Cyclopedia of Drawing, Volume 1

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American school of correspondence, 1906 - Architectural drawing



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Page 61 - A circle is a plane figure bounded by a curved line, every point of which is equally distant from a point within called the center. The curve which bounds the circle is called the circumference.
Page 75 - P as a center and any convenient radius (about 2^ inches) draw the indefinite arc ED cutting the line A C. Now with the same radius and with D as a center, draw an arc P Q. Set...
Page 66 - A cone is a solid bounded by a conical surface and a plane which cuts the conical surface.
Page 99 - Fig. 4. straigm tine in perpendicular to either V or H, its projection on that plane is a point, and on the other plane is a line equal in length to the line itself, and perpendicular to the ground line. Fig. 4 is given as an exercise to help to show clearly the idea of plan and elevation. A = a point B" above H, and A
Page 81 - V shows the necessary arcs. Produce the sides of the angles thus constructed until they meet at T. The triangle RTS will be the required triangle. After drawing these six figures in pencil, draw the pencil lines for the lettering. The lines for the words '•'•PLATE V" date and name, should be pencilled as explained on page 20. The words " Problem 7," " Problem 8," etc., are lettered as for PLATE IV.
Page 72 - Draw the horizontal straight line AC about 3.', inches long and assume the point P about 1| inches above A C. Through the point P draw an oblique line FE forming any convenient angle with A C.
Page 54 - Fig. 5 draw all arcs first and then draw the straight lines meeting these arcs. It is much easier to draw straight lines meeting arcs, or tangent to them, than to make the arcs tangent to straight lines. As this exercise is difficult, and in all mechanical and machine drawing arcs and tangents are frequently used we advise the beginner to draw this exercise several times.
Page 20 - T-- square place the triangle so that the other 45-degree angle is in the position occupied by the first. If the two 45-degree angles coincide they are accurate. Triangles are very convenient in drawing lines at right angles to the T-square. The method of doing this is shown in Fig. 10. Triangles are also used in drawing lines at an angle with the horizontal, by placing them on the board as shown in Fig. 11. Suppose the line EF (Fig. 12...
Page 43 - It is a good plan to draw lines ^ inch apart on a separate sheet of paper and pencil the letters in order to know just how much space each word will require. The insertion of the words " Fig. 1
Page 98 - ... as shown in Fig. 3. All points on an object at the same height must appear in elevation at the same distance above the ground line. If numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the plan, Fig. 3, indicate the top corners of the cube...

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