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Wow! I'm Greg Olinyk, one of the subjects of the Denver article. It sure was a great alternately wild and yet laid back time. Wish I knew what I know today back then.... Many fond memories and great friends and loves.

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At the risk of being parochial, the material starting at page 37 is a priceless look back at the scene in Denver. Denver isn't New York, or Soho, but it actually hasn't been a town full of cows for a long time, either.
These articles brought back a sense of the laidback and yet wildly active music scene. Many of us, at least those of us with memory - that is another story - remember The Coliseum, maybe one of the worst places on this planet to see music. Hey, it's great for rodeo, but for music it was horrid.
And that is where I saw acts like Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Grateful Dead, Jethro Tull, ZZ Tops, Traffic, Santana, Mountain, Buddy Miles, man the list goes on forever.
And who can forget Ebbets Field, downtown Denver, or the Rainbow, not to mention Red Rocks, or shows in Mile High? Well, it all depends on the level, mix and contents of what was consumed. I still have a ticket stub or two that I'm like, "really?" But I digress.
If you were around then, check this out just for the ads and the art. If you were around Denver then, read about Barry Fey and all the other things you nearly forgot.
If only for the

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