Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana ..., Volume 18

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Page 222 - Roman agri limitati were governed. These consisted, generally, of districts or territories acquired by conquest, and assigned and set apart for the benefit of veteran soldiers, when retired from active service in the army. The method of surveying such a territory was to draw lines towards the four quarters of the heavens, parallel and crosswise, in order to effect a uniform division of the lots, and to fix immutable boundaries between them. These boundaries, called limites, were marked by a slip...
Page 174 - It would require an express declaration, or something equivalent thereto, to sustain such an inference; and it may be considered as the general rule, that a grant of land bounded upon a highway or river, carries the fee in the highway or river to the center of it, provided the grantor at the time owned to the center, and there be no words or specific description to show a contrary intent.
Page 146 - The alluvion belongs to the owner of the soil situated on the edge of the water, whether it be a river or stream, and whether the same be navigable or not, who is bound to leave public that portion of the bank which is required by law for the public use.
Page 291 - Ellenborough says, if the owner of the soil throws open a passage, and neither marks by any visible distinction that he means to preserve all his rights over it, nor excludes persons from passing through it by positive prohibition, he shall be presumed to have dedicated it to the public.
Page 360 - It is, therefore, ordered that the judgment of the District Court be reversed, and that ours be for the defendants as in case of non-suit, with costs in both courts.
Page 28 - So. 366; Tropical Printing Co. v. Union Title Guarantee Co.. 180 La. 702, 157 So. 534. The state banking commissioner concedes that the intervener is an ordinary creditor for the amount .claimed subject to certain credits. It is ordered, adjudged, and decreed that the judgment of the district court be annulled, avoided, and reversed, and it is now ordered, adjudged, and decreed that there be judgment herein in favor of John F. Clark & Co., intervener, and against JS Brock, state banking commissioner,...
Page 237 - There is no particular form or ceremony necessary in the dedication of land to public use. All that is required is the assent of the owner of the land, and the fact of its being used for the public purposes intended by the appropriation.
Page 192 - A place, either on the sea-coast, or on a river, where ships stop for the purpose of loading and unloading, from whence they depart, and where they finish their voyages.
Page 198 - ... authorities from selling any part of it. To show that the federal government has considered this common as a part of the public domain, under the treaty, various laws of Congress have been referred to, and official proceedings by the agents of the government, in reference to it; and also it is shown that the action of the government has been solicited by the city authorities, who, by these acts, it is insisted, have acknowledged the right of property to be in the United States, as asserted in...
Page 266 - Young and the successor to his title had no property in the street, not even the right to insist that it should be maintained as such. The United States held its title to the land over which it was laid out, for its own use, and not in trust for any person or for any purpose. In that respect...

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