Modern Engineering Practice: A Reference Library..., Volume 11

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American School of Correspondence, 1906 - Engineering

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Page 59 - The diameter of a circle is a straight line drawn through the center and terminating in the circumference. A radius is a straight line joining the center with the circumference. It has a length equal to one half the diameter. All radii (plural of radius) are equal and all diameters are equal since a diameter equals two radii. PENTAGON.
Page 59 - A Circle is a plane figure bounded by a curved line every point of which is equally distant from a point within called the center.
Page 64 - A sphere is a solid bounded by a curved surface, every point of which is equally distant from a point within called the center.
Page 273 - The distance from the center of one tooth to the center of the next, measured on the pitch circle...
Page 55 - Parallel lines are equally distant from each other at all points. A horizontal line is one having the direction of a line drawn upon the surface of water that is at rest. It is a line parallel to the horizon. A vertical line is one that lies in the direction of a thread suspended from its upper end and having a weight at the lower end. It is a line that is perpendicular to a horizontal plane. Lines are perpendicular to each other, if when they cross, the four angles formed are equal.
Page 92 - R' with the arc drawn through the point H is a point upon the curve. Also the arc whose center is S' with the arc drawn through the point I is another point on the curve. The remaining points are found by repeating this process. PROBLEM 27. To draw an Hypocycloid when the diameter of the generating circle and the radius of the director circle are given. With...
Page 41 - The guide lines of the date, name and address are similarly drawn in the lower margin. The date of completing the drawing should be placed under Fig. 3 and the name and address at the right under Fig. 4- The street address is unnecessary. It is a good plan to draw lines...
Page 80 - O is equally distant from A, B and C, since it lies in the perpendiculars to the middle points of AB and A C. Hence the circumference will pass through A, B and C. PROBLEM 14. To inscribe a Circle in a given Triangle. Draw the triangle LMN of any convenient size. MN may be made 3 inches, LM, 2| inches, and LN, 3| inches.
Page 67 - The two fixed points are the foci and the line passing through them is the transverse axis. Rectangular Hyperbola. The form of hyperbola most used in Mechanical Engineering is called the rectangular hyperbola because it is drawn with reference to rectangular co-ordinates. This curve is constructed as follows : In Fig. 5, OX and OY are the two co-ordinates drawn at right angles to each other.
Page 40 - R, etc. being made of a width equal to about | the height. Letters like A, M and W are wider. The space between the letters depends upon the draftsman's taste but the beginner should remember that letters next to an A or an L should be placed near them and that greater space should be left on...

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