Report of the Minister of Education

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Ontario Education Department, 1869 - Education
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Page 123 - Provided that no portion of the legislative school grant shall be applied in aid of any school in which any book is used that has been disapproved of by the Council, and public notice given of such disapproval.
Page 17 - At length all is over; the redoubt has been recovered; that which was lost is found again ; the jewel which had been made captive is ransomed with blood.
Page 95 - No school has, as yet, commenced a collection of any kind, and no magic lantern, or other source of amusement or scientific instruction, is made use of. My report in reference to school libraries is the same as last year's. The condition of the books is good, and the limited influence beneficial. It is to be regretted that more attention is not paid to school libraries — that the people will not secure the advantages presented to them, of acquiring a thorough appreciation of the benefits derivable...
Page 8 - Christ, for honor, for cleanliness, for work that never ends, having the promise of the life that now is, as well as of that which is to come...
Page 44 - Legislature or the trustees, or by both combined, all the necessary books and other tilings required for the school, together with, in some cases, even the clothes in which the children are to attend the school, or a proportion of the children, in the rural districts, as well as in the towns and cities, will be deprived of the benefits of a Common School education. And there can be no doubt, that it would be the wiser and the cheaper policy of the Legislature to provide all these necessary things,...
Page 30 - L, CL is perpendicular to BF. 21. If a line be divided, as in Euc. II. 11, the squares on the whole line and one of the parts are together three times the square on the other part. 22. If in the fig. Euc.
Page 123 - In order to prevent the introduction of improper books into libraries, it is required that no book shall be admitted into any public school library established under these regulations, which is not included in the catalogue of public school library books prepared according to law...
Page 74 - Saltfleet, they are preparing to erect a new stone school-house during the coming season. Most of the school-houses are sufficiently large and commodious, and fitted up in the improved manner. The schools in Binbrooke have been kept open during the year, an average of eleven and a half months, and in Saltfleet eleven and one-third ; the average in Saltfleet being reduced by a change of teachers in two instances. There is a growing disposition on the part of Trustees and teachers, to have a vacation...
Page 135 - Superintendent, in order that such party may have an opportunity of transmitting any explanation or answer deemed expedient. 2. To state expressly in the appeal that the opposite party has been thus notified ; as it must not be supposed that the Chief Superintendent will decide, or form an opinion on any point affecting different parties without hearing both sides — whatever delay may at any time be occasioned in order to secure such a hearing.
Page 20 - If four magnitudes are in proportion, the sum of the first and second is to their difference as the sum of the third and fourth is to their difference.

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