The New Teaching

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John Adams
Hodder and Stoughton, 1918 - Education - 428 pages


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Page 191 - In obtuse-angled triangles, if a perpendicular be drawn from either of the acute angles to the opposite side produced, the square on the side subtending the obtuse angle is greater than the squares on the sides containing the obtuse angle, by twice the rectangle contained by the side on which, when produced, the perpendicular falls, and the straight line intercepted without the triangle, between the perpendicular and the obtuse angle.
Page 146 - ... ministering to the rest, she has been kept in the background, that her haughty sisters might flaunt their fripperies in the eyes of the world. The parallel holds yet further. For we are fast coming to the denouement, when the positions, will be changed; and while these haughty sisters sink into merited neglect, Science, proclaimed as highest alike in worth and beauty, will reign supreme.
Page 42 - Non licet in bello bis peccare," &c. And here the poor lad, who wants knowledge of .those things he is to speak of, which is to be had only from time and observation, must set his invention on the rack, to say something where he knows nothing, which is a sort of Egyptian tyranny, to bid them make bricks who have not yet any of the materials. And therefore it is usual, in such cases, for the poor children to go to those of higher forms with this petition, " Pray give me a little sense;" which whether...
Page 152 - The prime contribution of the heroes of science to the world's cultural wealth is not the scientific method but the scientific life. Our business, then, is to teach the realisation of the life, not the mastery of the method.
Page 35 - ... over and look at them, and seek to generalize about them, we shall begin to see that the most persistently present, and the living reality of it all, is this: to expand, to add to and organize and supplement that apparatus of understanding and expression the savage possesses in colloquial speech. The pressing business of the school is to widen the range of intercourse} It is only secondarily — so far as schooling goes — or, at any rate, subsequently, that the idea of shaping, or, at least,...
Page 348 - Mind and body should be viewed as the two fitting halves of a perfect whole, designed in true accord mutually to sustain and support each other, and each worthy of our unwearied care and unstinted attention...
Page 389 - Stock, by way of Commerce with other Nations; a work of no less Reputation than Trust, which ought to be performed with great skill and conscience, that so the private gain may ever accompany the publique good.
Page 35 - The route was recognized then, as it is now, as one of the most important, if not the most important, of those affording easy transit from the Pacific to the Atlantic by way of the Isthmus.
Page 50 - The sections taking the combined course were better at the end of the semester in thought — vigor, freedom, interest — than the others; they were better in point of grammatical and rhetorical structure; they were no worse in spelling and punctuation and better in handwriting — indeed, the writing sections showed marked degeneration in all matters of mechanics.
Page 152 - ... feel what it is to be, so to speak, inside the skin of the physicist, sharing his interests, ideals and outlook on the world, learning in a simple way to use his tools, and tasting .something of his sense of joyous intellectual adventure.

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