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The University, 1893 - Examinations

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Page 20 - Hélas! mon pauvre argent, mon pauvre argent, mon cher ami! on m'a privé de toi; et puisque tu m'es enlevé, j'ai perdu mon support, ma consolation, ma joie; tout est fini pour moi, et je n'ai plus que faire au monde: sans toi, il m'est impossible de vivre. C'en est fait, je n'en puis plus; je me meurs, je suis mort, je suis enterré.
Page 3 - PART II. There she weaves by night and day A magic web with colours gay. She has heard a whisper say, A curse is on her if she stay To look down to Camelot. She knows not what the curse may be, And so she weaveth steadily, And little other care hath she, The Lady of Shalott. And moving thro' a mirror clear That hangs before her all the year, Shadows of the world appear.
Page 6 - MAUD MULLER, on a summer's day, Raked the meadow sweet with hay. Beneath her torn hat glowed the wealth Of simple beauty and rustic health. Singing, she wrought, and her merry glee The mock-bird echoed from his tree. But when she glanced to the far-off town, White from its hill-slope looking down, The sweet song died, and a vague unrest And a nameless longing filled her breast, — A wish, that she hardly dared to own, For something better than she had known. The Judge rode slowly down the lane,...
Page 20 - Au voleur ! au voleur ! à l'assassin ! au meurtrier ! Justice, juste ciel ! je suis perdu, je suis assassiné ; on m'a coupé la gorge : on m'a dérobé mon argent.
Page 15 - From these lists the regents shall prepare question papers for all these subjects, which at any examination shall be the same for all candidates, except that in therapeutics, practice, and materia medica all the questions submitted to any candidate shall be chosen from those prepared by the board selected by that candidate, and shall be in harmony with the tenets of that school as determined by its State board of medical examiners.
Page 9 - So nigh is grandeur to our dust, So near is God to man, When Duty whispers low, Thou must, The youth replies, I can...
Page 20 - Je veux aller quérir la justice, et faire donner la question à toute ma maison : à servantes, à valets, à fils, à fille, et à moi aussi.

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