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My testimony, i just want to let the world know that illuminati is real, but there are so many fake illuminati out there, i was a victim of scam and i believe that there is no real illuminati, but i did not give up that was what helped me, in life you must not give up, because if you give up life too will give up on you, you just try all level best to make sure you are a winner not a loser, all i want the world to know today is i am a member of illuminati, do not let the fake illuminati deceive you, it is totally free to join the illuminati you do not need to pay any money to join, the illuminati will provide all the materials you needed for you to join the illuminati, the illuminati is rich so there can never ask you to pay any money to join, my advice for who want to join is to follow the instructions giving to you, when i was totally initiated to the illuminati brotherhood, in my induction day i was given instant amount of $2,000,000.00 to start a new life, every month $50,000.00 ring of protection to protect yourself and your generations and so any other benefits giving to me as a new member of illuminati brotherhood, anyone who is interested to join the illuminati i will have to link you up with the Phone, WhatsApp Number +1(661)666-4507 or email: anyone interested to join can contact to join now it is totally free to join the illuminati. 

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