of Lithography, Chromo-lithography, and Steel and Copperplate Printing, Artistic or Commercial.

Applications for Estimates will meet with prompt attention. Gate Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London.

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BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, &c. requires a SECOND ASSISTANT in a firstclass House at the West-End of London, to which | a Library and News Trade is attached.-Letters to be addressed M. L., care of Messrs. McRae, Evans, and Bridges, 47 Ludgate Hill, London, E.C.

TO PRINTERS.—Wanted, in a Country

four years at the Business.-Address E. P., care of
Mr. Utting, Newsagent, Palsgrave Place, Strand,


APPRENTICE in the Printing and Stationery businesses.—A. J., Publishers' Circular Office, 47 Ludgate Hill, London, E.C.

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TO BOOKSELLERS & STATIONERS. Wanted, by a respectable Young Man, an engagement as ASSISTANT. Well acquainted with the Book trade, and possessing a thorough practical knowledge of the Printing. Good references.-Address G. J. J., 61 High Street, Guildford, Surrey.


&c.-Wanted, a SITUATION by an Assistant who has had eleven years' experience in the trade (six in two first-class houses in London). Unexceptionable references can be given.— Address G. W., 7 Panton Square, Coventry Street, W.

A HIGHLY respectable Young Man,

with a practical knowledge of Mercantile and RE-ENGAGEMENT, with a view to Partnership, General Stationery, Bookselling, &c., wishes a or to take the Management. Town or Country.Address Delta, J. Severn, Esq., Rutland Brewery, Derby.

WANTED, a Situation, by an Assistant,

accustomed for many years to the WholeJ. G. K., 423 Strand, London. sale Bookselling and Publishing Business.-Address

AN experienced Female Assistant is

desirous of a RE-ENGAGEMENT in a

Bookselling, Stationery, Berlin and General Fancy business, or to take charge of a Library. Can give excellent references.-Address Y. Z., 30 Packington Street, Islington.

YOUNG LADY, accustomed to the A Book, Stationery, and Fancy Trades, desires a re-engagement, and as LIBRARIAN. Satisfactory references. Address M. D., Robson's Library, 64 Edgeware Road.

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O BOOKSELLERS & STATIONERS. The friends of a respectable Youth wish to APPRENTICE him to the above, in a house where every branch of the trade can be learnt. Would prefer that he should live in the house. A moderate premium will be given.-Address E. M., 2 Pembroke Villas, Stamford Road, De Beauvoir

WANTED, in a West-end house, a Town, N.

Young Man, with a good knowledge of standard and school-books, as a Counter Assistant. One who speaks French preferred. Address, stating former situations and salary expected, to A. B., 6 Charing Cross.


Wanted, by a Wholesale Stationer, a JUNIOR ASSISTANT, thoroughly acquainted with the Sta

tionery Trade.—Apply, with references, to M. B.,

Post Office, 107 Fleet Street, London.


Wanted, by a respectable Young Man, aged 22, a SITUATION. Is a good hand at Case and Press, and has been accustomed to serve in the Front Shop. Nine years' reference from present employer. Address W. H., care of Mr. George Carter, Corner House, Ilfracombe, Devon.




Wanted, in a Country Newspaper Office, a steady Young Man as REPORTER and COMPOSITOR. One who has some knowledge of the Stationery business preferred.- Address, with terms and references,

H. W., 32 Leam Terrace, Leamington.


A Young Man of considerable Commercial and Counting-house experience wishes, previous to purchasing a business for himself, to devote six or twelve months to gaining a more intimate knowledge of the Bookselling and Stationery; and is willing to pay a premium to any first-class house where he may acquire a thorough insight into the above businesses.-Apply by letter, stating terms, &c., to Delta, Warren Hall and Co., Printers, Camden Town, London, N.W.


TO BOOKSELLERS. Wanted, by a

Young Man, a situation, in Town, as an ASSISTANT or COLLECTOR. Has had eight years' experience in different branches of the trade. Salary not so much an object as an engagement. Satisfactory references.-Address E. A., Publishers' Circular Office, 47 Ludgate Hill, London, E.C.

Feb. 15, 1862

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Man, a RE-ENGAGEMENT in the above line.
Good references.-Address C 41, Mr. Chapman's,
Bookseller, 100 High Street, Lowestoft.

TO BOOKSELLERS & STATIONERS. BOOKSELLERS & STATIONERS. TO STATIONERS, PRINTERS, and To BOOKSELLERS.-Wanted, by a Young A Re-engagement wanted by a Young Man, aged 20, accustomed to Manage a first-class Library in the West End of London, capable of dressing a window and attending to fancy stock. Good character from present employer. No objection to the Country.- Address H. W., Post Office, 8 Chapel Street, Belgrave Square, S.W.

TO PRINTERS.- Wanted, by the

Advertiser, a sober, steady Young Man, a constant Situation in a Weekly Newspaper or Jobbing Office (Country preferred). Wages not so much an object as a permanency.-Address, Neithrop, Banbury.

BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, and stating terms, to H. P., Printer, 1 Paradise,

An experienced Assistant

desires a Re-engagement. Is a good Counterman. Good references. Address Beta, Post Office, Bristol.

ANTED, by a Young Man, aged 22, a situation as ASSISTANT to a Bookseller or Stationer. Has had six years' experience. Satisfactory references. - Address T. V., Mr. Welch, 206 High Holborn, W.C.

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by a steady, industrious Young Man, a permanent SITUATION in a Jobbing Office. Good

A Young Man, who has just completed reference. Address S. T., 47 Granby Street,

his apprenticeship of five years to a Retail Bookseller and Stationer, desires an engagement as ASSISTANT in the trade. Excellent references.— Apply W. S., Messrs. Hamilton and Adams, 33 Paternoster Row, London, E.C.

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TO PRINTERS.-Wanted, by a Young

Man who has been used to a Jobbing Office, a situation as IMPROVER. Good references if required.-Address A. S., 11 Chapel Street, Newport, Isle of Wight.

WANTED, by one practically accus

tomed to the Counter, the Printing Office, and the issuing of a Newspaper, as also Booktake the entire Management of a Country Business. keeping, a re-engagement as ASSISTANT, or to Highest references. Address G. W. R., Post Office, Marlborough, Wilts.

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O MASTER PRINTERS. - Wanted, by a respectable Young Man, a SITUATION in a Jobbing Office. Can work at Case and Press. References if required.-Address J. G., 180 High Street, Cheltenham.



Books Wanted to Purchase.

Particulars of price, &c. to be sent direct to the parties whose names and addresses are given.


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Howell, E., Bookseller, 6 Dunlop Street, Glasgow

Macmillan and Co., Henrietta Street, Covent Garden

Woodgate's Bampton Lectures. 1839

Haldane on the Atonement, 12mo.

Haldane on the Books of the Old Testament

Perceval's Apology for the Doctrine of the Apostolical Succession

Mill's Sermons on Our Lord's Temptation, 8vo. 1861 Hooker's Works, 3 vols. 8vo. Oxford

Locke's Works, 3 vols. folio. 1727. Vol. 3

Mylna, J., Bookseller, Douglas, Isle of Man
Kearsley's Peerage

Commissioners' Reports on the Isle of Man

Nall, G., Bookseller, Great Yarmouth
Montagu's Ornithological Dictionary

Pink, J. W., Bookseller, Cheltenham

Chalmers's Daily Scripture Readings, 9 vols. 8vo.
Long's Cicero. Vol. i

Southey's Life and Correspondence. Vols. 5 and 6
Heath's Book of Beauty. 1842

Bowring's Specimens of Poetry. Any, or all
Gentleman's Magazine. Aug. and Dec. 1855

Rivingtons, Waterloo Place

Berens' Private Devotions. 6 copies

Rogers, R., Bookseller, Henstridge, Blandford, Dorset
Camelia; or, Pictures of Youth, in 5 vols. Vol. 5.
Sargent, C., 1 Priory Road, Wandsworth Road
An Account of the Danes and Norwegians in England,
Scotland, and Ireland, by J. J. A. Worsaae. 1852
Slater, E., Bookseller, 129 Market Street, Manchester
Caryl on Job, small 4to. 1643. Vol. 2

Smith, W. J., Bookseller, North Street, Brighton
Faber's (F. W.) Poems. Any of them
Walker's Defensive Exercises

Suckling's Memorials of Essex

Strauss's Life of Jesus, 3 vols. 8vo.

Wilson's Pre-historic Annals of Scotland

Hampden's Scholastic Philosophy of the Middle Ages Smith, Elder, and Co., 65 Cornhill

(Encyclopædia Metropolitana)

Mansel on the Philosophy of Kant (2 copies)

Prout's (Samuel) The Rhine, and Switzerland, and Germany

Lewis (John)-A Series of Wild Beasts

Grimm's German Stories, 2 vols. illustrated by J. C. A.

Retbel. Two Prints-Death the Avenger, and Death the Friend

Blake's (W.) Book of Job

[blocks in formation]

Croly's Scenes from Scripture
Gray's Prison Discipline in America
Jellett's Calculus of Variations

Bebyoni's Discoveries in Egypt (Plates to)
Guerriere's Beatrice Cenci

Stock, Elliot, 62 Paternoster Row

Sigourney's Poems (Lyas's edit., or any other complete)

Sandell and Smith, 136 City Road, E.C.

Mill's Political Economy, 3d edit. 1852. Vol. 1
Edwards's Works, 8 vols. 8vo. 1817. Vol. 5

Shrimpton, T. and G., 24 Broad Street, Oxford

Aristotle's Ethics, by Grant, 2 vols. 8vo.

Wheatton's International Law, by Lawrence, royal 8vo. Newman's Sermons (original edit.) 6 vols. Vol. 4 Lingard's England, 10 vols. 8vo.

Alison's Europe, 10-vol. 8vo. edit. Vol. 9

Thornton, J., Bookseller, 18 Magdalen Street, Oxford

Lingard's England, 13-vol. fcp. 8vo. edit. Vols. 4, 7, 9 Newman's (F. H.) Lectures on Logic, 12mo. Parker

Upham and Beet, 46 New Bond Street, W.

Delafond on Naval Court Martials

Longus' Amours de Daphnis et Chloe avec les petits Pieds. 1718

Todd's Milton, large paper. 1806

Spenser's Works, by Todd, large paper
Bewick's Quadrupeds, 1st edit. large paper

Williams and Norgate, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden
Tattam's Grammar of the Egyptian Language. 1830

Newman's Grammar of the Berber Language

Winning's Manual of Comparative Philology

Tindall's Grammar of the Namayna Language

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