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International Textbook Company, 1901 - Correspondence schools and courses
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Page 14 - Place 6 as the fourth figure in the quotient. Multiply the divisor 84 by it and subtract the product (504) from 524, leaving a remainder of 20. Bring down the next figure, which is 2, and annex it to 20, making a new dividend of 202. 84 is contained in 202 2 times. Place 2 as the fifth figure in the quotient. Multiply the divisor 84 by it and subtract the product (168) from 202, leaving a remainder of 34. If it is desired to carry the quotient to 4 decimal places, annex 4 ciphers to the dividend...
Page 5 - LIBRARY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING HARVARD UNIVERSITY Please sign your name and address on this card, and deposit in box provided. This book may be kept...
Page 11 - A circular mil is a unit of area used in expressing the cross-section of round or cylindrical wires. It is equal to the square of the diameter in mils. (c) Because the area of a round wire in circular mils is equal to the square of the diameter in mils, and because the conductivity of wires of the same material are directly proportional to their area expressed in circular mils.
Page 87 - An angle inscribed in a circle is measured by one-half the intercepted arc. In this case, the angle intercepts one-fourth the circumference, and is measured by one-eighth the circumference, or by 360 X 5- = 45.
Page 4 - Thus far, methods for transmitting only single messages over a line have been discussed. Such systems are frequently called simplex to distinguish them from •multiplex systems. Multiplex telegraphy is the transmission of two or more messages over the same wire at the same time. It is quite obvious that, if instruments can be arranged so that two simultaneous messages can be sent through the same wire, the work of the system is equal to that of two lines. If four messages can be sent simultaneously...
Page 186 - The chemical equivalent of an element is the weight of that element which will replace unit weight of hydrogen in any substance, or will combine with unit weight of hydrogen.
Page 83 - Dutch ship captain, a hurricane struck the island, the ship foundered, and Minuit was drowned. MINUTE, a unit of time equal to 60 seconds. There are 60 seconds in one minute and 60 minutes in one hour. MINUTE, in angular measurement, the sixtieth part of a degree in the sexagesimal system. In this system the circumference of a circle — one complete revolution — is divided into 360 equal parts called degrees, the degree is divided into 60 equal parts called minutes, and the minute is divided...
Page 4 - By using two line wires, instead of using the earth as a return circuit. (19) By an adjustable rheostat in the field circuit of the dynamo or in the field circuit of the motor. In the latter case, the adjustable rheostat regulates the dynamo voltage by altering the speed of the machine and is not as desirable a method as the one first mentioned. (20) Make sure that the positive pole of the battery is connected to the positive pole of the charging generator. (21) When, in formula 7,2 nnL= 5—^ (see...

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