Proceedings of the High School Conference of November 1910-November 1931

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The University, 1918 - High schools
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Page 256 - Two triangles are congruent if two sides and the included angle of one are equal respectively to two sides and the included angle of the other.
Page 256 - If two sides and the included angle of one are equal respectively to two sides and the included angle of the other 2. If two angles and the included side are equal respectively to two angles and the included side of the other.
Page 261 - ... organization and administration shall realize the following aims and purposes: 1. To continue through its instructional program the aims of public education in a democracy. 2. To reduce to the minimum the elimination of pupils by offering types of work best suited to their interests, needs and capacities. 3. To give the pupil an opportunity under systematic educational guidance to discover his dominant interests, capacities, and limitations with reference to his future vocational activities or...
Page 186 - ... instead of many, for less than a dozen states support work of this kind. Trial and error methods, however, are bringing stabilization, and the future looks bright. "Bringing an appreciation of the importance of conservation to the background of human consciousness is a work which can not be done by one man or one organization in one year, or by many men and many organizations in many years.
Page 323 - W/P between the force exerted and the force applied is called the mechanical advantage of the machine. Newton described six elementary machines to which all others may be reduced. These are the lever, the pulley, the inclined plane, the wheel and axle, the wedge and the screw. These may be reduced to three, since the wheel and axle is but a modified lever, and the screw and the wedge are but modifications of the inclined plane.
Page 268 - ... proposition, congruence of triangles, parallel and perpendicular lines, quadrilaterals and the more important simple constructions. Chapter IV. MATHEMATICS FOR YEARS TEN, ELEVEN, AND TWELVE. I. INTRODUCTION. The committee has in the preceding chapter expressed its judgment that the material there recommended for the seventh, eighth, and ninth years should be required of all pupils. In the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth years, however, the extent to which elections of subjects is permitted will...
Page 253 - The list should be taken as representative of the type of propositions which may be assumed, or treated informally, rather than as exhaustive. 1. Through two distinct points it is possible to draw one straight line, and only one. 2. A line segment may be produced to any desired length. 3. The shortest path between two points is the line segment joining them. 4. One and only one perpendicular can be drawn through a given point to a given straight line. 5. The shortest distance from a point to a line...
Page 322 - Powers, are certain simple instruments, commonly employed for raising greater weights, or overcoming greater resistances, than could be effected by the natural strength without them. These are usually accounted six in number, viz. the Lever, the Wheel and Axle, the Pulley, the Inclined Plane, the Wedge, and the Screw.
Page 291 - ... which it relates, but whose spirit transcends the present. In this second order a strongly marked variety of species may be distinguished. 1. It is the aim of the investigator to gain a view of the entire history of a people or a country, or of the world, in short, what we call Universal History.

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