The Ohio Educational Monthly and the National Teacher: A Journal of Education, Volume 41

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W.D. Henkle, 1892 - Education

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Page 230 - God understandeth the way thereof, and he knoweth the place thereof. For he looketh to the ends of the earth, and seeth under the whole heaven; To make the weight for the winds; and he weigheth the waters by measure. When he made a decree for the rain, and a way for the lightning of the thunder; Then did he see it, and declare it; he prepared it, yea, and searched it out.
Page 148 - Lest haply, after he hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it, begin to mock him, saying, This man began to build, and was not able to finish.
Page 229 - The depth saith, It is not in me : And the sea saith, It is not with me. It cannot be gotten for gold, Neither shall silver be weighed for the price thereof.
Page 448 - I have no pleasure in them : while the sun, or the light, or the moon, or the stars, be not darkened, nor the clouds return after the rain : in the day when the keepers of the house shall tremble, and the strong men shall bow themselves...
Page 233 - The ground-pine curled its pretty wreath, Running over the club-moss burrs; I inhaled the violet's breath; Around me stood the oaks and firs; Pine-cones and acorns lay on the ground; Over me soared the eternal sky. Full of light and of deity; Again I saw, again I heard, The rolling river, the morning bird; Beauty through my senses stole; I yielded myself to the perfect whole.
Page 257 - If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain.
Page 356 - He is gone who seemed so great. — Gone; but nothing can bereave him Of the force he made his own Being here, and we believe him Something far advanced in state, And that he wears a truer crown Than any wreath that man can weave him. Speak no more of his renown, Lay your earthly fancies down, And in the vast cathedral leave him. God accept him, Christ receive him.
Page 328 - ONE sweetly solemn thought Comes to me o'er and o'er: I'm nearer my home to-day Than I ever have been before...
Page 202 - I think the most exalted faculties of the human mind a gift worthy of the divinity ; nor any assistance, in the improvement of them, a subject of gratitude to my fellow-creature, if I w.ere not satisfied, that really to inform the understanding corrects and enlarges the heart.
Page 515 - Character, — a reserved force which acts directly by presence, and without means.

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