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International textbook Company, 1900
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Page 2 - Operations with Fractions A) To change a mixed number to an improper fraction, simply multiply the whole number by the denominator of the fraction and add the numerator.
Page 7 - When the denominators are not alike we know that the units are divided into -unequal parts, so before adding them we must find a common denominator for the denominators of all the fractions. Reduce the fractions to fractions having this common denominator, add the numerators and write the sum over the common denominator. In this case, the least common denominator, or the least number that will contain all the denominators, is 16; hence, we must reduce all these fractions to sixteenths and then add...
Page 1 - ... field is that end towards which the current tends to flow ; the negative end is that from which the current tends to flow. 2444. An electric current will be induced in a coiled conductor when a pole of a magnet is suddenly inserted into the coil. The current will be continuous so long as there is a change in the number of lines of force passing through the coil, but the current will cease to flow when the number of lines of force becomes constant, that is, when the lines of force inside the coil...
Page 12 - ... the direction of the current in the conductor is reversed, the north pole will point towards the east. Since, in this example, the north pole of the needle tends to point towards the east, the current must be flowing from the north to the south.
Page 8 - When mixed numbers and whole numbers are to be added, add the fractional parts of the mixed numbers separately, and if the resulting fraction is an improper fraction, reduce it to a whole or mixed number. Next, add all the whole numbers, including the one obtained from the addition of the fractional parts, and annex to their sum the fraction of the mixed number obtained from reducing the improper fraction.
Page 44 - MEP in pounds per square inch; A = area of piston in square inches; L = length of stroke in feet ; N= number of working strokes per minute.
Page 1 - In this case, as the magnetic field is uniform, there is no change in the number of lines of force passing through the coil...
Page 7 - C' R, where W is the power in watts, C is the current in amperes, and R is the resistance in ohms. In this example, C =• 110 amperes and R= 4.2 ohms; hence, W= C' R- 110
Page 7 - C is the current in amperes, R is the resistance in ohms, and / is the time in seconds. In this example, C = 2.4 amperes, R = 45 ohms, t — 3,000 seconds.
Page 99 - An angle inscribed in a circle is measured by one-half the intercepted arc. In this case, the angle intercepts one-fourth the circumference, and is measured by one-eighth the circumference, or by 360 X 5- = 45.

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